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  • Ukshep

    Nigel Farage | A Puppet of Division!

    Given my newfound wisdom regarding the plan for division on a lot of pieces that are now starting to slide into place within my mind and one of these is to do with Nigel Farage and his role before and during the entire Brexit ordeal. But we'll not call this a prediction, As it's more of a sane theory!

    So let's get started shall we:

    A Brexit type deal was kept off the table in the United Kingdom for many years, This was by design as I know firsthand how much people wanted it to come up. No matter how much we asked it never came. When it came in 2016 I was a little taken aback, awash with emotions as I had wanted a chance to bring our country back for so long. But I realize that it was held from us so that it could be used on the chessboard of the elite.

    Nigel Farage is the man that has pushed it for many years. Brexit was his moment, His special moment. The day he had worked his entire life in politics to achieve and he had finally done it. But then he steps down as Leader of UKIP and the nations government barrel rolls into chaos. Why? Because Farage was not to enter the fray for the time of division was in may. Wordplay. Wonderful stuff! Theresa did say!

    My point is very simple. Brexit is not a done deal. The division is key to the master puppeteers. And Nigel Farage has kept a specific distance from certain situations that hint at him playing a major role in what is to come, For at several points through his happenings in the last year he has grown larger than most as a symbol for the people, In fact so much so that him stepping down as leader of UKIP was a very bad idea especially with the support he had and if he truly had the peoples best interests at heart. For UKIP and FARAGE were in the best position possible to take over the country from the bailing government officials just after the Brexit vote. This tells me All I need to know! For him to step down when it was all within his reach? That is not how we humans behave!

    It is my strong belief that whatever will go down with Nigel Farage and Brexit will do so like this:

    Brexit will either fail completely, Or a compromise will be made on one of the core reasons, As an example: Immigration. That will see Nigel Farage enter the fray once again to push the right into a frenzy, I do not know the extent of this entire thing. (Other than possibly the use of: "This is not what the British People Voted For") But I do know that Nigel Farage and Brexit are not finished with each other. And neither are either finished with creating more division.

    He's ready to come back! But are you ready for him to come back?


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