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  1. I have watched most of Trey's videos. If you can get over his idiosyncrasies, there is some good information there. This video, he tries to add some drama, more than usual.
  2. Anyway to get Trump to President Trump. I'm all for it.
  3. I hope so. But the Dems go into the projects with buses and wake them up and tell them to get on the bus and go pull the D or your welfare will be gone. Most of the people that vote D have no idea what they are doing.
  4. Let's hope he goes 6 for 6. http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/10/22/trump-will-win-election-professor-long-track-record-predicts
  5. And as a programmer, what you see on the screen is just the interface. The programming behind the screen can be manipulated any way they want. So I discount any reports of someone saying their vote flipped once they voted. There does not have to be any visual indication that a vote, and why would a manipulator want to show that. all they have to do is create a counter for votes to the R, and when the counter hits 10, the vote is added to the D column, and resets. Nothing more needed to take a 10th of the vote away from someone.
  6. The old hag is desperate for any attention, now she is offering BJ's to a bunch of homosexuals?
  7. Oh my! What ever shall the sheep over there do? They must be so lost in that big wide open field with nothing to eat.
  8. That's interesting, but what does it accomplish? What is the point of the image? It warned no one of anything that happened on the 21st. If I am wrong, please enlighten me. DMV, what is the virus? To me, if anything, it shows me whoever created the image was involved with the DOS attack, otherwise, how would they have known?
  9. Beautiful in that aspect, horrible that the news media is not doing their job and are even ignore actual news, while pushing a slanted narrative. There was a time where a story like this would make a journalist water at the mouth for something this juicy and legit. Now, it goes against their objective, so it must be discredited in any way until it can no longer affect the election.
  10. Nice investigative work pulling all these loose strings together into a nice bow!
  11. That is their only rebuttal,the tape speaks for itself and for the idiot braggarts.
  12. Edited, thats a good one. Most of those tapings the idiots just go on and on bragging about what they have done. It's a continuous uncut video. Then again, the lefties have their heads so far up the ass's ass, they can't hear the truth.
  13. Notice the one guy alone didn't do anything, but once he go his homies with him, then he busts out the windows. Pack mentality.
  14. I come for the bitches, b Nope, didn't hear that one, but did you hear the one about the punk that strong arm robbed a convenience store and then tried to take a police officers gun? They had a riot over him.
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