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  1. Me not believing the lamestream media has nothing to do with Donald Trump. I stopped believing what their lips were spewing long ago.
  2. I know what you speak of Cinnamon. I had done this on our way back from Rockport, TX. For your consideration: http://wp.me/p593H6-se Anything but anything is possible in our current illusion. G'day all :)
  3. Preview starts out all innocent and childlike and then Bam! Holy sheet fire Melvin.
  4. It's a rarity that my initial gut feeling of things lets me down. Right before I came here to check up on y'all I ran into this: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/major-clinton-aligned-progressive-organization-caught-funding-violent-anti-trump-protests/ Fock Sorryass (Soros) right in the neck. I've said it once and I'll say it again... That is one evil sumbitch Thanks rbear - Have a good day my CO brutta's and seesters :)
  5. I've never been very interested in group think or organizations for that matter. There's seemingly always something sinister working in the background. The people who follow and execute their bidding are loyal and just stupid enough to pull it off. It appears to me that the majority of people are overly ignorant (lost) in this daze and age. Y'all have a good day - Thanks Cinn :)
  6. The man is pure Evil. So many others as well. All for the love of their fictitious wealth and their fictitious power. I recognize neither. Absolute scumbags!
  7. Oh yeah... Another thing I forgot to touch on - interesting how all the newest strife came along after the meeting of the biggies to stop Trump. This is why I mentioned provocateurs to begin with :)
  8. Never could quite grasp "Give me liberty of give me death" when I was a younger lad. It always struck me as a little over the top. Today? It takes on an entirely different meaning and makes absolute sense to me. I never thought I'd even be around to witness this type of mayhem in my lifetime. Yet here I/we all are. I am fully aware that the true Terrorists/Nazis would love for people just to lay/bow down and lick their boots. I am not, nor will I ever be, one of those people. I prefer to play the the roll of the thorn in ones side rather than that of the submissive peasant, or pissant if you will. I can only hope that I am not left standing alone when it comes to any and all the necessary actions that will be required to obtain absolute resolution. In front of us all sits the biggest pile of crap anyone has ever seen. My interest lies in those who are willing to grab a shovel and help me dispose of it, not those who want to roll around and play in it.
  9. Fairly sure there were some agent provocateurs in there somewhere. They infiltrate these type of events to bring about violence and conflict among the participants. All the while gathering intel on the people who are attending. It certainly would not be the first time that this has happened. So many people being played for the fools that they are. I just have to sit back in awe and wonder when people are gonna get it - or not. So done with the same old song and dance.
  10. New Carrier motto: "Waiving our hands in the air like we just don't care" - Boycott? Yes! Why? Because I will not help them fund any further destruction of the American workforce. The biggies place their profit before people. Kind of like a politician. You Know? Disgusting
  11. If he was on the cover of Mad Magazine I would completely understand. However... ah crap, never mind. Bozo is just not worth the wear and tear on my keyboard.
  12. The general public's attention span is so astoundingly short. So many distractions to choose from in this daze and age. "Experiments" (psychological or otherwise) on the (global) citizenry have been going on for some time now. We and others who have awaken are not oblivious to this fact. However, if you try telling this to the ones living under a rock, they'll snip at your ankles like rabid Chihuahuas on crack. Think Land Piranhas here. But you're right... Sporting events, DWTS, and so on are far more important. As you stated: "We now return you to regular programming."
  13. It is, according to public records there are uranium deposits and other valuable resources in that area. The corrupturds are so F'n out of control and in our faces anymore. Oh mighty Karma; where art thou when we need you? -- (Fancy Paper Matters : Life...? Meh... who needs it?) The excremental ones would sell our souls for a piece of gold.
  14. Most Likely = Re$ource$
  15. Yeppers that'd be a Honda Civic Just caught some photos
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