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About Us

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The Origins of Conspiracy Outpost!

This forum was created by Ukshep & Cinnamon on April 16, 2015, after running another forum which was shut down without notice by the administrator, we decided to open up our own.

Forum users whom we had came to love and cherish were scattered across the internet but eventually some did indeed find us again.

We Learn. We March On. But We Refuse To Fall To The Darkness!

Our Members Are Great!

Our forum is one quality and truth. And it shows in the mentality of our members. Not censoring our users has allowed them to gain an understanding and a grasp on the true reality of this world.

And through the process, Some of our members have refined themselves into indivuals that are a benefit to the world. Rather than a hinderence.

We Heal Each Other, While Others Consume Each Other!

Secure HTTPS & Account Security Measures!

The software we use came out of a necessity to set ourselves apart visually, This also includes protection for our members in the form of several account security measures and SECURE HTTPS browser protocol.

We decided on this path when we discovered that another conspiracy forum's database was being used to stalk and harass posters across multiple websites by logging into their accounts.

Browse Safely & Securely At Conspiracy Outpost With Sitewide HTTPS Protocol!

Fair & Even Moderation!

We believe that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom to abuse and ridicule others, We believe it is the freedom to intelligently discuss issues without fear of persecution.

We provide fair treatment to our users and our painfully tested moderation protocols ensure moderation is carried out without personal bias, favoritism or negatives that plague other conspiracy forums. Thus ensuring we keep the forum safe and friendly for all whom wish to post with us.

It should however be noted that we will weed out and push against dis-info agents, shills or forum disruptors. We sit here every day, This is our home and thus we know when someone is up to something, So we trim where we need to so that our forum can continue to blossom. This is sadly something that we have no choice but to do for there are many people in this world that want to use platforms like this to push their own agenda.

That Said, Truth And Information Will Always Be The Priority At Conspiracy Outpost!

Our Goal For This Site!

We believe we have a responsiblity to first and foremost to provide a forum atmosphere in which it's safe to post your thoughts and ideas without abuse from other members.

Another goal is to allow discussion on subjects where other forums fear to tread or outright censor due to personal bias. This is why we allow discussion of all conspiracy theories. No longer will you have your topics removed solely because they discuss Tavistock, Flat Earth or one of the many other points that are being eradicated from other conspiracy forums as discussion points by the admin or moderation teams of said forums.

As Darkness Rises, So Does The Counterbalance!