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  • Ukshep

    Conspiracy Outpost | A Year In Review

    = A Year In Review =

    In the same way that Donald Trump is trying to make America great again. We are attempting to make Forums great again. And this year we did some pretty impressive stuff!

    Here is a list of some of what we have accomplished:

    We fought on together with some of the best coverage at the start of the year on the Oregon Standoff!

    One of our members @DarkKnightNomeD even created a Tribute to Lavoy Finicum! the best that i have ever seen!

    We Exposed Alien Earth as a possible Honeypot, And provided proof of a cover up by the owner via screenshots of discussions when it was announced! As well as tying it to the right hand man and go to choice for the hacking needs of trinity! (You know him as Rory Guidry of lizard squad who was breaching his offline-conditions leading up to his incarceration by getting involved in one way or another)

    Operation Honeypot Exposed! AE database compromised! - JULY 6th

    We disrupted an agenda and tavistock operation temporarily! Complete with recruitment logs and as much info as we could get our hands on.

    The Biggest Conspiracy of all time in ct forums is being spilled, Listen up! Tavistock Operations are Ongoing! - Updated - JUNE 20th

    We successfully analyzed the trends and predicted the dates it would start to heat up!

    With precision, specificity and accuracy:


    My deadline does not exactly mean it has to happen on this day. Just that it is the deadline. You have all seen the build-up. what we have witnessed coming up to this date. The world has changed profoundly. I really expect things to start off within days to weeks rising up to the elections with funded riots.... but it could be longer. BUT it will involve the people and the government. And may not be a terrorist attack. At least not if you dig.

    I've bolded and color coded the specifics of my words as they are relevant. I alluded to information like this: Soros Orders Attack On Trump Tower, MASSIVE Riots In Chicago as well as hinting at my private Intel. Specifically suggesting it will not be a terrorist attack, and then the reference to Wikileaks emails.... and the DIGGING we have done since then.

    We issued an ALERT for phase 2 of the election plan!  In advance and it is also highly accurate with what we have seen come out recently!


    To come in the near future based on analysis of moves played thus far:

    • Demonization of alternative media, culminating in restrictions or other negative actions!
    • Inciting of liberal ideas and further usage of the SJW movement! Including blacklivesmatter among others! For rioting, outrage, crying? (Possibility that this is so they can clamp down on everyone)
    • Vote recounts which may swing the votes to Hillary (or at least an attempt to). Used in combination with the above 2 tactics to ensure survival of the globalist agenda! And also serving as fail-safes for additional routes if vote swinging fails, which we can cover later.

    #ConspiracyOutpost Final Warning! Election Phase 2 Incoming!

    We also helped expose mass censorship against specific topics on GLP with a wave of people confirming exactly what we said.

    All evidence suggests Wikileaks is compromised and Godlike Productions is covering it up!

    We uncovered a contract between trinity and another, a contract that seems to show the owner of glp in a totally different light than what he would want. Going as far as even hinting with specific keywords who actually sponsors GLP! As well as an admission of hiding behind an offshore shield.

    Onward to 2017! Lets hope we can achieve just as much as we have this year!

    P.s - I love stepping on the toes of evil ones! This is why we are the best damn forum around. And we are still new.

    Oh and to he who shall not be named!


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