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  1. What ever it is wont be pleasant but it will be bloody. I expect it to happen in the dark and cold of winter. No fun if people don't suffer maximum punishment.
  2. This election should be important Only problem is Obo will not allow the dismantle of the programs put in place to sink this nation. This is the last chance for the leftists and they know it.
  3. If I am not mistaken this finishes Quatrains. That goes along with these being the last days.
  4. Dont be surprised we are in the time of expect anything anywhere anytime by anyone. Thanks to Obo.
  5. Russia has it hands pretty much tied up with Syria and Eastern Europe. I do not believe Russia hacked the Dnc Obo blamed them just because they spurned his advances. Every communist or socialist nation Obo has tried so hard to be friendly. So far all he has to show for it is Cuba. As the islime hordes are allowed to expand in to every nation is seems not only have they been given a free pass they have been excused almost as if the World has Submitted without telling the people of the world.
  6. The British and Red Cross were run out of town that summer only nation left was America and Hildibeast removed the last two security details a month before they sent the Ambassador their to die as only islamics can do.
  7. That will only happen if Trump wins. Otherwise it will remain as it is not one department of this government working for the American people.
  8. Benghazi Libya at the time of Ambassador Stevens being butchered and murdered by the islimes who ran that town. They knew in advance he would be their because Clinton and Huma Aberdeen better known as Weiners wife had access to all of America secrets. America never saw it coming not when Obo released the leader of ISIS this was almost 2010 from a prison in Iraq. America never saw bagdaddy as he went to Benghazi Libya and built his army using weapons out of Benghazi From their he marched thru Syria were he got more followers right over into Iraq that was when Bagdaddy took city after city where Americans bled and died. Obo was so impressed he renamed them ISIL Americans never saw that either. There is so much the Lord God Almighty blinded the people for these days.
  9. Obo has nothing but time he could care less who wins if there is a threat to his Legacy he wont go.
  10. NATO is concerned with all islimes in their countries Obo gave Putin the world several times.
  11. Considering the vile treatment of former soviet satellite nations you comment is foolish.
  12. NO America has allowed the islimes to surround us in America. Very simple concept dont worry you will see it.
  13. More then likely in the dead of winter it will burn a failed legacy kept alive at the expense of America.
  14. This nation and departments have been hacked by every nation even North Korea they are starving yet it welcome to America's secrets. China got the info of every Federal worker in America less then a year ago. Been blinded for these days tried to warn the people the it was not to be.
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