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  1. That one makes me laugh. Ghost ship? LOL
  2. No hard feelings. But I feel like I'm being pissed on by the shill crowd and I'm supposed to think it's raining. Sorry, that's not me. This is exactly what happened at LOP and I ditched them forever because of it. I have ALWAYS been loyal to COP but I won't be crawling in a subforum where the undesirables are kept. Others want us in their forums; we're tolerated here and then pushed to the side as an embarrassment; sorry, that's not me. To be clear, I won't EVER publicly bad talk this forum as I am truly GRATEFUL for all of the great times I've had here and for the fact that Ukshep and Cinnamon have stood up for us many times. I respect both of you and would definitely buy you both a drink. You have my thanks. It's a sad day for me because I really hate the fact that the real shills won here today - and you know of whom I speak and it's not JibbyJedi. Best regards my friends!
  3. I have always given both of you respect and have put my money where my mouth is ... and this is how I'm treated? Rotten backstabbing is what it is.
  4. Back stabbing ******* after all of the help you got from me.
  5. Seriously, are you pulling an LOP on us?
  6. Wait a second ... are you being serious?
  7. So long as you know what doesn't get put there.
  8. According to the controlled media, elephants are disappearing at an alarming rate. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/31/africa/great-elephant-census/index.html There's one guaranteed way to save them - let's legalize ivory and farm elephants. It sounds awful but how many cows do you think we'd have if it were illegal to breed, eat, and slaughter cows? Cows would disappear within a few generations simply due to illegal hunting, animal kills, and disease. If ivory farms were legal, then there would be an abundance of elephants. Sure, they may not be as happy as they would be roaming around in an African desert, but maybe those Texas elephant farms would be decent enough.
  9. Now, it's time to buy an ultra-zoom camera and join us outside and prove it to yourself that there's no 66-foot drop in curvature over a mere distance of 10 miles.
  10. I really do appreciate your very good demeanor even though I vehemently disagree with what you're saying. I swear there are dark forces that feed on anger and strife like damn dark vampires or something. I don't get it but my spidey sense tells me so.
  11. Thank you for your honesty.
  12. For me flat earth (i.e., being a flat earther) simply says that we have been told a big whopping lie about the shape of the earth. Now, every measurement I can take says the earth is flat. Every measurement of the earth's rotation has failed (Foucault and his gyroscope argument). Every claim that the earth is vortexing through space at 2 million mph fails on many different levels from the lack of the change of stars to the ever true North Star. Furthermore, there's no proof whatsoever that the atmosphere is spinning at 1,000 mph velcroed to the earth next to a giant vacuum. I could go on. I measure flat. The earth shows no motion and no rotation. I'm flat until shown some other model that fits and I hope that I remain always open to the true model. Maybe the earth is a giant stationary bucky ball? I have no idea but this is the first grass roots scientific movement ever to challenge the BS of controlled science.
  13. But you said it was a "fact" that you could book said cruise. How can you claim it as a fact when you haven't done so?
  14. In 100 miles there should be 6,666 feet of curvature. How is this not measurable?
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