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Ishtar and the supernova Event

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At only 3 months ago, I knew nothing. All I knew was that Lucifer was not a male, but a female entity  and that according to all the signs the Illuminati was posting on the media, she  was suppose to return this year.

2016 is the year of the return of the light for the "ones in the know" and they started to show messages about imminent illumination, enlightenment, everywhere.
This video is a great example;


It says;

"You can`t describe it
You can`t recreate it
You certainly, can`t teach it,
but when greatness is illuminated no other light can outshine it."

So, I knew that the "Famous" Lucifer was suppose to return this year, but how?
Would have anything to do with Cern, Or it  would come down from a space craft, some portal or what ?

I had no idea until i saw this next video..


The woman is Lucifer.

It shows her like sleeping /dead, and then some light hits her and she start to awaken , till the point she changes, get fully illuminated,

Now,look at minute 0:11 , the woman`s dress /altar is a 8 pointed star.

Now look at 0:24 , the ceiling is another 8 pointed star.

And look at 0:26 , the floor has 8 illuminated globes making another 8 pointed star.

Now,What a 8 pointed star means?

See it here;

A 8 pointed star represents and entity called  Ishtar!

But who is Ishtar ?

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Welcome to COP. 

I'm a flat earther, so I have discarded modern astronomy in toto. That includes stars and supernovas. Eric Dollard thinks our sun is a hollow shell, an electric capacitor that draws energy from elsewhere, and is dying. What other stars are, who knows? Luminaries that the Body Scientific says are many trillions of miles away. Their method of calculating that they base their results on -- is bs.

Banned, eh? I have posted at glp for years, banned for much if it. Today I couldn't close that tab or shut off my device. Not the first time either. I was Stella Parallax and doubt that I will return to the site. 



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Ishtar (for the Babylonian)
Inanna ( for the Sumerian)
Astarte/Astaroth ( for the Semitic)
Venus (for the Romans)
Aphrodite( for the Greeks)

They are all the same entity and the fact that most of them have a name associated with the word "star" is no coincidence.
Ishtar means exactly that, Star.

They all represent the goddess of Love, war, sex and fertility and they are all associated with Venus.

Venus is also the morning star, from whom the word Lucifer came from.

Now,This is not the most important find.
The real eye opening came when I found the so famous "Ishtar descent to the underworld "Myth.

Once you read the myth, it will blow you away how things from this particular myth are showed everywhere these days, in videos, commercials, movies, songs. It is virtually everywhere!

You can read the full myth here ;


Or here;



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Welcome Astraea! Glad to have you and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.  This is very interesting stuff! 

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For the ones that want a resume, here it go.

One beautiful day, Ishtar decided descended from the place where she lived together with the other gods, to go to the underworld.

This underworld is said to be a land of no return, a land of darkness .
They say about this place;

Is the house of shadows, the dwelling, of Irkalla.
The house without exit for him who enters therein.The road, whence there is no turning. The house without light for him who enters therein.
The place where dust is their nourishment, clay their food.
Who lives in there have no light, in darkness they dwell.

Sounds familiar?? It should be.This is not some underground realm, it is Earth!

The descend myth of Ishtar is nothing but her descending (incarnation)into the underworld (Earth).

Like many people correctly say, Earth is a prison planet. No one escapes . Whoever enters here, never returns!!

Is not a physical prison but a spiritual onel It is like Earth is some kind of reformatory to bad galactic souls.

  Any soul that is send here, for whatever reason, never returns to  the high heavens and every time you die, you are forced to reincarnate, over and over again . It never ends. no one never leaves this place.

See what Irkalla, the queen of the underworld said to Ishtar when she regretted coming here ( incarnating on Earth by her own free will, and not because she was cast down here )and wanted to go back to her home with  the gods.

"Ishtar, you may be the Lady of the Gods, but you are in my realm now, and nobody returns from this place of darkness. This is called the House of Darkness for good reason, and whoever enters here, magistrate or warrior, king or shepherd, milkmaid or goddess, can never return. Whoever enters this house has no more need of light. Dust will be your bread and mud will be your meat. Your dress will be a cloak of feathers. The gates are already bolted behind you, lady!

In order to reach the underworld (Earth)from where Ishtar was (The realm of the gods, heaven) You have to cross 7 gates. Funny, this is exactly the myth of the 7 heavens that separate Earth from Heaven.


