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  • Ukshep

    Should We Get Ready For Alien Disclosure From Wikileaks #Vault7?

    Maybe it is time, We should. I for one have been around long enough to witness the disclosure movement rise and fall in large crescendo moments several times over the last 15+ years. And this seems to be one of those times once again, but with the paradigm shift and change of factions. We are seeing it all unfold before our eyes and it gives me hope that indeed the future is changing, however that may not be a good thing. That aside, We could be looking at a major release of long withheld tech if the below is true!

    These show what I think is enough proof it exists to warrant discussion of this as an actual possibility!




    In learning that you will leave the Administration next month to work with Hillary Clinton, I write to suggest that Hillary talk with President Obama after Terri Mansfield and I meet with you to discuss Zero Point Energy and Disclosure.

    And these hint at something coming!

    And just before this, he posted the following tweet!

    I think this is more than enough to raise a few eyebrows.

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