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  1. UFO's are man made vehicles using technology developed by tesla or in cases they're not you're dealing with supernatural phenomena which is entirely different.
  2. The Population Boom Is A Fraud Given this video its from the gov. which lies allot it's best to not trust it and be skeptical of it. The population boom is not entirely accurate but it seems valid because over the years people have been forced to live in tighter spaces around cities. Years ago many people lived and held comfortable jobs in the country which has allot of space to accommodate people. In modern society today this has forcibly stopped by a well engineered destruction of farming via large companies like Monsanto. They have created an environment in which the country has no jobs to offer and thus people no longer live in the country. This creates overcrowding in city areas and helps create this lie that the world is overpopulated. The population problem which it is falsely called is a fraud designed to lure people into major cities to make people easier to control or kill in mass by our lovely global manipulators. Go to the country and see if any young people actually are continuing to live and work in those areas. The answer is they aren't and it is because they have purposely been forced to live in cities for a reason. Pay attention people you have been brainwashed all your lives across the modern world. We must liberate ourselves from the devices of the insidious leaders who promote freedom in words but achieve only subjugation of the masses in action. Team Galil
  3. Fake news of the day!! This is so fake and a lie it is laughable. It's an obvious hoax when the victims of an AK47 attack are out giving interviews the same day. See some people have been in wars, and understand even people just wounded by an AK47 suffer such terrible wounds they're in intensive care for months. This is an obvious lie the guys facebook video shows him with fake blood on him. If it was a real would he would bleed out shortly after and die. God awful acting and fakery on this one.. ABC news is worse the Russian state media it is a propaganda machine lying every other word. I believe this story about as much as I believe in Santa Clause. Team Galil
  4. Fake News Of The Day! - AK47 shooter who killed 6 people and posted the shooting on facebook. Another great fake news story for the United States citizen. If you watch ABC world news tonight with a lying sack of garbage named David Muir you will find this jewel of a lie. It is a story about a man who has shot 6 people then live streamed the shooting onto facebook. This story is horribly fake and obvious lie. The victim's of the shooting being shot with an ak47 within hours are giving new interviews saying, "It really hurts being shoot by an Ak47." Truth be told if they were really shot with an ak47 they'd be in intensive care in a hospital not walking around as if nothing happened with calmly talking about how it hurt. Also notice the main topic of the story revolves exclusively around the ak47 not finding the suspect. This is a major clue this story is a fraud excluding the bad acting of these fake victims. The shooter in the video is a clearly gay man pretending to be a strait guy with fake blood sprinkled on his shirt. Again if this was real and he was shot were he said he was he'd be bleeding out and die before very long of blood loss. Yet this lying actor is ok.. This is our fake news story of the day. We would like to thank the lying sacks of garbage at ABC news who brought us this fairy tale. What would we do to entertain ourselves without your bs passed off as news? Also we can thank the U.S. government for this lie as well and the many worthless slugs working to ruin our nation. I give you the fake news of the day! http://abcnews.go.com/US/manhunt-underway-oklahoma-suspect-double-homicide-shooting-police/story?id=43009487 Team Galil P.S. Notice how the media seems to not care about finding the suspect.. This is because they understand the focus is the weapon in the fake story and they thus give up the fact the story's obviously a lie. The media is here to brainwash you not deliver the news don't forget that.
  5. A look into the programs that make gang stalking possible. Special thanks to the many gov. agencies that have illegally broken with the laws of the United States against the people of it to enable the many disturbing violations of the rights of its own citizens God given freedom. This video with Edward Snowden shows the programs in place used in gang stalking it shows that the government is backing this illegal invasion of privacy, going around the judicial process to enforce justice without sensor or regard for the law. Are the protecting us the answer is obviously they are not.. Watch this film and note the ways in which spying occurs across the globe on every person. This spying is directed not to protect people but to the ends of global manipulation of the masses. This is why many of the false flags across the world are done. They are causing you to believe it is necessary to sacrifice your rights and human beings. Don't be fooled.