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 According to the myth , before entering the 7 gates that were locked , Ishtar found the gate keeper and he did not wanted to let her in for she was a living soul and living and dead beings should never be together..

  All inhabitants of Earth are dead souls. That is why you cant see beyond the 4 dimensions, when scientist even confirmed we have more than 10 dimensions.

That is why you can only use less than 10 per cent of your brain. Why people have no psychic powers whatsoever. All humanity is dead. None of you is like a god no more , but most likely one day before your fall, you were.


Ishtar in rage threatened to open the gates by force and bring up the death (spirits trapped here on earth, us) to the living ( higher realms, heaven  )and that the dead would outnumber the living.

Sound familiar ??
In this south park scene, look at the number of people in heaven and the number in hell.It is a satire, but with illuminati truth on it.



When Ishtar threatened to open the gates and said that the dead would outnumber the living , she was not lying.

This only to show how powerful this particular goddess is and how she can indeed open the gates of the Earth prison and let everybody here FREE.
Would be like someone threatening to open the doors of a high security prison and let all the bad criminals on loose on a peaceful neighborhood.

The gate keeper in fear allowed she to go in, but such would have a high price for her, to live among the dead , she would have to die as well.

When she started to cross the 7 gates in direction to the underworld, by each gate she crossed, something was taken from her.

First was her crown, then her jewelry then clothes, till the point that on the last gate she was naked.

Each thing she lost is what every single one of you lost when you descended down here into this prison planet.
Each garment is  also  a representation of the 7 major chackars.

The crown that was the first thing she lost is the crown chackra, the most important chackra located on the top of your head and that once fully activated and illuminated makes it glows, like showed in all those saints pictures as a halo, and is also showed on the woman commercial I posted above , on minute 0:47 and 0:53.

Is that chackra that is the key to the heaven realms and it can only fully opens, just after all the other 6 are already fully open as well , and only after a dead soul transforms into a living soul.What does it mean ? ,I will explain soon.



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So descending here, Ishtar lost everything and the last thing she lost was her MEMORY. The myth says that when  she crossed the last gate  "the light" disappeared from her eyes . She in that moment lost her flame. She turned dead, just like us.

But Ishtar took precautions before leaving heaven. She said that if she did not return in 3 days that her loyal servants should send someone to save her.

So,Enki her great uncle, created 2 asexual creatures named gala-tura, and kur - jara from the dirty under the fingernail of the gods . Planets always have gender and gods are associated to them. An "asexual " body made of the dirty of the gods can only be an meteorite , asteroid or comet!!

These beings were sent to the underworld to save Ishtar by bringing to her the WATERS OF LIFE that were suppose to bring her back to life.
Now, which of these 3 celestial bodies above carries water ?
Yes, only comets!

Once Ishtar received the so called "living water", her soul was no longer a dead soul, but a living one , yes, Resurrection!

Sound familiar ? yes, just like the Jesus myth, including the dead for 3 days thing, the only difference is that ishtar myth is as older as the Sumerians, over 5000 years ago, 3.000 years before Christ

Once she resurrected she made the way back through the 7 gates, had her stolen garments returned in each gate( powers returned after each chackra got fully open and activated) and once she had her crown back as well(crown chackra totally open and illuminated) she was finally able to reenter heaven.

So as you can see, all l this "Lucifer returning" thing of this year is nothing but the resurrection of Ishtar that once again descended to Earth around 3days ago (30years), lived with us totally unaware of who she is , and that this year, will see her eyes be open again, because she is like sleeping.She will resurrect because she is dead now. Her memory will return and her powers will be back.


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Cool stuff. Fun times ahead.

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Now, What the Illuminati are really  celebrating  this year is not just the resurrection and rise of Ishtar, but what this event MEANS TO THEM  and here are a collection of videos that shows what i already revealed about the Ishtar myth , showed with many astronomical an temporal marker that can help us to figure it out exactly when such event will happened and what is the real goal of Lucifer returning to earth...


First the eclipse;

The first video, the one with the woman  i posted above show a full solar eclipse that  to me represents the past eclipse of March 9, the only full solar eclipse this year.

