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  1. Must be a problem because I also can't access it.
  2. Ha ha ha - this is hilarious! I was actually including a segment on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge for my next video on the professionals. Just Google the images of the bridge and you will see why I'm laughing. Or watch the video below at 12:06. Thank you @rocorollo - I needed a good laugh this morning.
  3. Hello twirling ball skeptics, We're going to be conducting Jon McIntyre's flat earth test next weekend (Dec. 16-18) in southern California. Again, if you don't remember, Jon McIntyre was the one who made the video "Flat Earth ... A Mountain of Evidence." Here's a bit of information on this test that I wrote on fefriends with diagrams (but the test is going to be in southern California, not in Utah): http://www.fefriends.com/discussion.php?topic=3559 Here's the gofundme page if you want to help: https://www.gofundme.com/2qffdek?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&utm_content=CTA_view_campaign&utm_campaign=donation_receiptv5 I think we're good on funding to do the basic test but additional funds could make it better. We could also use people out there to help out with the test, to film, and/or just witness the event first hand. If you want to come to help out, please email me at tabooconspiracy@gmail.com.
  4. I actually spent some time with the Scientologists as a doctor friend of mine is one. I went through some of their "auditing" testing and concluded that the idea of repeatedly searching back through the events in your life is an effective therapy - I think they call it Dianetics. However, when they asked for their thousand dollars to achieve the next level - that was the end for me. No good religion would ever charge anyone for information that would help improve a soul and that goes for the Christian religions as well. Anyways, I made a new video to try to outline the 10-strongest proofs of the flat earth. My father, who belongs to the spherical-NASA faithful, said it sucked and made no sense whatsoever.
  5. I apologize for the last video but I thought it was funny. I watched this entire video (it's a few months old) from Rob Durham yesterday. It was fantastic for me. A couple of weeks ago, I acquired the "student" download of AutoCAD and have been trying to recreate the heliocentric model to perfect scale. It has been very difficult and slow for me. Rob Durham saved me hundreds of hours of work. I sent him an email yesterday with a whole bunch of tests for him. For example, I don't think Mercury should be visible one hour after sunset. Anyways, Rob Durham essentially discovered that the numbers NASA has for various events don't work. One other thing that struck me was at 1:19:07 he has a camera view from the Earth pointing at the Sun and Moon. Notice that they're the same size approximately. What I don't understand is that when I put a filter on the camera the sun shrinks from something like a tennis ball to a marble and with a filter on, the Sun would appear much smaller than the Moon. Does science recognize the size of the Sun as the filtered size or the naked eye size? I really don't know. I found a photo demonstration (it was from @JibbyJedi's debate with Flat Earth Math). Look at the photograph at 1:28:51: Do you see how the filtered size of the Sun is so much smaller? That filtered Sun is certainly nowhere near the size of the Moon. Then there's this new one from My Perspective who raises another plane issue saying that the globe model (where the atmosphere moves with the spinning ground) creates time zone issues. I think it's a valid point but I plan on playing with models to verify it for myself.
  6. Sorry, I haven't been around much. Finally, someone took the time to put forth the best globe arguments out there. Here's 300 of them (apologies if this has already been posted). It's probably time we gave up, but then again ...
  7. That one makes me laugh. Ghost ship? LOL
  8. No hard feelings. But I feel like I'm being pissed on by the shill crowd and I'm supposed to think it's raining. Sorry, that's not me. This is exactly what happened at LOP and I ditched them forever because of it. I have ALWAYS been loyal to COP but I won't be crawling in a subforum where the undesirables are kept. Others want us in their forums; we're tolerated here and then pushed to the side as an embarrassment; sorry, that's not me. To be clear, I won't EVER publicly bad talk this forum as I am truly GRATEFUL for all of the great times I've had here and for the fact that Ukshep and Cinnamon have stood up for us many times. I respect both of you and would definitely buy you both a drink. You have my thanks. It's a sad day for me because I really hate the fact that the real shills won here today - and you know of whom I speak and it's not JibbyJedi. Best regards my friends!
  9. I have always given both of you respect and have put my money where my mouth is ... and this is how I'm treated? Rotten backstabbing is what it is.
  10. Back stabbing ******* after all of the help you got from me.
  11. Seriously, are you pulling an LOP on us?
  12. Wait a second ... are you being serious?
  13. So long as you know what doesn't get put there.
  14. According to the controlled media, elephants are disappearing at an alarming rate. http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/31/africa/great-elephant-census/index.html There's one guaranteed way to save them - let's legalize ivory and farm elephants. It sounds awful but how many cows do you think we'd have if it were illegal to breed, eat, and slaughter cows? Cows would disappear within a few generations simply due to illegal hunting, animal kills, and disease. If ivory farms were legal, then there would be an abundance of elephants. Sure, they may not be as happy as they would be roaming around in an African desert, but maybe those Texas elephant farms would be decent enough.
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