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  1. Maybe its the secret societies who should pray. When the vast majority wake up their reign is over.Seems to me things aren't going to plan for the idiots.Hope I'm right but in the great big scheme of things they will get what's coming to them.
  2. Brilliant. Ordinary guy works out what endless scientists , archaeoligists and engineers couldn't.
  3. Imo the ancient philosophers , who were not brainwashed bufoons like the majority today or shackled by a peer review system, knew much more about the nature of our universe than we pretend to know today. The great libraries containing the true history of our world were destroyed- their works hidden in the secret libraries of today ( vatican , bodlean. smithsonian etc_). Mind control is the order of the day now, the stupid idiotic self proclaimed parasitic elites think they are in control - silly assumption. Grav and Walk Softly, both approaching the same problem from opposite ends of the religious spectrum,without conflict, it's what we need - I wish I could find words to describe my own beliefs. Wish more people would think for themselves lol - Grav, I've just bought a first edition copy of " Worlds in Collision" from a charity shop today .Looking forward to reading it. Cost me 4 quid hope its worth 4,000. The great question is - Why the feck do people think we know everything about the universe? On a conspiracy site? Peace and a peaty malt whisky.
  4. Will have to watch his others. Like his style - uses logical scientific arguments and maths to deconstruct the imaginary universe. It's really hard for folk to break through the mind control - we just have to persevere. The idiots in power have so much to lose so are relentless in their efforts to shore up their false interpretations.
  5. The V shit only bamboozles in relation to global earth spin theory - I can't see an answer to it within the paradigm. If a plane takes off in a se/nw direction(or any other heading bar e/w) and flies in a great arc then the vectors are ever changing . Never be able to hit a runway without some fierce manouvering . I know not everyone will understand what he is pointing out, but I do, I'm not bragging either- doesn't make me better than anyone else. I also understand that I could be wrong but I can't see where. I don't know loads of things but I'd be able to understand a counter argument if you can provide one. Taking a quote out of context refutes nothing. Nasa does all the dazzling from what I see
  6. Wow VL. Don't you understand what he's saying. There is no answer. We are either enclosed under a dome or the earth doesn't spin. Either way the globers have some explaining to do . You could, of course try, and refute his argument . It's all plain simple vector maths.
  7. Beautiful vid by a guy that knows what he's talking about. Destroys the spinning globe earth theory by simply using the tools (maths) which we are also given whilst receiving our brainwashing. All hidden in plane sight. Excellent stuff for which there is no answer. Thanks for that post Total Crap. Faith in humanity restored.
  8. Thanx for posting these Grav. Will have a look when I get time-beenon here far to much today lol. Drains the batteries ,sure you know what I mean. Peace sister.
  9. We all come on here because we want to get at the truth. Like you say we know they (tptb) lie to us . Why are you so certain that they don't lie about the earth? Fwiw the question raised about N/S skies is a good question - I'm sure someone will have looked at that but not me yet so I dont comment on that. Proof of earths curvature is the only easy way to find earths shape. Its so easy I'm genuinely surprised there isn't a huge body of work complete with experimental results that all can see. Instead we are told we don't need any proof. The things you are told not to question are the ones that deserve the most scrutiny - the biggest lies if you will. Throw of your brainwashing and think for yourself. The parasites hate that- it worries them. It's hard to do, 500yrs of bs carries a huge smell, but research things with an open mind and reach your own conclusions. Its a wonderful world.
  10. The way to prove the earth is a globe is so simple. Just measure the curve. We know the rate of curve from the figures given for its diameter. Such an easy experiment - you don't need to bring anything else into it. The only one required. The rest is just Window
  11. Much simpler experiment - measure the curvature or lack off same . Results end debate.
  12. Don't have the time , or inclination.... You can lead a horse to water The point about the one experiment stands whatever the result .
  13. Put a little thought into it man. If the sun is near then its alot smaller and alot different to the official model. Its actually fun when you think critically. Don't just blindly follow orders - everything you believe is what those parasites have told you to believe.
  14. I see where my confusion arose. I looked back over post. Original post of yours describes an observation anyone can make facing east etc. You then gave a very good explanation of your observations using globe earth theory which got me thinking. By the way - it's not an experiment technically. I did reply explaining the same observations using FE point of view . A good, logical,explanation involving reflection of suns rays, since our known earth is about 70% or so water. Observations may support any theory but cannot prove said theory. Experimentation does that . Measureing things to put it simply. The only experiment that will prove/disprove globe earth is to measure the curve - we know from simple maths the nominal rate of curve so it should be easy to carry out, using measurements taken in many places , different atmospheric conditions etc. The plane fact is that people who try this can't get their experimental data to agree with globe earth predictions. That's why we have a 780 page thread on the subject. Eratosthenes was a very clever chap who imo would have carried out this experiment to check his measurement of earths diameter - he assumed earth was a globe. I've tried to find his verication ,or otherwise ,of his theory , but can't, perhaps it'a hidden in the various libraries of the ruling fkn parasites. I can understand the Gatekeepers(I think i know who you mean) frustration and yours. That simple curvature experiment carried out repeatedly should reveal the truth -and it appears that only FErs are trying to get to the truth. Peace
  15. That's ok thanks I'm too old to be embarrased. Will have another look. My flight path info is taken from a flightradar24.com article about great arcflight paths, I don't intentionally ignore the MANY variables since I don't know what they are. The non arc shipping paths I tried to embed but failed but are easy to find. The great arc flight paths and ths straight line shipping paths are shown on same style mainstream maps. Flight paths curve up through the arctic , shipping lanes do not. Southern hemisphere paths show the same discreppancy.
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