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  1. I wish I knew what this guy was saying. All I know is he looks like he means business!
  2. You are welcome Cinn. I thought it was worth mentioning since some people keep automatic updates turned off on their computers.
  3. Just a little reminder to update Firefox to 50.0.2 or Tor to 6.0.7 you have not already done it. If you’re a Firefox user or, even more importantly, a Tor Browser user, make sure you have the latest update. An zero-day exploit has been found in the wild that tricks an unpatched browser into making a web connection to a network address in Portugal. TCP network connections include, as part of the protocol, the IP address of both the sender and recipient, so just attempting this connection gives away the true IP number of your computer, even if you’re browsing anonymously via Tor. That means crooks (or law enforcement officers, or intelligence agents) who can entice you to visit a hidden site somewhere in the Tor network can use this exploit on their webserver to tie your real IP number to your activities on the dark web. If the computer in Portugal should answer the connection request, the code in the exploit sample we examined will transmit an HTTP request that contains your MAC address (the unique identifier of your network card) and your computer name. That’s a pretty serious degree of de-anonymisation. If you’re a Firefox user who isn’t worried about anonymity, this exploit is still a serious problem, because the crooks could easily change the payload to install malware without you knowing. That malware could be ransomware, a keylogger, a password stealer, a zombie to blast out spam, a DDoS attack bot, or any of a number of money-making criminal tools. More: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/12/01/firefox-and-tor-users-update-now-0-day-exploit-in-the-wild/
  4. I agree 100%. We will be greatly outnumbered but once the couch warmers creature comforts are taken away, our ranks will swell.
  5. I hate to say this but I think young handsome Trudeau may end up being Canada's version of Obama.
  6. Thanks for the update Dude..I've been keeping you in my prayers and was wondering what was going on with you. Keep us posted.
  7. The majority of Americans have become fat and lazy which will greatly hamper any sort of uprising. The only way the American people will revolt is if their creature comforts are taken away and they have nothing left to lose. As long as bread and circus continues, people will participate in a arm chair revolution via Facebook. All that will do is bump their names up on a Government list. Only when food is in short supply, internet and cell service is disrupted, power and water become intermittent, will the American people take to the streets in mass. There will be pockets of resistance but I'm afraid there are not enough people willing to die for their beliefs to truly facilitate a revolution....at least not at this time in history.
  8. Maybe this is related? Monday night I was putting my cordless phone on the base station when I heard some sort of "static" coming from the base. To my knowledge this has never happened before so I put my ear to the base and discovered it was picking up radio communications. The sound was very faint but I could hear people talking. Radio waves "bounce" off the ionosphere and become much stronger after sunset. For that matter, the FCC requires AM radio stations to reduce their power at night to avoid interference with other AM stations. Since I was intercepting a broadcast after dark it was obvious to me there was something funny going on in the atmosphere Monday night. The guy in the video reported the seismo anomalies around 1600 hours which is close to sunset. Is there any connection? Hell if I know but I figured it was worth mentioning. Something strange is in the air!
  9. I have to comment on the video because earthquakes are my jam. LOL The guy is correct. Something strange was/is going on with the seismos. The one in Hockley, Texas is always messed up. For that matter I have never seen Hockley "normal" so that one is no big deal. But he is right, something is wrong. And yes, sometimes there numerous mechanical malfunctions but never to this level. Here are the current displays, http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplot.php?virtual_network=ANSS There appears to be a lot of movement in the Yellowstone area today. http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/daythumbs.php There could be a couple of things going on here. Underground nuke testing in the US or magma movement might be a consideration. The solar flaring at the time was minimal so I would not think that would have any effect on the seismos. Im not sure what's going on but It certainly is worth keeping an eye on.
  10. A pipeline explosion caused a large fire in Platte County Tuesday evening, but no injuries were reported. Crews were called to the scene in the 9600 block of Mellon Bridge Road, an isolated area near Kansas City International Airport. The pipeline ruptured on private property about 6:30 p.m. The property owner reported the explosion and fire. Plumes of fire and heavy smoke were showing from the scene and lit up the sky from miles away. An hour after the fire started, it was still burning, but the flames had reduced significantly. The fire was burning itself out a short time later. More: http://www.kmbc.com/article/large-fire-reported-near-kansas-city-international-airport/8380884
  11. Here ya go..she has her own WIKI Morano was still living alone in her home on her 115th birthday. When asked about the secret of her longevity, she said that she had never used drugs, eats three eggs a day, drinks a glass of homemade brandy, and enjoys a chocolate sometimes, but, above all, she thinks positively about the future. Morano credits her long life to her diet of raw eggs and being single. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Morano
  12. I read that story and thought...why didn't they ask her how much wine she drinks every day. Im pretty sure the old gal throws back a couple a glasses of red wine a day too.
  13. This guy has some good advice!
  14. @Ukshep Yep, take a sanity break. I do it all the time. Turn off the computer, phone, TV and step away from it all. Turn on some music and relax. A bit of exercise helps too. Maybe a long walk? Sounds like you are on mental overload my friend. It happens to all of us especially during the holiday season. Have a rest, we got this shep!
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