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  1. Simple Each governor should have the national guard positioned at each polling station as well as ssupportive police and sberrifs departments and lastly local militia men as well. Give em hell Support our voters Simple
  2. Wow So never staNd Up for what you believe in? Just stay on tYour Couch and do nothing, hiding under a blanket? Thank god for the bundys, thank god for these iNdians. Thank god for anyone who believes in something enough to say......"enough". Thats How we won our independeNce Btw
  3. I've seen a lot of things in my life. Lots of videos. Lots of first hand experiencesthat would move ppeople.....but I can honestly say, this is the first thing I've seen in a long time that made me smile, cry a tear or two and took my breath away. Go natives, go buffalos
  4. My grandfather fought in Europe during ww2. He was able to bring home and mail home battlefield pickups as well as stuff that was found. He passed most of it on to me. One of my favorites is the beautiful currency but a postcard that had Adolf on it. At a rally. Very stoic and a huge turnout. IT reads Ein volk. EinReich. Ein Fuhrer So true in so many ways. Multiculturalism is a fail. Its a lie and always leads to catastrophe for one group. The see saw were on with whites on one side and sand savages on the other "appears" to be teetering in their direction ever so lightly. Go germany
  5. I wish. Im Not stream savy and have no desire to go there. If it somehow manages its way out here......in the night....i Promise a 1st person gopro....with some kungfu tossed in
  6. I'm about 26 minutes away off 26 Could care less Portland is a retard liberal shithole. Trust me this. They protest where locals Ade submissive and unarmed. Never will see that shit here =)
  7. After watching this video I thought about it extensively. I shared it with a few people and their reaction was the same as mine. My entire view of devils tower and mesas has completely changed. The video felt "right". There is no reason why a far superior race harvested this planet and we are living off the scraps. Making due with the leftovers. Those leftovers won't last forever. It feels right. The mining of the grand canyon Antarctica etc are so blatantly obvious its pathetic we haven't connected the dots before. After a relative saw it they said "humans were created as a slave race to aid them until they were done" Not sure but plausible hence our trait to pillage planets and resources.... Out of all the videosI've seen in my life....none has changed my world perception such as this. Kudos for the post. Ty
  8. Agreed. We can come to theconclusion that if he dumps useless crap he was paid off and he drops bombshells he's a hero to the masses. Let's see Crossing fingers
  9. im skeptical tbh If he was a hero to the masses it would have been released already I believe he gave a deadline in order to blackmail her or the dems.....money and immunity "You have untilOctober 4th to pay 59million and immunity or I'm dumping xyz" Deadlines are usually given by terrorists. Not saying he is but for example. Get me a loaded plane and cash in 3 hours or a hostage dies. Or your kids....take the trash out and clean your room before bed orI'll take your phone away.... Catch my drift
  10. Don't get too excited. When deadlines likethis are given its to allow others time to strategize or pay the blackmail. Why not do it already? Most likely he's given Hillary the opportunity to pay a billion and immunity hence the timeline
  11. Someone want to post a live feed of all the vets protesting in that area for their disrespected brothers? What no protests? How weak weve become. Even our vets don't care?
  12. Can someone......anyone please embed "ding dong the wicked witch is dead" for me. I can't......I don't know how and this smartphone is just just dumb as fuk. Ty
  13. Could just be your hemorrhoids flaring up again....... but in all seriousness....me too
  14. Lets step back and take a look at these situations that are occurring in the EU and look at them as if we were encompassing a lot of Conspiracy theories into one, allowing us to eliminate a few to really dial it in. 1. Germany has moved all its troops to their respective borders and the Czech republic has issued a warning to its citizens to buy food because of a definite alien invasion. A war with aliens will only last about 7 days in which we will remain kings of the universe so the 10 days of food will be perfect. Our tech is vastly superior so itll be over fast and nothing...especially supermarkets wont be destroyed and will resume operation after the 10th day. Nope 2. A tsunami will hit the EU from the Mediterranean wiping out Greece and Italy displacing millions of EU residents so Germany will deploy troops to fire upon national EU residents who flee north for refuge while rolling out the red carpet for Muslims..... Nope 3. A nuke will go off in Paris displacing millions of French, Dutch and all the other smaller EU nations bordering Germany so the German army will fire indiscriminately upon national EU residents while rolling out the red carpet for the muslim invaders.....This will essentially create an internal war between the German nationalists and the millions of muslims thus eradicating a whole slew of whites ushering in a martial law and NATO enforced peacekeeping mission. Hmmmm. The German troops will deter reinforcements from other countries trying to assist the German nationalists and allow them to purge each other for some time before any type of order is restored. The German troops will also be in place to keep the situation contained but in case there is any spill over the Czech republic has warned their people to stock up while their military purges their border from the spillover...once restoration is complete....few days....everything will get back to normal in the Czech republic. Possible...very possible IMHO 4. Asteroid impact in the atlantic off the coast of france wiping out millions and the Germans are confident the waters will not reach the German borders but those who were on higher ground will be looking to relocate to Germany and they will be disallowed entry into Germany because as we all know and have stated above....only muslims will be allowed. Not so possible but who the F knows What do you guys think? Wouldn't destabilizing Germany who is head of the EU and having all kids of internal war and chaos dismantle Europe allowing for the NWO/Nato to implement their New World/one nation/one police force type situation?
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