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    • It's back again! Posted a few times about this Chicago Phantom!

      I received a telephone call from the witness (Guillermo) at 7:38 PM ET who states that he witnessed a flying human-like being at approximately 5:10 PM CT. This was a time difference of 1 hour 18 mins between the sighting and the call. The witness states he was attempting to calm down and then find somewhere to report this sighting. He found my telephone number online and then called. He still seemed somewhat distressed when we talked.
      The witness states that he was outside the Franklin Tap on 325 S. Franklin St. while smoking a cigarette. He was alone at the time, though there were many people walking along the sidewalk. He happened to look up towards the Willis Tower (at 233 S. Wacker Dr.), and noticed a human-like figure standing near the top of the building. In a perched position, the being looked like a 6 foot human with tall wings that extended a few feet above the body. As he watched, the being leaped off the building, stretched out the wings, dipped and swooped upwards. It gained altitude as it flapped its wings and headed off in a northern direction.
      The witness states that the being's outstretched wings were not very large, maybe 6-8 from tip-tip, but were very jagged and insect-like (shaped similar to a moth). The being was also dark green in color and had a body form like that of a mantis. The legs seemed to be human-like and extended beyond the body while flying. He called it a 'human, insect and bird mix'...that seemed to mutate while in flight.

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    • NYT reporter Kurt Eichenwald was admin for a CP website. Claims he was only 'posing' as an online predator.
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    • Erm guys and gals.....


      46.41° N, 110.94° W✕

      195° @ 6 km/h

      15833 ppbv

      ready to blow??
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    • I'm trying to find out if this is earth directed, but this CME is huge.........

      Click the following SOHO website, choose LASCO C2 and type 50 into "Latest n Images" and click search


      Looks like it occurred around 04:00 UTC
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    • Me thinks so.


      This forum should be all over this. These pedo's need to burn. If Jeff Sessions won't do his f**king job then he should be replaced with someone who doesn't f**k and eat children.

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