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  1. Is this the rats fleeing a sinking ship now that they feel that a Trump victory is eminent or is this an attempt to lull possible Trump voters into a premature sense of victory hoping that it effects Trump's voter turn out? These folks are liars and corrupt as hell so who knows, It may even be a little of both but the best shot they have at rigging elections is where the vote is close and if they can stifle turn out it could very well work in their favor. I'm also on the look out to see if they really go after Hillary legally do they try to beeline the process in attempt get her convicted before Obama leaves office so he can pardon her and any others involved.
  2. I'm glad he is ok but I still think is a horrible VP candidate for Trump and believe he exactly the type of guy that those who oppose Trump would much rather have as president.
  3. I wouldn't completely dismiss that they are at times resorting to cannibalism in some Venezuelan jails right now with the food shortages but a big part of this story is that the culprit is said to be Dorancel(Dorangel) Vargas. Vargas is kind of like the Charles Manson of Venezuela. Not that there crimes were similar but that in he is a unrepentant celebrity Serial killer and a known cannibal. He's like a boogie man down there and according to previous reports is normally kept in isolation instead of general population. http://scaredyet.net/el-comegente-dorangel-vargas-people-eater/
  4. I apologize if I am mocked anyone's deep held beliefs in bible codes but to me using these codes to get answers out of the bible seems a lot like using the words of the prophets, apostles and Jesus kind of like a magic 8 ball.
  5. I don't need a bible code to tell me Trump is going to win (Honestly, I usually rely on War & Peace for all of this worlds coded mysteries anyways). I expect a blow-out. The main motivation for Hillary voters is to vote against Trump. I can't think of anyone who won a presidential election when they had to rely primarily on votes against their opponent to win. Most Trump voters are voting for Trump rather than against Hillary despite all the revelations about her corruption and criminality that have come out during this election. Trump will walk away with this election.
  6. So, it is his wife's brother's spouse. For some reason when I read "brother in law's spouse" I was thinking that would mean his sister.
  7. This morning I was feeling country/folk ,one man band music would be the thing to go with my coffee. I choose Scott H. Biram to help me put my first step forward this this cool, clear and glorious day. Baby, you're trying to break my heart. I'd rather you just go out and wreck my car. ^
  8. I really lIke Black Sabbath. The song below is my favorite digital jukebox song. No matter what other folks have been listening to previously it instantly changes the tone of the room.
  9. Haha haha haha. A bunch of lunatic muslims running a round with guns and knifes stabbing a picture of a dead family from a different religion instead of actually being the people torturing and killing them would likely be welcomed and considered a peaceful anomaly.
  10. although I tend to prefer more tangible stuff there's no doubt that those Illuminati cards are interesting. I have little doubt that assassination has been discussed in some dark room somewhere and I full believe it could happen. Mike Pence is a big concern. The guys an establishment guy beyond a shadow of a doubt and I can't imagine that he is not a more compelling presidential candidate than Trump to those that want to walk over us. My bigger concern though is that a Trump assassination may trigger WWIII or even a civil war if his death gets linked back ,by a reporter or as a leak, to the establishment and a compelling case can be made that they are directly to blame for his death.
  11. Regardless of Utah ( which i think he will take), I expect Trump to win by a landslide. I think it will be quite surprising. The left and the media have done such a good job of making people so self conscious about supporting trump that I think even the polls are getting inaccurate data and on top of that they are fixing most polls as has been well documented., I also think Stein will do surprising well in this election as well barring major voter fraud.
  12. Coffee and a work song (or two) to start your day. this one is not for the decaffeinated set.
  13. Did they smash it with a sickle as well? What ever the case, I hope they got blisters.
  14. That link hates me. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/12/israeli-wedding-party-celebrates-dawabsheh-killings-151224051318762.html Crazies against Crazies. As long as it doesn't roll over onto my block and stays far, far away I say leave them alone and let them work it out amongst themselves how ever they see fit. It certainly isn't my fight.
  15. 3 steps forward. 2 steps back. The globalist are probably in a better position in that they gave the dog of nationalism a bone but they have such a master grasp of the internal politics of the country that the set back is minor and the dog is satisfied enough to leave them alone until they can gain a few more steps.
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