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  • Ukshep

    All This Winning! Leaves Me Feeling Unsettled!

    I never thought i would be writing an article about struggling with the amount of winning as of late but here i am.. Doing just that!

    Seriously though. The thought had crossed my mind that trump could just be like the rest and after his first week in office i am no longer concerned with that. The actions trump has taken in his first week in office has been astounding. Totally Astounding!

    In my opinion he has done more in his first week than most presidents ever do in a full term. That speaks volumes to Donald J Trumps character and word. Alas i am not happy. Not happy with the level of change that is coming. It is the type of change that sweeps vast areas of a paradigm away in a single instance. And it is the paradigm shift of epic proportions which could send the world into either an age of a chaos and war or an age of peace and prosperity. Guess Which One I Prefer? Yep! Peace and Prosperity!

    So knowing what i know i cannot help but wonder what is going to happen over the next few weeks and months. And if this winning will trigger a set of events that none of us can escape from!

    Times are changing! The Situation is Fluid!

    Not when it changes things so drastically because we may never see it coming!

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