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  1. Welcome back Radio Doc. Would there be anything in the theory that would apply to globe earth only? FE dome/firmament would refract/reflect radiowaves presumably.
  2. Present and politically incorrect mam.
  3. Sir , you asked for a reply to your post from a FE point of view which I replied to using elements of flat earth theory. I didn't try to elevate anything from theory to law . Current globe earth theory is not scientific law . Your explanation is a nice simple explanation under that globe earth theory. I offered you a nice simple explanation under flat earth theory. Both are theories but you regard one as fantasy and the other as scientific fact. I have studied both theories over the course of my life - globe earth far longer since we are indoctrinated from childhood. The most accurate statement I can make about the earth is that we are not given/told the true shape of our world. Why is it so difficult to prove and so heretical to question . Despite the public facade of mainstream science all current theories in fashion will ultimately be discarded - we know nothing but are told we know everything. Peace, brother
  4. Good vid explaining why the horizon cannot rise to eye level on a globe earth- contrary to what we actually observe.
  5. Right - back again suitably refreshed. Thinking from a flat earth point of view. 1. I am standing facing west near sunset. 2.I mark the moment when the suns disk reaches vanishing point (perspective). 3.I stand in twilight with no direct sunlight hitting me. 4. The clouds above are still fully lit basking in the reflected sunlight from all that flat water(70+% of worlds surface) since the sun is not a silly distance away. 5.The high clouds will remain lit for a while and will remain so as the sun winds its way westward and twilight approaches from the east as the reflective angle no longer touches the farthest clouds. Arnie sweeps in from the east! I'm not saying it's correct but it could be . Can't see a reason why not. Good thinking though Jostler. The easiest way to prove which theory is correct seems to me to be just measure the damn curvature. Why is it so difficult? I haven't seen your post before so will watch the vid when I get a chance. Think maybe the volcano cloud may be lit by the the same effect of reflection. Does that explain why the clouds are lit red? I wonder.Mmmmm
  6. 3.5 mins in on vid 2. Narrator assures us all that flat earth cannot predict lunar eclipses. Inner circle of Stonehenge, here in England ,is acknowledged as a lunar eclipse observatory.Built about 4,000 yrs ago. Had enough for now. Am off out for a stiff drink. Peace and love and think for yourselves.
  7. For you Grav. Still looking into pendulum effects during syzygy. The real experimental scientists have formulated theories to account for these anomolies which have perplexed ms science for 65 years. Won't bore you with the details but it's time to welcome back the aether and wave goodbye to the gravitational bs. Electric and magnetic fields are propagated by the aether - no empty space . Tesla knew all this- and so do those who stole his work. The universe isn't what we are told to believe. All astronomical observations will have to be reviewed. Can't help but laugh at folks watching events in our cgi universe lol. Could be a long time til it all becomes mainstream tho - idiots in power have too much to lose- free energy is there courtesy of the aether
  8. Almost fininshed watching first vid. Interesting stuff but not convincing . First point - lift yourself up on a globe , horizon recedes but how does it rise to eye level if it curves away downward- this angle between horizon and eye level should be measurable- why no mention? From an airplane should this not be apparent? Second point. The ship over the horizon - how far away? how tall the ship? How much hidden? More info needed. Best part of vid imo. Thirdly. That tower across the lake looses about 14% when compared to the inset photo - not 26% . Makes a big difference if you infer globe size from those photos. That inset photo seems closer and is taken at a different angle(not certain tho') We are told that seeing chicago 60mls away - on a good seeing day- is a mirage caused by refraction and that the sun shrinking as it sets is an illusion - can only laugh at those . The earlier discussion on perspective says eventually that" if thats what happens then we would see an image upside down past vanishing point". That's a mirage isn't it- if that's the case then that fits the perspective theory Only watched the first vid but totally underwhelmed. Expected solid hard to argue against evidence. Will watch the others later .
  9. Kudos to Dude for seeing through the dogma and deciding to be a free thinker.
  10. There is nothing that can't be questioned. Chill out.
  11. Are we to to believe this? The bulge over 1000' square caused by the earth's curvature is 7/100" - well below the +or- 2/5" horizontal accuracy required . Seems ridiculous that engineers take such tiny curves into account. The tilt angle is 1/1000 degree. Wheres the problem caused by the "curve"?
  12. This is a great thread. Thankyou Cinn Try to get her on this stuff,Grav. My wife has been fighting ovarian cancer -spread to the bowel- for over 3 years now. Doctors gave up in april, sent her home to pop her cloggs so I got her on blackstrap molasses and bicarb. Had a scan three weeks ago and the tumours have all gone but she still thinks I'm a nutcase lol. She may be right though. Anyway she says she feels the healthiest for years now. Thankyou Sky cat for posting your experience - I can show her that -give her hope. God bless.
  13. There is no norm - just be true to yourself. You experience the world yourself. Its easy to be at piece when you throw of all your brainwashing and have no preconceived ideas.Find everything out for yourself. You're already cool bro cos you're on the coolest forum. Piece and may your god bless you
  14. Elf and safety as its known here in the U.K.
  15. Now we can see why the Antarctic treaty is required. Without it anyone could toddle off to the antarctic and watch the sunset disprove the globe theory during the summer - in fact all of the current bs mainstream science must be wrong. Seems that the scientists there must know the truth. Knowledge is power and tptb dont intend to loose their grip. Dynamite video and excellent work by Jeranism.
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