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  • Ukshep

    CNN is done for | no more interviews

    Now that CNN has been called out as Fake News by President Donald J Trump, things are going to be very different. The paradigm has shifted and now we are back on track for some sanity. That is if the liberal left will allow us that.

    The latest evidence of this is the below tweet:

    Here's to the collapse of the evil corporate media. And the rise of good old fashion human love, compassion and respect. Enough with the control system!


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    It's about time. I think they've done their level best to make people question their sanity by throwing lies and omissions for a very long time. 

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    I remember back when CNN and USA Today made their debut around the same time. I watched as that fireman swam back and forth rescuing people aboard the airliner that had run off into the freezing water. I was sold. Then Clinton got elected... :sad:

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