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  1. (N.Morgan) Brandon Smith, founder of Alt-Market.com, recently did an interesting interview with the X22 Report. In this interview, Brandon was able to elaborate further on some of his positions regarding Brexit and the Trump presidential win. His analysis of both subjects are spot on. The Elites’ Operation to shift blame is in full swing, all efforts focused in an attempt to take down president-elect Trump and his impending oath taking for the office. The Elites have also been feverishly continuing their plotting for the demise of the global economy. More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/12/elites-have-the-collapse-planned-operation-shift-blame-deployed-video-3448079.html
  2. You will not believe what Facebook is up to. They are following a program devised by Janet Napolitano “see something, say something“. You will not believe your ears. After listening to this, you will see that there is no other choice than to use seen.life for your social media needs. Video http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/11/dont-put-up-with-facebooks-gestapo-censorship-seen-life-is-the-alternative-2478438.html
  3. (N.Morgan) The Water Protectors who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline have reported on live social media that they have been cornered on a bridge, with the North Dakota police smothering them with tear gas, soaking them with a water cannon, all while the temperature stands at a frigid 20 degrees. The North Dakota police are also discharging concussion grenades into the unarmed crowd. The protest is taking place on Highway 1806, just north of the main protest camp. It has turned into a war zone and yet none of the mainstream media outlets are reporting it. More with Videos http://beforeitsnews.com/protests-demonstrations/2016/11/militarized-cops-unleash-fury-on-peaceful-dapl-protesters-hundreds-injured-and-trapped-videos-2456913.html
  4. (N.Morgan) Since the historic election upset by dark horse Donald Trump, US cities have erupted in protests, violence, and looting. The events that are unfolding are believed to be well-planned out, heavily funded, anti-American plot to incite chaos by elitist George Soros, race baiter Al Sharpton, and left-wing anti-democracy eccentric, Michael Moore. CNN, MSNBC, and other North Korea-style government-run, propaganda media are reporting on these “protests” like they’re some “All American Grassroots” movement that popped up out of the hearts and minds of concerned citizens. “Those that are stirring it up, and many of them do work for Soros-fronted organizations are really telling those innocent protesters, and perhaps less innocent protesters, they are in danger by Trump, even though Trump has done nothing but preach unity since he won the election,” Marko Gasic, a British-Serbian political commentator told RT on Friday. More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/protests-demonstrations/2016/11/us-under-siege-see-plan-for-nationwide-riots-staged-events-video-2456869.html
  5. (N.Morgan) The hacktivist group known as Anonymous presents evidence in the video below that incriminates Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin for having deep ties to the the terrorists who funded the 9/11 tragedy. Hillary Clinton’s political career has been shrouded in lies, conspiracies, and crimes, that her and Bill have always managed to slither out of, unscathed. The terrorists who funded 9/11 also donated very generously to the infamous Clinton Foundation. More with Videos http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/10/scandalous-video-footage-from-anonymous-exposes-huma-and-hillary-video-3432314.html
  6. (This is one hell of a story and if you don't think it will affect you, think again. "When they came for me there was no one left to speak out") The America we once knew has long faded into the dying sunset. The prayer vigil at Standing Rock, ND took a tragic turn yesterday as police became aggressive and abusive to the Water Protectors. In the midst of the violence the Water Protectors are being doused with pepper spray, tasered in the face, being pummeled by rubber bullet assaults and LRAD, deployed by the militarized police forces that are attempting to take over sacred land. More with Videos and Photos http://beforeitsnews.com/police-state/2016/10/the-minority-that-this-government-just-cant-kill-enough-of-as-the-american-people-cheer-videos-3732.html #nodapl
  7. (N.Morgan) Project Veritas, the brain child of James O’Keefe, has released its fourth installment of the “Rigging The Election” series, an exposé that is described as a “multi-part series which exposes the dark secrets at the highest levels of the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign.” In this latest installment, O’Keefe and Project Veritas confirm the power money has amongst the network of questionable non-profits and consulting firms supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. To help grease the wheels for the Project Veritas undercover reporters to gain access, a well placed donation of $20,000 “opened the door to their smoke filled rooms of illegal and dirty campaign dealings”, as O’Keefe puts it. See More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2016/10/how-to-rig-an-election-james-okeefe-expose-follow-the-money-video-2511616.html
  8. (N.Morgan) If an organization’s goal was world domination, the best way to pull such an agenda off would be if the populace was completely unaware of what is happening to them. If the masses were blind to the impending doom about to befall them, they certainly wouldn’t revolt against it. The ruling elite have been waging a silent war against humanity since the beginning of time. In this sickening deception, the elite’s carefully orchestrated plans have two specific purposes. The first purpose is to deceive the populace into believing that their manufactured lies — psy-ops, falsehoods, distortions, manipulations — are real. To prevent any of this from being found out, a number of deceptions and distractions have been manufactured to take the populaces’ attention elsewhere. More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/power-elite/2016/10/7-insidious-ways-the-elite-are-making-americans-dumber-video-2452300.html
