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  • Ukshep

    The End of an Internet Era!

    I have in the last 6 months been under constant attack, I've lost devices/tech and a little of my sanity in defense of what I say! And I ask why? All I have ever done tell the truth, tell people what I see. And this has earned me many vicious and jealous onlookers! Why are you so bothered that I can predict what you cannot? Why do you care so much about taking down a nobody with a tiny site? do you not understand it is not about me but all of us.

    Or is it because of what I have exposed? Your attempts thwarted at every turn. Your slip-ups so immense you now not dare show your face around me for fear I may reveal them. Stooping to such levels of crime only to give me ammunition must have really hurt your ego. But alas it is time for self-examination.

    Instead of anger, you should be with me. Standing by my side. But no you cannot ascend beyond such base level instincts and that is why I have issues with you. Still stuck in your paradigm of personal bullshit with an ego so massive you cannot rise above it and help change the world. Or maybe... Just maybe... You have lost your way. How many times have you been taught life lessons in the last year? How many times have you been schooled at your own game by an amateur?

    Do you think it coincidence? NO! something has shifted. The universe and god were repulsed by what they saw and sent forth men and women from all walks of life with something burning deep within. Something good! These individuals have entered the internet age as of late and have brought sanity back to communities all across the web including conspiracy forums. Do you think that is coincidence as well? Because it is not!

    It is the reaction to the problem you have helped create. And I am not here to smile in your face as the lord rips it all from you! I will do no such thing. But I want you to know that you still have time to change!

    Life is but a serious of lessons and you have not been listening! My time will also arrive one day. It always does! And the fact I see it unlike you, should explain exactly why I am such a thorn in your side.

    Time to re-evaluate who you are bro! It's good vs evil now! And I have chosen my side!

    How about you?

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