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  • Cinnamon

    The Fake News Rabbit Hole Runs Deep! 

    Fake News Sites Originator None Other Than Jestin Coler A Liberal Democrat From Culver City, California.

    Disinfomedia doesn't sound very good does it?  That's because it's not.  NPR's Laura Sydell discovered while tracking down fake news sites that many had formats and names that looked like real websites, but were just designed to appear that way. 

    Here's a few of them:
    National Report.net

    A single rented server inside Amazon Web Services is where all of these addresses link up. 

    Jansen's (of NPR) excellent detective work led him to an email address on one of those sites linking the name to Justin Coler and that site name is Disinfomedia. 

    Coler owns many sites, but won't say just how many. 

    From NPR's interview with Coler: 

    Once Coler agreed to an interview, he told NPR that the purpose of starting his fake news empire in 2013 was “to highlight the extremism of the white nationalist alt-right” — or, in Coler’s exact words: “The whole idea from the start was to build a site that could infiltrate the echo chambers of the alt-right, publish blatantly false or fictional stories, and then be able to publicly denounce those stories and point out the fact that they were fiction.”

    Apparently, Coler is not bothered by the effect of fake news articles, because they work. They play into the "right wing" conspiracy theories because in his words, left wingers are less gullible. 

    Moral issues don't seem to play a role because as Coler states he makes money and enjoys wreaking havoc on the minds of people who are actual seekers of the truth. 

     “Really the financial part of it isn’t the only motivator for me. I do enjoy making a mess of the people that share the content that comes out of our site. It’s not just the financial incentive for me. I still enjoy the game, I guess." Coler said. 

    How deep does this rabbit hole go?  

    User Feedback

    Thanks Cinnamon, it's a positive move forward and more exposures are the results of people thinking.  This is very deep and it goes even to the Groundhog crew.  It's like a tall towering building, and the same image of the 9-1-1 event structures, the taller the building so is the deeper the foundation; where is the cornerstone placed, and what does it represent in both literal structures and the supernatural structures where the Intelligence is located?  The intelligence that comes down from the top of the building is counterfeit and disguised to be like its cornerstone.  This is the nature of man's construction of tall buildings in general.  It's the nature of the Tower of Babel time.  I don't mean to sound off topic and I am rather philosophizing what I see in the thread title.

    Time's are changing.

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    Here's another way to say it: imagine the blueprint of a tall building, and imagine the architect's first pencil mark on the print.  where ever that mark was made is where the root of everything is found, and it's the beginning point of life, as well in all creations.  it's the 'first' thought of man expressed in his hand, and it marks the beginning of his own soul, expressed outwardly, and it's just the same as a vision, a dream, and I compare it to the latest Mark of Zorro movie where Diego is invited to the secret meeting, and after he dances with the daughter.  That's how I find the source of truth in all things made by men and women.

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    I'm having sofa king much fun watching the MSM crash and burn. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot :chuckle:

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