March was a very eventful month. It was not only the solar eclipse but the 2 TWIN  comets  Panstarrs and comet 252P/LINEAR that crossed the sky on march 21 and 22.

Now, do you remember that according to the myth, Ishtar could only be resurrected after the waters of life be delivered to her , by twin comets sent to her by Enki ?


Yes, I think it  is  a lot  of coincidence that right on the year 2016, the year that is suppose to be the year of Lucifer  returns , we have TWIN comets like said on the Ishtar myth, and only a few days after the total solar eclipse.

This children video also shows Ishtar having her transformation and the 2 comets appear on minute 5:08.

Note that the Saturn like space craft make the path the Panstarrs made on the sky, a hook like shape and the other comet path was show as the straight line  across the full moon, just like happened when the 252P/LINEAR crossed the sky one day before panstarss did it, during a full moon.

also note that ishtar transform into a golden like lady, and this goddess is also know  in mythology as the Golden one.

The all purpose of Lucifer returning was to free humankind, giving her light to them, and that is why she is called the light bringer.

On this video she tells a reptilian eye being that she wants to deliver golden eggs to children around the world. This is symbolism to delivering her light to the world and awakening the daed souls on earth to ascend to the high heavens, just like on her myth when in an act of rebellion, Ishtar threatened to open the gates and send all dead souls from the underworld (earth) to the heavenly world .

If that was not enough, the comet event was only 2 days before the very famous Indian Holi festival , where people thrown color dust into each other , that happened on March 24. What the holi festival has to do with Ishtar, you will find out, really soon..



And right 3 days after it, nothing less than Easter, Ishtar day! Now, Easter is not a christian holiday,it is pagan.
It is all about Ishtar and represents the day her lover Tammuz resurrected.



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With all that said, now start the fun part.
Look at those  videos ;


The woman in the video is Lucifer/ Ishtar.

On 0:14 seconds, she is hit by waters , the famous waters that are suppose to  resurrect her.

And then on 0.20 seconds the all color dust thing from holi festival just explodes on her car and also on the sky, like a firework, but making the shape of birds.
She shape shifts a lot (yes, lucifer once awaken will be so powerful that she will be able to shape sift) and you can see that they mention duality.Keep that in mind for is another of the puzzle pieces that i will explain later

another video showing the color dust;

and another one;


And more hundreds of other videos that recently show all the same  dust.

Now look to this video.I also show the color dust , but much more!


The video represents the  coming of Ishtar and give clues about when such is suppose to happen..

First, Beyonce is show representing this  goddess.

She is surrounded by flowers that represent the spring time.Spring started on March 19, 3 days before the comets and goes till June 21, the summer solstice day, so her transformation must to happen on spring.

Now on 0:11 seconds , the two old guys in orange with the huge tails, those are the twin comets of last march.

Also note the weird crown Beyonce have on her head. That is a maiden Beltane crown, a crown that Ishtar is suppose to use every year in Beltane( may first) and that represents a fertility ritual in between her and her consort Tammuz. Google maiden crown Beltane and check for yourself.

They also show the color dust everywhere  and on the end firework.

Before explaining what this color dust means and why they show it everywhere related to Lucifer and the all event to come, note the lyrics on the video;

"Oh, angel sent from up above ( yea, that is Lucifer)
You know you make my world light up
When I was down, when I was hurt
You came to lift me up

Life is a drink, and love's a drug
When I was a river dried up
You came to rain a flood ( the all living waters thing)

And said "drink from me, drink from me"
When I was so thirsty
Put your wings on me, wings on me

Got me feeling drunk and high
So high, so high"

The all lyric is about waters that revive , sent by an angel from above.When he says, life is a drink and love a drug, and right after he says he is drunk and high, it means full of life and love.Ishtar is well know as the goddess of Love.


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One more video showing the color dust..


Now, what the color dust means ? It represents the star dust from a supernova explosion!

 look at this video minute 2:02! see the color dust all around the dying star


Now, Look at this Lucy poster. look at her eyes, it is  again a supernova exploding color dust!


