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  1. It seems that CTH is a provocative term looking for CTers and Hunting them down? Maybe CTH is using the philosophies he's read about and trying to apply them here? Maybe I don't need to read any of it, if it keeps up? But of course when was the last time that Congress read anything before they passed it?
  2. Obama's just trying to get someone to destroy this country without it looking like he did it, Obama probably doesn't care whether he tries to do anything with Russia unless that's what it takes to get something started, 'cause you know the 'merica is the ghettos now... Tensions with Russia were relieved back when Reagan was in office, but now Obama will do anything to piss anybody off....
  3. Obama's kind of being the evil genius. He had the original intent of coming in here and destroying this country... And of course all the liberals would believe something like this would be to keep the unexpected surprise of Trump being a presidential candidate...we can't allow someone like that to take over the country...and the fact that the criminal elites would have to cough up their crap for once...they never wanted that to happen...Trump is a threat to their existence... But of course, as usual, the only intent that a liberal has ever had is to destroy; it doesn't take any brains to do that.
  4. Cockroaches will survive just about anything...but they were never considered part of the evolutionary process, so no need to worry about intelligent life ever returning to planet earth...of course evolution never occurred... Why would Russia care about trying to rig the US elections if Obama pushes them into nuking the country away? Wouldn't make much sense...
  5. Why would voter fraud coming from the Russians care about who's elected here if Obama's trying to get Putin's ire up so that it gets Obama's plan of nuking this country? Any ideas?
  6. Didn't we already throw out the idea that the ... whatever it was wasn't coming from the russians, but instead HRC? So do we or do we not actually have a conveniently timed ousting with the russians just in time to cancel the elections?
  7. Rerouting it to the airport, but heck that's going to be considered a military target too, so that's not brilliant either... Nice idea. Noticed one time that Defense Satellites were enabled all over/near a military base...don't usually get that anywhere else, so highly possible the signal is being jammed... I would say you could check the gps/GNSS satellite array, but that's probably not going to show anything unusual... Under the de-militarization zone under Clinton...of course he didn't give a crap about the military, wanted to destroy it like Billary and Obama...
  8. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/a-foreshadowing-of-things-to-come-this-cyberattack-was-initiated-by-the-u-s-government-a-beta-test-done-in-preparation-for-a-false-flag_10242016 Half the country isn't even used up yet, but we are expected to think the country is underdeveloped...just how did the farmers marvel at the cities being built when there was nothing but farms...how'd that happen? You live in close habitation with other people, and guess what even in a big crowd with crowd mania, you better not have anything valuable with you, 'cause it'll be gone. And you better not try to do anything, but they'll outlaw that too...so much for living with other people...
  9. If Trump wins the election, Obama will leave the country, and end up at Guantanamo Bay...
  10. http://conservativetribune.com/tag-voting-machine-do-this/ Watch out for the smart voting machines...
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