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  1. Crap this is the one I was just talking about. I don't live far from the fault.
  2. Oh damn. If this were to happen I wonder if it would effect other fault lines such as the one close to me, can't remember it's name tho. I know I'm not far enough north not to flood. Hmm may be time to move north west a bit.
  3. Exactly. Every instance I've read about goes in favor of her. So why the F are they saying its for trump. They think we're a bunch of dumbass idiots.
  4. The teacher should be fired and this student should be praised. But in the libtard bullshit world the opposite happens. I'd sue the shit out of the school if they expelled me for that.
  5. Haha was just about to say, given recent trends this may be fake news. Hah. My question tho is if the machines are not connected to the Internet, how could russia hack them? There's no way to do it with out physically being at the voting machine.
  6. This guy is reaching really far on some of them. I just don't see it. And the "facelift scar" he's talking about, I have the same "line" on my left side and have never had a face lift. Unless it happened while I was passed out or abducted by aliens. Lol.
  7. Oh so true. It would just get called fake anyway lol.
  8. Umm no Megyn, the msm themselves are to blame for the lack of trust. You people lie all the time, never tell the full story, and you twist the stories around, you give the American people the run around on the news and not a single news anchor actually investigates stories anymore. You just parrot what your told to say. So you are to blame. Put your big girl panties on and admit to what you and other have done.
  9. Oh so true. And like @marlowe said Fox News talk radio and Hannity talk about the same things that Jobes does. Will they fire him too? He's under a contract so I wonder if they would fire him, seems they would have to pay a ton of cash to do it tho.
  10. Really Killary? Really? You did yourself in by lying and by having a bunch of dead bodies behind you with no rational explanation of how the murder happened. How can a person cut their own limbs off and it be ruled a suicide? Hmm. Between Arkansas and Louisiana we know full well what you did. Btw where I live there's a lot of Dixie mafia guys, I've heard the rumors about the KKKlintons since the 80's. My town was a big turn around spot for their drug trade.
  11. So... Does this mean that CNN and abc and msnbc and fox will have to quit lying to the American public.... Nope, just alt media. Some of you may remember that Obama did rip up the anti propaganda act a few years ago. Is this just reinstating it?
  12. God this guy is an idiot. Illegals voting - confirmed Saturday night live - Is bullshit VP Pence - spoke the truth this guy can just piss off like seriously. Just sounds like a liberal got in his ear.
  13. LMAO!!! I'm am rolling right now bc of the irony. The media always screams about equality and liberalism and other bs and now a big law suit... this should help wake people up and show them that CNN is nothing but a bunch of manipulative punk ass racist ass bitches. I hope that they can sue for enough that it would take them forever to recover. Shut them down is what I say, they are the real fake news.
  14. And so it begins. we need to get a crap ton of people to all upload pizzagate vids at the same time. Overload their servers with it. Haha.
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