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  1. "never let a good crisis go to waste " the media hyped cme story could be hiding a man made event? im suspicious because of the hyping up of a g-2 level.
  2. Some suggest the object might have been an RS-18 ballistic missile which was launched around midday on October 25 (local time) near Yasny town in Orenburg Region, southern Urals, and reached the Kura test range in Kamchatka. Residents reported observing similar flashes in the Urals and Lipetsk Region, western Russia. quote from this: https://watchers.news/2016/10/26/meteorite-russia-lake-baikal-siberia-october-25-2016/ According to Pavel Nikiforov, a director of the Irkutsk Observatory, no space body was observed on the date: “It is difficult to say if it was a meteorite or an artificial body… No monitoring website showed that a celestial body fell to the ground,” he said. According to an article published in Pravda today, eyewitnesses said meteorite fell on the ground in the area of Lake Baikal. "It was as bright as daylight for five or six seconds," eyewitnesses wrote adding that the meteorite fell behind the Barguzin ridge. that was dated yesterday, so im not sure if this is the same one?
  3. and skyking cant answer! net collective. in the seventies we had a thing called the cemetery network at our microwave site in tuslog, loved working on the kwm2a! back on topic, maybe we should keep eye on yellowstone park!
  4. sjw = social justice warriors, allegedly funded by g. soros. a hungarian billionaire. welcome to the forum. WOW!
  5. i wouldnt worry much about it, it only rated a G-2 (moderate) i dont think its going to do anything serious nor is it going last long imo. i think media likes to scare us!
  6. im so embarrassed 😨 , i shouldt have tried to read into something i dont know about! thanks for correcting me, though!
  7. theres been a moderate (g-2) solar storm past few days. maybe some gps stuff got hit???
  8. possible scenario: russian airliner crashes due to gps manipulation,war declaration!
  9. read the part about selective availability by region! http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/?pageName=gpsSelectiveAvailability first link was wrong one, this is the right one. Additionally, we have demonstrated the capability to selectively deny GPS signals on a regional basis when our national security is threatened. This regional approach to denying navigation services is consistent with the 1996 plan to discontinue the degradation of civil and commercial GPS service globally through the SA technique.
  10. i thought it was just me, but i ordered a sat phone and started packing for a trip back to the cabin up in the mountains away from everything on friday. my friends think ive been smoking too much of something. but i have an irresistible urge to gtfoh! and a sense of impending doom. and this time im taking almost all of my belongings that i value
  11. im a subscriber to critical health news. i get daily mail from them. this came in today and i thought you all would find this one interesting as it has a conspiratorial flavor to it. we are told that the Rx prescription symbol means "to take" in latin. but as it turns out theres another mysterious and occult tradition associated with it. in greek mythology horus the father of medicine, son of osiris and isis. who lost his left eye in a battle.
  12. ok, if im out in the middle of nowhere with no cell towers, just trees for hundreds of miles. how does a sat phone work? in the middle of the ocean? in the middle of the desert? are there secret cell sites in the trees that use the s-band or maybe an airplane circles overhead to accommodate me? i just ordered one and i want to know wtf is going on before i activate it! im not willing to pay them 150 a month for some one to fly airplanes or float ballons!
  13. What i worry about is : will i get a visit from nsa asking me why i was zooming in on sensitive areas of a half dozen military bases and two nato sites overseas. google is a valuable tool for them too!
  14. then if im in a runaway elevator, all i have to do is "jump up" just before it impacts the basement?
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