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  • Ukshep

    #ConspiracyOutpost Final Warning! Election Phase 2 Incoming!

    In may of 2016 i posted the following:


    You ready?

    I am now in the 31st and thus this is my deadline day. (which is in several hours for you americans) Now what does that mean? well now its supposed to get heated. And real quick. Not a slow burn like its been. Think exponential growth from now on. That is ofc if the info is still solid intel. You know how the elite change things up. that said. I think it fits in with election dates. As right now. At this date! things are PRIMED AND READY TO GO! and all looks like its lined up correctly.

    all that's left is the source of ignition!

    I also clarified to specific points in response to another


    My deadline does not exactly mean it has to happen on this day. Just that it is the deadline. You have all seen the build-up. what we have witnessed coming up to this date. The world has changed profoundly. I really expect things to start off within days to weeks rising up to the elections with funded riots.... but it could be longer. BUT it will involve the people and the government. And may not be a terrorist attack. At least not if you dig.

    Source: http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/10396-soon-it-comes-my-deadline-has-been-reached/

    I've bolded and color coded the specifics of my words as they are relevant. I alluded to information like this: Soros Orders Attack On Trump Tower, MASSIVE Riots In Chicago as well as hinting at my private Intel. Specifically suggesting it will not be a terrorist attack, and then the reference to Wikileaks emails.... and the DIGGING we have done since then.

    I wish I could have been more specific than I was at the time, even if I was pretty specific as it was but I wished to keep my wits about me before throwing myself behind something like that.

    And just like I suggested boy oh boy did it heat up fast. I sit here burned out as much as the next alternative news soldier of truth! But I come not to gloat about a successful analysis/prediction backed up with Intel. Nor have you stroke my ego and pet me like a good doggy! No! This time I'll be giving my analysis for phase 2! I am aware this puts my reputation on the line. But I feel that saying nothing would be a greater disservice and I could not live with myself if I had not said anything and it came to pass.

    So without further explanation lets get into it.

    The below factual statements can be backed up and verified using a google search if you wish to do so:

    • A Massive Increase in Fake News being pushed out into alternative news, some from unusual sources.
    • Mainstream Media initiating an Anti-Fake News attack, including in it descriptors of alternative truth websites. Which should not be classified as fake.
    • US no longer owns the internet thanks to Obama
    • Massive Waves of Censorship against recent revelations by Twitter, Facebook, reddit
    • There are moves afoot from China to get the internet to conform to their draconian shit.
    • Deals between big corporations like Facebook and others to start censoring content for the EU hate speech code
    • Media inciting violence in liberals, via tv shows and broadcasting
    • Media pushing racism, hate, lies

    Now i could go on and on but that should be enough for context.

    What they are doing in simple terms is this: Increasing censorship across the board in response to recent revelations from Wikileaks, Veritas, Pizzagate and many others.  Every sordid little detail out in the open has broken public opinion of the media and the government, one could say the veil had been lifted. What i am also witnessing is the fake news push by the now rapidly going bankrupt msm outlets to demonize alternative news sites. What we also see from those same people is a push with SJW propaganda that incites violence in these people.

    What we have is a recipe for disaster. As with last time we needed a 'cause' and these elitists only ever use the liberals when they need to do so!

    So I am issuing an alert for the below text (Remember this is just one guys opinion! Take it for what you will!)


    To come in the near future based on analysis of moves played thus far:

    • Demonization of alternative media, culminating in restrictions or other negative actions!
    • Inciting of liberal ideas and further usage of the SJW movement! Including blacklivesmatter among others! For rioting, outrage, crying? (Possibility that this is so they can clamp down on everyone)
    • Vote recounts which may swing the votes to Hillary (or at least an attempt to). Used in combination with the above 2 tactics to ensure survival of the globalist agenda! And also serving as fail-safes for additional routes if vote swinging fails, which we can cover later.

    I am unsure of how exactly this will all play out. I only know that it is all lining up for the dominoes to fall. The same way it has been with everything else I have had the foresight to mention in the past.

    At the very least keep your firearms ready and your food and water stocked! But you should have done that well before now.

    As always, Stay Vigilant! Stay Free!

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