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  1. Thinkin about puttin together a SQUAD myself... NUFF said.
  2. Just NAVY tests that the media (fake news) calls earthquakes.
  3. Funny. just 5 mins ago, my dog started barking at nothing at the front door. normally she has a reason. Right after, I opened this thread. Central Florida. not known for ANY seismic activity.
  4. As you can see Shep, we are taking advantage of the ashes!
  5. But of COURSE! Leave it to liberals to make it a BAD thing! lol
  6. Its TRUMPS fault... HE said PUSSY!
  7. Nothing about it on BBC; however, I wouldn't put it past them to ditch a story like this on BLACK FRIDAY! Can't interfere with profits now.... On the other hand, All the video footage shows lush green grass and leaves in England, I would think at the end of November, that the grass would be brown, and most leaves would be gone...
  8. Will certainly say a prayer. In the mean time, The Health Ranger has a lot of anti cancer tips on his web site. Things like Turmeric, are highly cancer fighting. http://naturalnews.com/
  9. Jack Dorsey should be HUNG! Along with David Brock, George Soros, and the likes... Oh, they will be in Palm Beach on inauguration day, plotting their war against Trump. Maybe a RAID should be in the works!
  10. Send this to CNN This is a WARNING! I am warning you, just like I have warned SEVERAL others, including police in the past, about how your actions were on the verge of bringing great harm to you. I am a middle aged white male Trump supporter, who has MANY friends from MANY backgrounds, who hears nothing from you except racially dividing BULLSHIT! Pure anti-white racism... Quit your garbage reporting that racist white men are responsible for electing a racist president. MY class of people didn't elect Trump because of racism, sexism, or any other of your SJW bullshit terms. We elected Trump, because YOUR bullshit America hating rhetoric is dividing this country, and DESTROYING this country. We elected Trump because he has a COMMON SENSE approach to defending ALL of our families by NOT letting just anyone into the country when WE are the #1 target for deadly terrorists, and criminals. Your race baiting is going to cause a civil war in this country, and YOU will NOT sit back and watch from your ivory towers, because TOO MANY people see you for the anti American bullshit you peddle daily. I will TELL you, that if you keep pushing, someone, somewhere will be planning for that day all goes to hell, and YOU will be a #1 target. It will probably be a group of patriots who had someone in their family harmed because YOU assholes keep stoking the flames! BACK THE f*** OFF YOUR COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA, or AMERICANS are going to react, and you won't be immune. Got it punks? Now go ahead and report this post to all the LEOs, because they know damn well, everything I have said is nothing but truth, and its not ME instigating, its me WARNING you about the repercussions of your own actions. Its COMMON SENSE! You won't be happy until you have pushed too far, and you better hope to God, your rhetoric doesn't get MY family members killed, I WILL be your worst nightmare!
  11. I certainly agree; however, we have to be EXTREMELY smart in how we go about this too. We have to understand, that Trump is going to have a challenge in front of him to get congress to work with him, while he dodges covert attacks. We must be extra vigilant, and communicate with the new administration. Also, We can not demand the same type of tyranny that we have fought so hard against. The important thing to start with is restoring Law, Order, and Justice to America. We have to continue to expose corruption, and evil, the fight has only just begun. There is now a paradigm shift in how we must tackle the challenges in front of us. We must be extra observant, and nimble in our movements, because EVIL will come at us harder now then EVER before! We must be prepared to defend our president WHILE we hold his feet to the fire. We now have a completely different dog in the fight.
  12. You and me both!
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