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  1. There is nothing to check, liberals don't live in reality.
  2. Agreed, I am more than willing to sit down with someone that thinks differently than I do, if it involves intellectual debate. That is how we learn. You are correct about the left being co opted by these radical groups, and this is also true for the dem elected officials. Blue fog dems don't exist anymore, and this has changed our election choices , that of right wing, with the alternative being communist. JFK democrats do not exist in our government anymore, and they are wearing thin among the electorate. Thank you for staying true to yourself and America.
  3. Here's another one that made my day! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/wow-obama-staffers-seen-crying-president-elect-trump-drives-white-house/
  4. As long as Uncle Sam isn't controlling the wireless signal, if you know what I mean. Scary stuff, sounds great in paper though. But then again, so did Obamacare. Proceed with caution, the Federal Government has a habit of co opting technology like this for nefarious purposes.
  5. Wow! That is awesome! God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.
  6. See something, say something, unless you are going act like a racist, and in that case shut your pie hole or the DOJ will prosecute you until you cry for mommy! This country is insane for allowing this kind of crap!
  7. The media has no interest, it is too late. The NYPD is our last hope with hildabeast's link to global pedo sex ring! The FBI and DOJ are out of the picture now. Do it NY!!!
  8. This just crossed my mind. Comey made the recent announcement in an email according to reports and Rep. Chaffetz. Has Comey been seen publicly since the so called announcement? Who's to say he has not been taken or silenced, only to be found a day or two after the election when all is said and done? I'm sure someone could have easily hacked his email with all the breaches we have had lately. All of the email shenanigans that we have been witnessing the latest couple of years, don't you find it odd that Comey makes this announcement in an email rather than a live appearance like the first time? Just sayin, trying to play devil's advocate here.
  9. Agreed, they need to tell Lynch and the DOJ TO SUCK A BIG ONE AND GET TO WORK!
  10. Why is the fact that he seemed panicked, automatically mean he was going to kill someone? Maybe the panic was a response to a threat to his life? Maybe he knew they were looking to off him?
  11. I think her Facebook was hacked! Either that, or she knows she is about to be charged with child sex trafficking and she is making an exit. The NYPD better tell the DOJ to eff off and start making arrests or she will be on her way to Qatar! The time to act is now!
  12. Breitbart is just starting to report on this! NYPD is ready to start making arrests, but are being held up by the Justice Department. At what point do they tell Lynch to go f*** herself so that they can do the right thing?
  13. Can anyone with more tech knowledge on this subject take a look at down detector and see what you make of the widespread internet outages going on now. Is this another attack, or is it ongoing? directv is having major issues, as mentioned in another thread, charter spectrum, cable one, dish network, and frontier, along with many more cable and internet providers are having big time issues. Some people with frontier have had no internet for a few days and they are spending hours on the phone to get help. What the hell is going on?
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