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  • Ukshep

    Censorship is on the rise due to the #Pizzagate Podesta Wikileaks Story

    For days now the boot of censorship has been on the throats of us all! From Twitter all the way down to Reddit. And it is becoming increasingly clear as time goes on that things are indeed about to change. And not for the better!

    But this extends well past the average internet poster. As it has now started to affect alternative news websites. Some are participating willingly by deleting content and hiding anything about pizzagate, the Podesta brothers or Wikileaks.. As mentioned in the below article!

    Unfortunately for other alternative news websites like thedailysheeple.com who dare to speak out against this sickness, One thing has become even clearer to them and that is that they will be met with the attack dogs of the left for even uttering a whisper of anything real.

    The Daily Sheeple had this to say in response to a recent DMCA violation brought on by these attack dogs:


    Earlier today The Daily Sheeple was shut down after a third party DCMA violation over a screencap of an Instagram photo post — not the photo itself, but a *screen capture* of the Instragram post of the photo — was sent directly to our website host to terminate our account, bypassing us completely.

    The site was suspended within 72 hours over the weekend and was offline today. We were forced to remove all traces of that image file from our server, not just from the article itself. It would appear this is an attempt to censor a story featuring allegations regarding the John Podesta Wikileaks scandal that has come to be known as #PizzaGate.

    This is becoming a major problem. And i fear it will only get worse from this point forward!

    Stay Vigilant! Stay Free! And Fight On!

    For Truth must always Reign Supreme!

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    User Feedback

    When this topic started seeing the light of day back in the 80's, they were able to cover it up with the claims that religious zealots were creating a panic over nothing. A notion implanted in the collective unconscious now as you see some people in denial jumping to that answer now. That strategy was more effective than this censorship angle, which is destined to backfire. For the time being it will slow the unveiling of the sick and scary truth to the masses, but in the end it will only help to prove their guilt. No brakes on the truth train.

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    What's recently been discovered is that not only are these perverse vile entities doing just the inhumane occult act of having sex with infants, and children, but more so this has been tied to an even more disgusting cover for what they do with the bodies afterwards.

    These entities are fixated on immortality, by use of demonic pagan rites, black majick, ritual sacrifices, and will by any means necessary make use of the blood, tissues, stem cells, and organ harvesting to satisfy their evil insatiable appetites to evade death.

    I will add this article here below with the tie in to these heinous crimes, that have to be exposed no matter what it takes.



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    12 minutes ago, bubba said:

    i see snops came to the defense of the clinton cartel  



    Snopes is shooting down truth left right and center i believe. Snopes is controlled!

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