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  1. puppets that can just do a180 and play for the other side? proves that they dont even believe the stuff they preach? i mean to just reverse polarity like that? when you work both sides of the street, can you be trusted by either side?
  2. maybe this again? http://allnewspipeline.com/Underground_Tunnels_Unexplained_Booms.php from april 2015 aj had this on in 2012 , http://www.infowars.com/l-a-to-n-y-in-half-an-hour-10000-plus-m-p-h-tunnel-train-used-for-underground-bases/ "Electrical and mechanical noises would ensue from such operation of massive airlock doors throughout the tunnel system once the underground bases or VHST were fully operational. During this process strange air like sounds, hums, and mechanized sounds would persist especially if the tunnels were at a depth of 400 – 800 feet (semi shallow in underground base terms). Energy is also returned into the system as the trains decelerate. The recent Clintonville booms might also be explained as underground sonic booms. As the trains reach the speed of sound a sonic boom would be heard and felt, multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip." the same technology used on the "amazon warrior " ship, being used to create this tunnel network? or even as the propulsion system?
  3. what happens to the mentally incompetent or elderly that a doctor deems unfit to make their own decisions that have a power of attorney over them? in a wealthy family where a family member wants grampa to die sooner? this should not be legal!
  4. or design a fuel cell that uses it? idk , but i think this already exists.
  5. paint it a pretty color, put it in fancy package, give it a brand name, say its "premium grade" , stack it up on display shelves and say "limit one per customer" say that proceeds will benefit some intergalactic liberal agenda and liberal aliens from all over will fight over it? and want more. seriously, why cant they just give it a push out into space? is there some kind of law against pooping in space? design the space suit to eject a tube of "what we do best" out into space like a message in a bottle. i dont want the thirty thousand, id rather have royaties on all future sales in this solar system.
  6. more members thanks shep!
  7. "its a rigged system! three of us voted, but theres only two votes in the first topic! i call for a recount!
  8. really nothing new.. its as old as the peace sign. http://subliminalmanipulation.blogspot.com/2010/10/phallic-symbols-are-very-prevalent-in.html
  9. maybe a platform for a ball shaped object to park (land) on? i think if there are alien craft from space, they would be round and have a triangle shaped port at the bottom so that it wouldnt need retracting landing gear? i mean, if were an alien 👽 with the resources, thats how i would build it..the ion propulsion would also emanate from from the port also, each engine would have a side of the pyramid for maintenance and refueling access in and out of the ship would be through the pyramid .
  10. it would also explain the past 8years of forcing the accommodation of tvlgbt agenga on us in the media , the schools , the gov. we didnt have this stuff before obamas admin. (that i can recall) my friend said theres a sure fire way to tell, she said to look at the throat for the adams apple? idk what she means? anybody know what she is talking about?
  11. has anyone considered that whats "popping out" might be a doc johnson product. have strange buzzing sounds been noted ???
  12. since the pizza gate story, ive declined pizza when its offered to me, my friends wonder? im not going to try to explain why to them, i just use my "diabetes wildcard" but i get the creeps from pizza advertising now!
  13. hi grav, edit button goes away 30mins after you post.
  14. why? BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!
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