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  • Ukshep

    The Current Paradigm of Division and Your Role in It!

    I need to get this out in text form so I may clear my mind and fully prepare myself for what is to come!

    For those of you that are not frequent readers of cop, I will explain briefly exactly what is going on just below. This should blow your mind in connection with current and recent events with how accurate and close to the plan it all fits. This is how we know it is currently in play. And should be the marker by which many stand up and take notice! For those that are frequent readers and are up to date on this. Skip to just after the videos.

    First up is a 7 minute video I created to get a point across. I post this again because I've been told that it paints the picture in such a way it rips a mask from your perception.

    Second up is the meat and potatoes of understanding how recent events have all been orchestrated

    So we're all up to date with what is going on! But it needs to be discussed more.

    These are some things I think need saying:

    I've stated previously that we should NOT be attacking Muslims in retaliation for the attacks they commit because that is what these so-called elite want from us. For the division to divide us against ourselves so that total chaos can reign supreme. Problem. Reaction. Solution. on a grand scale.

    However I should expand on this and say that I am not a protector of Islam. We should under all circumstances defend ourselves from those who wish to do us harm. Once again though I must point out how our very future is at risk if we do not come together and awaken the so called truthers of the alternative news scene, Because if we do NOT. Well.....

    There are 2 ways this can go:

    • We respond the way they want and retaliate against Islam/ISIS until many die and the solution is provided upon which we give up everything
    • We respond the way they do NOT want and retaliate against the true enemy thus halting and eliminating the true threat so that the structures of our governments can once again work in favor of the people

    I trust that you will see which is the way it needs to go.

    But who is the true enemy? Some may not know this but it does come down to the powerful higher-ups in society. Those politicians on both sides of the fence. Left and Right!

    I've reserved judgement on alternative media outlets because It is simply impossible to know which are just ignorant and which are doing so intentionally with knowledge of the plan. But in the end all any of them need to know is that they are pushing division and helping the plot of the satanic ones to acquire their new world order! Regardless of how it affects their income. They need to step up to the plate and stand with cop and those other brave individuals in telling the truth about what is happening right now!

    If you must then be Silent, Survive but remember who the true enemy is. Defend yourself from Islam/Isis if need be for they are a religion of hate. No one is going to deny that here, But do not play into the plan any other time. When things turn to mass violence from the division, When both sides are massacring each other. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgement. You know who the true enemy is. Once dealt with. Our countries will work in favor of the people again.

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