But  exactly what this star dust represent to the illuminati, that means so much to them ?
This dust It is the radiation from the star explosion.This radiation comes in many ways.
The most powerful of all are the Gamma rays.
Gamma rays are the highest energy form of light.
The rainbow of visible light is just part of a far broader spectrum of light, the electromagnetic spectrum.
Past the red end of the rainbow, where wavelengths get longer, there are infrared rays, microwaves and radio waves, while beyond violet lie the shorter wavelengths of ultraviolet rays, X-rays and, finally, gamma rays.
A gamma ray packs at least 10,000 times more energy than a visible light ray and  the irony is that they are colorless,or at least invisible to us.

It is the gamma rays that have the power to change DNA. It is  those rays that will change/ mutate, great part of the human race, and also awaken the dormant Ishtar avatar.

Have you notice the insane amount of movies about mutants and superheroes,this year ?They are already preparing the  people.

Also as i am aware, just like on the movies  NOT EVERYBODY will  develop superpowers with the supernova event.

Some will  maybe because they have more fallen angel DNA on them,than others.And that is the reason I believe the Elite is so excited with the coming event

It may also  happen what is show on the x men and many other movies ,where the non mutants hate the ones that change(maybe out of envy) and want to kill them.


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But, which star will become supernova , you may ask, well I am almost sure it is Betelgeuse.
Betelgeuse is a red supergiant , the ninth-brightest star in the night sky and second-brightest in the constellation of Orion only losing for Rigel. The star's name is derived from the Arabic meaning "the hand of Orion".

Do you want to know, how big Betelgeuse is ??
Watch this;


Now,that you saw how big the beast is, know that it is only 460 light years from Earth. It is not close enough to cause mass extinction,(100 light years or less) but this distance is very close indeed.
Beside the huge size the fact it is so close, will be the reason why they say it will appears to us like a second sun.Well not really a second sun, but a second moon.
Here is the example.


It will not look red, but blue. Will be the so awaited blue kachina!

If it is really Betelgeuse, it means that the star already exploded around 460 years ago.Somewhere around the year of 1550.
And here more a few videos for you ;



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Posted (edited)

Now, how long will the supernova last in the sky ?

Maybe a week or at most a few weeks, but no more than that.

Nostradamus saw that supernova on the follow prophecy.

Quatrain II.41

"The great star for seven days will burn, The cloud will cause two suns to appear: The big mastiff all night will howl, When the great pontiff changes countries."

Also many videos show the supernova, all of them with lyrics related to Ishtar and her coming, like the following ones;


Kesha represents  Ishtar surrounded  by the  super humans that developed super powers kind of controlling Earth. See the lyric, it is self explanatory.

Now go to minute 2:36  till 2.55, they show not only she falling , just like Lucifer , but also the supernova as a big blue like star explosion.

Also here;


The supernova appears right on the very  beginning , and gag and the others are like awaiting for it.She even have her special glasses. when the light hits weird creatures start to awaken. They change their clothes( symbolism to change, like a larvae into a  butterfly )   and among them is isthar.    note the lyrics talk about love and revenge. I will explain the Ishtar revenge part later.

An here as well;


The lyric is clearly about Ishtar.She is not coming alone, her male partner Tammuz reincarnated as well and he is the famous Nobody, but I will  also explain later.

The 2 suns appear on minute.2:30 .They change their clothes( again the metamorphose  thing) and she soon appears all in white, enlightened.

The song is about the possible outcome that may happen when ishtar that  had a very  bad life, abandon her role of Lucifer(light bringer) and free no one on Earth as revenge.

It is the outcome showed in many videos, and the one i am almost sure will happen as well.


Another one showing Ishtar like the car,first  being resurrected,than the car gains life when the supernova appears on minute0:32/ 0:33. If you blink you miss it.It show some reddish/green ball exploding dust . Then the eye gets open and then the car starts to move into a dead city
The car pierces the veil, go to somewhere else and then returns exploding light, awaking/enlightening the all world, giving light to everybody.

The blue shining ball is Sirius.the goddess  Ishtar is suppose to come from there.

And also this one


Pause on exact 0:50 seconds. That is the supernova!
Right after Sid (Tammuz) asks the female one in marriage.See that he mentions an "eye" and also that the ring is inside a shell.
Who is represented inside a shell ?? Yes, none less than Aphrodite the Greek correspondent to Ishtar.Sid even talk about finding true love, not to forget that ishtar is the goddess of love.

The twin comets of past march also appear on the video right on the end.






Edited by Astraea

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