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  • Ukshep

    All evidence suggests Wikileaks is compromised and Godlike Productions is covering it up!

    Last month i called assange and his demise after witnessing many and i mean many events unfolding before me. One of these events was a hidden coded message in Wikileaks tweets, This was proof one that assange was in trouble.

    But it was not limited to just that, What i also saw was a barrage of disinfo coming out! Many of us witnessed the games that night. The local airport was shut down with some bogus gas nonsense Which i believe to be one of two things:

    • Airport was closed to cut off an escape route.
    • Or assange actually made it to the airport and something went down that required a cover story.

    I could go on and on but to be honest the disinfo has been thick and fast and a lot of good intel has been lost due to that!

    Which brings us to a more recent events! Since mid October i have believed Wikileaks to be done! Toasted! Crispy! and Controlled!

    And then this came out on 4chan

    Godlike Productions recently began to censor the above Wikileaks information. Specifically anything and everything to do with the images below and above!

    The above image came out from others digging into the above 4chan info! Notice the file names. TAVISTOCK! (This is important because GLP autobans any mention of it, It is believed GLP is a Tavistock Operation - If you want to know more a google search can give you everything you need!)

    As we sit here on the 20th of November a disinfo campaign is in full swing at glp! to delete any and all content pertaining to Wikileaks and the above images. This has caused a mass exodus of angry and now awakened glp members to come to our forum and voice the censorship they are facing at a crucial moment in history.

    All in all! An overview based on perceived facts!

    • It is my belief that Wikileaks has been compromised!
    • It is my belief that GLP is deleting all Wikileaks threads that trample upon any of the info mentioned within this thread to hide the truth!
    • It is my belief that GLP is doing so because Wikileaks did indeed have information on Tavistock!

    We sit at a crossroads people! They are fully against any who oppose the control system. And everyone is showing their allegiances as of late. We for one stand with the freedom loving people of the world!

    If you are interested in reading those accounts of censorship you can do so at the below thread.


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