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  1. Not referencing much are you? I read Hancocks Fingerprints of the Gods and got so bored by the third chapter I stopped reading it complete waste of my money that one was...As far as this Carson fellow I have not heard of him. What is truth? Is it a lie thats been sugar coated? I always hear this truth crap. Its not my intention to debunk it. A couple years ago maybe, but not now, its not worth it.
  2. Apparently the term "Hypothetical" escapes even the most wanting astronomers. Don't worry people one day you will all get your wish and we will all die then everyone will be happy on their little cloud with jesus. But I digress. Pisses me off.
  3. All that is BS in letters that stretch from Seattle to New York.
  4. No its not when used in a way to promote study of the cosmos.....But in many, many cases of this Ancient Alien BS their remark is always "what if?" Now I am not a rocket scientist but if a bullfrog had wings he would bump his ass. Some of the theories in this AA stuff is worth a look but thats all it is a theory thats why its called Ancient Alien Theory.
  5. No...Every ancient culture had these stories....One I see you have not posted is the Enuma Elish. http://www.fsmitha.com/h1/religion-flood.htm http://www.bibleinterp.com/articles/flood357903.shtml You should also check out the Epic of Gilamesh.
  6. The Nile has or had a bad habit of flooding the area during that time.....Sure its possible there was a local flood in that I can believe.
  7. Not a world wide flood as depicted in the Bible no it did not happen.
  8. Oh Hell No! With those Liberals thats even more dangerous than just letting the election run its course! Either way we are DOOMED!
  9. I would not say I am exactly offended by it; its the principle of the thing. I get it people like Trump for his mouth which he cannot seem to keep closed. I cringed when they gave him that security briefing because I figured sooner or later he was going to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. Sorry but he is just not Presidential material but with that said neither one of them are. If Trump could learn some tact and speak only when spoken to he might not hurt his chances but as it stands now that video was all the Democrats needed......Mega T Mouth has got to tone it down but I am afraid his chances of winning the election are null and void at this point. Thats why its best if your not a Doomer you might want to consider starting now you have about a month to get ready. November 8, 2016 is going to be one of the saddest days in US History and the start of a downward spiral into the pits of doom and gloom. If there is actually a God I hope he intervenes some where because at this point divine intervention is the only thing that will save us. One shoots with his mouth and the other with e-mails I don't know which is worse.
  10. That would be a good question to ask alligator mouth (Trump) that is if he still has any feathers on his canary ass. Frankly if Pence has got any political savvy at all he better bail now or get dragged down into the cesspool of Trump....But no need for me to worry.
  11. Not going for any jugular....I vote Republican! But will not vote at all this time around! Neither damn one of them deserve the White House they should both quit. All the Doomers on this forum get ready! Make your bug out plans, have your bug out bags ready and a good bug out vehicle ready your going to need them if either one of these KOOKS gets in the WH! I don't believe in the DOOM and GLOOM crap but this might force my hand to actually believe it!
  12. He should not be. He should drop out now! I was wondering when that alligator mouth of his was going to overload that canary ass! His degrading of women is sick and offensive.....I won't vote for him now if they paid me.
  13. Heres a list of countries that have disclosed Aliens/UFOs exist: http://www.educatinghumanity.com/2011/01/list-of-countries-that-have-disclosed.html Notice no United States on that list.....A lot of this UFO stuff is old news such as the video the OP linked to. That video is 3 years old. Also here is a list of known UFO hoax sites: http://ufotheater.com/ufo-channel-reviews/ufo-black-list/ Ufology is wrought with this stuff and thats one of the reasons it has never gained traction as a serious field of study. Most if not all of these You Tube videos can be discounted as hoaxes......CGI is an amazing tool for this. Below is a great article on how to identify hoaxes: How To Identify A UFO Hoax http://uforesearchnetwork.proboards.com/thread/816/identify-ufo-hoax Now before some one jumps ship and starts accusing me of non belief let me say that I do not discount there are no Aliens/UFOs but that 99% of this stuff can and does have a reasonable explanation. Just because something is classified as a UFO does not necessarily indicate its Aliens or Alien crafts from other planets.
  14. Chinese lanterns.....That and if you tell someone long enough that this or that is going to happen sooner or later they began to believe it....Humans are such gullible creatures.....
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