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  1. The past 8 years between the programs put in place all designed to bring this nation down. Most could not see it but all will feel it . If a new president were elected Obo could not take the chance his legacy will be of total failure. He cannot allow that. He has proven with his words he wants Chaos his last words in Ferguson MO. was to the looters and the race baiters like Sharpton " Stay the Course" that began the war on police in every state in every city.
  2. Wars and rumors of wars. You have 1.4 billion islamics in the world 3 of of 10 are radical and will cut off your head the 7 will not help you they read that book by satan the Crayon they must follow do the math.
  3. The whole deal with bankruptcy is it would end life as we know. What happens when everyone who get food stamps or HUD housing no longer receives benefits ? The banks would be forced to close any money in your account would be frozen. Wall street closed it a big deal you know ever city in America would burn. Roving gangs on a scale never seen would commit the most vile act would be perpetrated against everyone.
  4. The Lord God Almighty gave mankind a brain with fantastic powers we do not yet under stand. We have made it up to about 15% there are people who have been able to utilize a higher % I do not see mankind advancing much longer. This world has become too wicked and because of that these are the last days. They have found structures buried that science can not explain. Many are from a time that did not exist according to the experts. I believe this is a world used for training Souls The good souls move on the others get thrown together and we start again. .
  5. They got us during Vietnam/Nixon the right rolled up in a ball gave the leftists the children to teach and the media to tell its lies. This whole world has become Sodom and Gomorrah.
  6. Not sure how this stuff works The damage done to America in the last 8 years is much greater them people realize.
  7. You should realize by Obo wont go. If there were to be an election and Trump were to win. For the safety of the world and America Obo wont go.
  8. The real beginning of this action against whites began in Ferguson When Obama told Sharpton and the other race batters when he Said "STAY THE COURSE" The Left has started something they have no control over.Just another reason these are the Last Days.
  9. Just do a search anthrax shipped this past may it went to over 200 labs in 19 states in July the Pentagon said it was a mistake. They came out three weeks ago saying it happened two years ago. Went to South Korea Canada two other countries and it was all live usually when they deal with anthrax they microwave it kill the spores this stuff was shipped intact in time I believe there will be a massive attack concerning Ebola and anthrax with these are the last days got have things like that going on one went to the state of Maryland and the seal was broken I believe that was the Lord God Almighty telling them it's not his time yet.
  10. yes he is very evil I don't think he's any more than a table setter. did you know anthrax was shipped to in 19 different states this past may. when he loved his Ebola shifted all around America patient here patient there.
  11. I am much too ignorant of this world. some would say borderline foolish. I have no idea if anything I say will be seen. I used to use their green vine they wouldn't let me post. they were very nasty people. I explained to them because of their refusal to allow the happenings of this world to be reported very well could cause many lost souls. souls are always being taught. in the good souls move on. I do not believe this is the first this world has been used to teach souls it would not surprise me to see great disasters some may even remove parts of the world. mankind has developed his mind little over 12% in the pursuit of anything and everything. they're always finding something little clues a wall somewhere from much much too long a way to be there. mankind is going to kill himself even if it kills himself. if anyone sees this creep they somehow let me know this is written with the assistance of Dragon mixes up words sometimes I apologize for that. I suggest storage of water protect yourself and your families is best you can and prepare for these days they are upon us and I am the last worldwatcher
  12. there is just so much in Syria oboes red line left great many canisters of chemical weapons poisons. Iran Korea few others joined a concerted effort to destroy America. people have been blinded not to see the connections paths if you will . as more and more people are allowed to see chaos will increase exponentially. to put it in English the main goal is to destroy America. we have made that so simple to do in the people won't see it much much too late. we have been surrounded by the thousands of enemy we have brought into America. just another reason these are the last days. praise the Lord God Almighty who sent his son Jesus Christ to save the whole world. the Islamic's have neither
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