  9. (N.Morgan) In this latest installment of the X22Report, Bill Holter makes stunning predictions about the upcoming global financial collapse and the possibility of an impending war. Financial institutions are going broke and the economy is being impacted from all sides. The ever present threat of nuclear war with Russia has become a focal point in the current political climate. As Bill points out, the truth is now coming out and the elite cannot allow that to transpire. With the email leaks and determined reporters exposing the frauds and corruptions being perpetrated upon the people, the elite have been sent into an absolute panic. More with Video http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2016/10/times-running-out-get-prepared-for-the-economic-crisis-video-2856052.html #finance
  10. (N.Morgan) A highly revealing statement made by Louis Kuijs, a former official with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and current head of the Asia Economics at Oxford Economics in Hong Kong, exposes the deep awakening taking place around the globe. Kuijs said, “The backlash against globalization is manifesting itself in increased nationalistic sentiment, against the outside world and in favor of increasing isolation.” As the IMF policymakers gathered on October 7-9 in Washington, D.C., for the annual meeting of the IMF, based on those meetings, it was obvious that the World Bank was deeply concerned about recent unfolding events which could affect their pending agendas. One of the major issues facing the globalists’ agenda is that countries around the world are now recognizing the existence of a one world economy would destroy national sovereignty. More http://beforeitsnews.com/economics-and-politics/2016/10/the-imf-dread-resistance-to-globalization-video-2488655.html
  11. (N.Morgan) In this installment of the AMTV Report with Christopher Greene, Christopher discusses some of the developments currently taking place in the world as well as those happening in our backyard. Multiple reports have Vladimir Putin reportedly preparing Russian citizens for the possibility of a nuclear bombardment. Russia is coordinating a massive evacuation drill for more than 40 million people in preparation for nuclear war. Over 200,000 emergency services personnel and soldiers will use 50,000 pieces of equipment during the massive civil defense exercise. Read the rest: http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2016/10/putin-readies-40-million-people-for-nuclear-war-video-2463198.html
  12. (N.Morgan) The controversy surrounding the safety of vaccines has been gaining a lot of ground over the last decade. Parents are becoming aware that many of the vaccines given to children today are unnecessary and in some cases, dangerous. The relevant facts about the dangers of the polio vaccine were known by the scientific community back in 1960. However, it wasn’t until lawsuits and investigative reports in the 1990′s and a Congressional hearing in 2003 that the public was informed about the enormity of the contamination and its possible link to many of the deadly forms of cancer being diagnosed today. Yet little has been acknowledged in public discussion since that point in time. http://beforeitsnews.com/health/2016/10/cdc-exposed-millions-of-americans-given-cancer-from-polio-vax-video-2669429.html
  13. (N.Morgan) As it was reported this week, the yuan was added to the IMF’s Reserve currencies earlier this week. Which in and of itself may not be Earth shattering, however, when combined with the revival of SDR-denominated bonds there can be no doubt that the central bankers are making their play for a global currency. Many are completely unaware of the the SDR is and what implications it may hold for our immediate future. http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2016/10/one-of-the-most-important-story-you-didnt-see-this-week-video-2854074.html
  14. (N.Morgan) Since Germany issued the dire warning to its citizens to stock up on food and water, it is beginning to look as if Deutsche Bank may be collapsing. If the leading bank in Germany collapses, the effect on Europe would be devastating, and it would be highly unlikely that the US would remain unscathed by such a collapse. It would have a ripple effect that would travel all across the Atlantic. The Deutshe Bank’s financial woes are currently stressing the American Stock Market. Angela Merkel has said that Deutsche Bank will not receive a bailout from the European Central Bank, which is the last resort lender of financial institutions in crisis. The Department of Justice recently issued a $14 billion fine to the bank to settle a mortgage-backed securities probe, which the bank has no intention of paying. More http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2016/09/deutsche-bank-collapsing-is-this-why-germans-warned-to-prepare-videos-2853442.html
  15. (N.Morgan) In 1993 Dr. John Coleman penned the book, Conspirators’ Hierarchy – The Story of The Committee of 300 in which he gives an insightful breakdown of the ultimate goals of the Illuminati. We are now bearing witness to these goals are coming to fruition, each plot fulfilled makes them one step closer to obtaining complete control and destroying our society. http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2016/09/the-21-objectives-of-the-illuminati-videos-2477387.html
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