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  1. To be created in the image of God simply means "To Represent." We have been placed above and in charge of (a representative of) caring for all organic life, above, on, and below the earth. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Genesis 1:26 kjv.
  2. That is what I said above your reply.
  3. That was also my point. We never had the capability to figure it all out because our mathematics were limited.
  4. What psalms and proverbs were uttered by the men of renown? You do realize what you're saying, don't you? The men of renown were the Nephilim; the offspring of the fallen angels.
  5. The very reason they've substituted mathematics with experiments is exactly what I've just said. "we/they are unfamiliar with the creator mathematics." Gravity, Energy, Magnetism, etc. We know they are there. We just don't understand how or why. Some scientists believe that magnetism creates electrical fields while others believe electrical fields create magnetism. I would say they are both right. Some claim that magnetism creates gravity. I don't think the disagreement is if they all exist. It's more how and why they exist. Forget the math. It's not there for us to know. Not yet anyway. Besides, I didn't challenge anything you've said. I just said that we'll probably never understand any of it ever. All I know is I'm able to keep my feet planted firmly on the planets surface, so that's good enough for me. Call it what you will, it's still rock-n-roll to me! ~ billy joel
  6. Haha, buddy, you know as well as I do that everything is a theory, but at some point, it will wind up being proven true even though we are all too small minded to understand the reasons why. Everything can be proven with mathematics, but we just can't count that high yet, and we are unfamiliar with the creator mathematics.
  7. Haha, my old thread where I lost my avatar when I deleted my account. I'm just bumping this so I can figure out what sub forum it's in. @Cinnamon , can you move this to hard core? edit: Never mind, it's already there.
  8. Always some bs from NASA, but, I'm really hoping this will be one of their truthful moments... "cough"... clearing throat. I know they've been to the moon and many other places as well, and I'm talking manned missions, but not the apollo missions either. Notice in the image how they finally made the earth look more like it should look size wise? lol.
  9. Sitting in my living room at night in the darkness, across the room is the electronic equipment with one small light on the Fios box. That is my small point of light and the only light source in the entire room. Squinting while focusing on this small point of light causes a random burst of rays which could shoot in any direction. You'll have to refine your squint a bit and may even need to almost close the eyes completely. You can try with both eyes or just one eye with the other being completely closed. With some practice, it works and if there is something there, you will see it. Obviously, if there is nothing there at the time, you won't see it. Be patient, it does work.
  10. This little twit is trying to make his mark by being a racist against his own race and that doesn't work. I'm sure his remarks won't fly over too well with his neighbors and few friends he now has left.
  11. I just had to add the following information to this linked story just because of its contradiction to this thread. Audi's moon rover set to visit Apollo 17 buggy site and prove conspiracy theorists WRONG about fake landings: http://www.mirror.co.uk/science/audis-moon-rover-set-visit-9371648#rlabs=2 rt$sitewide p$16 They'll have a tough time convincing me and everyone else I'm sure.
  12. I'm always interested when someone posts a good video even if it was posted before.
  13. Rational minds do not build technology. Intelligent minds do. A rational mind means a reasoning mind, and there seems to be a critical shortage of reasoning and rational minds these days! Intelligent minds do not need a physical body to create and build unless you yourself are limiting their technology to your own level of intelligence and understanding. Aliens are not aliens per se'. They themselves are created beings whom have been allowed control for the present time. When mankind finally realizes that he has trapped himself and hijacked himself with foolishness, that is when he will take control of his own fate again.
  14. Roger D on that last line there Grav!
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