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  1. Yup that BS again. And if that aint bad enuf camp clinton has katie perry and miley cyrus rooting for them. Lol desperate measures for sure.
  2. I guess this is the newest sanction lol. Curious as to what they do when they run out of sanctions?
  3. Grave digger by Dave Matthews basically a music video
  4. video seems to work here (Canada)
  5. Putin did say a short while back that any aircraft attacking the Syrian govt troops would be shot down, and it would be the pilots last "mistake". So seeing he has moved the S-300/400 system into Syria kinda says he was serious about it. There was a topic here about America thinking to attack Syrian forces again. Lets sit back and see who pulls the trigger.
  6. That article is from 2008 but still interesting
  7. The days of negotiating are over it seems. Seems to me Russia is no longer interested in dealing with the US Govt. They know who is who and what is what only difference is Russia will act. Bear in mind the stance of the Phillipines now siding with other countries and saying bye to US. Changing times hope they are good times.
  8. Yes they are. Even if you try to ignore them they just like to bite that's just how they are. Been bitten just mowin' my lawn, cooking on BBQ, playing in the yard with my kids minding our own business. They Bite me. They are quite similar to you know who because that is just how they are. Hornets should stay where they belong, and our back yards is no place for a "hornet" to be.
  9. Undesireables will leave if Trump is president is excellent news. Now Americans wont have to pay for them to leave saving lotsa $$ for taxpayers. Just another reason for him to win.
  10. Now John Kerry is sounding like he is blaming russia again and gonna stop talks lol http://globalnews.ca/news/2973230/john-kerry-says-us-on-the-verge-of-ending-syria-talks-with-russia/ I think putin is getting ready to mop up Allepo regardless of what the US does
  11. Why isnt she 50 points ahead she asks? I wanna know why she aint 50 points behind.
  12. I dont see BLM as a "protesting" group but rather a group trying to incite violence and start a fight. They make themselves look like fools the way they carry on and whine and go protest in places that have nothing to do with their statement. If they wanna ***** at the cops go to the cop station and *****, if you wanna ***** at the city you go to city hall. Seeing these monkeys just gives me more reason to dislike them and YES it does incite hatred towards them from people. They bring hatred from others upon themselves. sheesh grow the hell up and act like humans or go crawl back into your cave and play with your t-rex.
  13. LMAO thats a dang cool float. Too bad the truth now equals racism. And the truth is both of those turds belong exactly where depicted. Thanks for a good laugh DK.
  14. The US holds Russia responsible??? Well perhaps the Russians(if it was even them) got the wrong coordinates like the Americans did when they bombed the Syrian troops(which I would call total BS on that). Quite possibly a "unfortunate mistake" just like the Americans made a mistake but ohh wait they(the Obummer puppet show) will not be accountable. A rather hypocritical statement from them i think. Wonder how long before Russia goes hot against USAF over Syria. PS Americans refers to the US Government and in NO WAY the citizens of the USA.
  15. @thedudeabides Well put sir well put. As the old saying goes " if you dont like what you see here GTFO!!" Remember it was NOT the American citizens who invited you but the government whom does NOT reflect the opinion of the people. Your flight out awaits you at your nearest airport
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