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  • Cinnamon

    Pizzagate Has Happened Before Under Many Names And They Want Your First Amendment Rights

    Pizzagate wouldn't be so believable if it hadn't happened before.  For all you naysayers that this is impossible, don't forget the pedophiles found nesting the the Catholic Church.  The politicians, police, spies and priests involved in huge child sex scandals in Scotland, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries are well known and well documented. But Pizzagate has to be disinfo?  Why is that so hard for you to wrap your head around that?  This is not a new phenomena, it's been going on for decades and decades right under your noses. 

    Those who wish to ridicule and ignore the information that citizen journalists have uncovered seem to have an inappropriate reaction in my view.  Why would anyone want to impede deep exploration into what the Wikileaks emails imply and outright say if you use the FBI's own information regarding known pedophilies code words?  Why would they care enough to try and remove tweets and facebook pages that question whether or not there are children being kidnapped, raped, tortured and possibly even murdered at the hands of certain easily identifiable people whose weirdness warrants a look? 

    All these citizen journalists are asking for is a real investigation, the attention of law enforcement officers paid for by their tax dollars and either the exoneration of these people who are weird as hell to put it mildly or lock them up and throw away the key.

    Pizzagate is being used as an excuse to censor alternative news in a huge way.  Why so?  All of a sudden we must all be protected from what?  Fake news?  When all we get from the mainstream government mockingbirds causes more harm in the form of fomenting wars, causing racial division and basically turning Americans (helped along by Common Core) into a country where half the population needs cry-ins and do overs just because they don't like the silent majority's rise against years of their contemptuous actions? 

    If Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of the Marxists get their way, soon there will be nothing left but the lying mainstream media.  We the People have had enough of you!  

    I don't believe Pizzagate is a psyop, I believe pedophilia is the glue that holds this Godforsaken elite globalist machine together.  I believe this is why "fake news" is suddenly a huge issue for all of those people who we all know are mind benders and outright manipulators and liars. 

    Every one of them are and have been working against your best interests, data mining you, censoring you and using your private information in any way possible to make money off of you.  They have no more credibility! Period! 

    The media has no credibility anymore than I give credibility to Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers,  Jimmy Comet or any of the rest of those seemingly involved and needing investigation.  Children's lives are at stake.

    Wake the hell up LEOs of all stripes and at least look at this thing! 

    Edited by Cinnamon