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  1. Another dream!

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    • As reported earlier, White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci blamed Obama holdovers for a series of leaks that have plagued the White House since Trump took office.

      Speaking to Fox News Wednesday morning, Scaramucci hinted at another staff shake-up as he works to get the leaks under control.

      Now this–Scaramucci said Wednesday evening in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he has discovered who is orchestrating the leaks. He says they are senior members of the White House communications team who are asking junior members to leak.


      Get a WHOLE lotta popcorn! 
      • 8 replies
    • Don’t look to the mainstream media to tell you how troubling the situation with the Awan brothers is. It’s worse than you think. After Imran Awan was arrested this week for trying to flee the country, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange reminded his 279,000 Twitter followers of the link between Imran Awan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

      It appears the IT staffer had access to Rep. Pelosi’s iPad. Scary.

      Here’s Pelosi blowing off a reporter asking about the Awan brothers case, saying she isn’t “familiar” with it.


      Video at link... lmao! Aaaand the plot thickens!
      • 7 replies
    • https://mobile.twitter.com/LokayFOX5/status/889948197556281344

      BREAKING: House staffer Imran Awan arrested at Dulles and charged with bank fraud, per @FOXNews.. Awan worked for @DWSTweets. #fox5dc

      This is the best news I've heard in ages. Now, let's hope Wasserman Schultz is next!
      • 57 replies

      Fleets of big black trucks, harbor boats, and aircraft, equipped with radiation sensors and operated by specially trained law enforcement teams, are ready to swing into action in Los Angeles for a catastrophe that nobody even wants to think about: a North Korean nuclear attack.

      American cities have long prepared for a terrorist attack, even one involving nuclear weapons or a “dirty bomb,” but North Korea’s long-range missile and weapons programs have now heightened concerns along the West Coast over increasing vulnerability to a strike.

      “We monitor events all over the world and assess whether there is something that could impact us here,” said Capt. Leonard McCray, commander of the emergency operations bureau at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “North Korea is clearly one of them.”

      • 29 replies
    • Look at the news ladies and gents... Indications of a purge today.... That is fulfillment of another phase if so...

      Are you ready? for whatever today may bring?

      Hammer is coming down at the white house Hopefully!
      • 11 replies
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