  6. It's a systematic war that is calculated. This is a created scenario in which yes the lives lost will be real but it is operating within the understanding of controlled chaos. Thus the situation is entirely contrived as are the outcomes being very calculated to achieve very specific ends. These events are premeditated chaos not all that different from premeditated murder except the lives lost in these escapades will be massive for both Russia/United States. It is for the sake of saving your lives this message is provided the writer of this doesn't hate secret society's, jews, Christians, Satanists, Muslims or any people because we are all very manipulated by the designs of a few. It is my simple goal to make you aware of what is actually going on so you have the choice to save your lives. I'm giving you the option that the leaders would give none of you in any of these groups deeming you not important enough to be necessary to the future. My enemies will call me a bad guy but it is from the mouth of devils. Like most I'm not perfect but I don't hate this world or the people of it and I will not sell them out regardless of the nations they are from for the sake of a trivial few. If this hits home I hope it does.. Team Galil
  7. Preparing For Civil Unrest In line with the many fake news stories about white and black people killing one another. We see a premeditated and orchestrated plan to create war within the United States. This is just more proof that it is planned. These trains of military supplies and excess military equipment are going to be used in a civil war by both sides fighting against one another. It is no doubt much of this equipment which far exceeds the amount of people in the military are intended to fall into revolting Americans hands also to create a bloodier and tough civil conflict. This will weaken the United States military so much that it will be helpless from a planned Nuclear attack by Russia. At the end of which the United Nation will then move into to both Russia/United States as they will be destroyed to be the predominate power of the world. Team Galil P.S. It's all lies folks check out the link below.
  8. Going on biblical reference The bible states all secret societies are satanic enterprise. It refers to all secret societies as the secret councils of the wicked. Says they've been around under various names doing this evil for thousands of years. Team Galil P.S.
  9. Gang stalking and protecting yourself. As stated before gang stalking is a secret society thing. To protect yourself you need to have a proper understanding of the cult network which gives it influence in all these areas of society. Yet in society on the face of things we still have laws and the tactics of gang stalking are in most societies completely illegal. In many cases if gang stalkers are caught by evidence that is overwhelming they will kill their own gang stalkers to tie up loose ends. You will also find secret society members of your family to be an enemy of you if you get on the bad side of the secret society world. The members of your family that are in a secret society will protect their own secret society over their family. They will sell out their own flesh and blood for the cult they belong to. You must beware of them because they will use your own family's secret society members to set you up. To protect yourself make your family aware you are being stalked. Don't do so in an elaborate way but keep it simple. Also pursue using cameras to document gang stalking and always press charges to the full extent of the law. This means after documenting you must move to convictions of felony charges given this is a felony crime. If caught blatantly the people will disown their own to save their skins. Most gang stalkers aren't necessarily in a secret society but can be working indirectly for them being in debt to them in some form doing this as a favor for payment. Yet in all cases the secret society link to gang stalking is predominant to it, and the source of it. All people saying this is not the case are lying. In all nations you are targeted pursue purchase of weapons and be prepared to use them if your life is threatened. The best recourse is the law, and your documenting of gang stalking. Most people view this harassment as morally deplorable because it is really, and having it on tape goes along way to guarding you from it. Team Galil P.S. This is evidence of secret society gang stalking of people. This lady gathered evidence on one of her stalkers, and she was convicted of felony gang stalking. Before she could be charged she committed "suicide". Yet more likely she was thrown under the bus by her own cult because she was a liability. These people really are evil.. Proof is in the action. The protocols of zion illustrate the people who are involved in gangstalking. The last video is evidence of false flag fraud by the one group to be blamed on innocent members of Christianity or Muslims.
  10. Gang stalking can be linked to two groups. People who say gang stalking can't be linked to specific groups are lying. This is a purposely driven lie to misdirect people from the fact it can be easily linked to two groups that are illustrated in the post script below. In all nations in which secret society's operate not to far away we notice the gang stalking occur. It occurs against individuals who are aware of secret society control of many of our institutions. This being that your not in the secret society makes you dangerous thus they will target you in one of many illegal criminal stalking escapades. The areas you will be targeted will be based in analytics in illegal spying on your phone, and also in places they patrol. The places patrolled by gangstalkers are areas near secret society headquarters, major companies they control, or gov. run institutions/companies. They will make the secret society aware of you and inform members to harass you. In many cases they target Christians, and Muslims just for being religious. They seem to hate both these groups just for existing they also seek to influence all of them with fake religious leaders who knowingly lie to influence public opinion. In major religious gathering you will find they have fake representatives pretending to lead the normal people of the area, these two groups will dominate involvement covertly in these institutions to frame them in ways that suit them. In the protocols of zion the two groups responsible for gangstalking are mentioned. This also explains why Christians are targets, and Muslims typically of these people. Team Galil P.S. The first example is a secret society pastor running a mega church. Proof of the statements above that what they are is plainly obvious. They do lie allot but the truth is in the actions. The fake religious leaders are easy to find being motivated by money to distort and manipulate the people they lead to secret agenda.
  11. Gang stalking is a secret society thing don't be fooled, Gang stalking is something that occurs allot it is cause primarily via secret societies who label these people as enemies. The labeling of them as enemies can be done for many reasons but once it is done your name is put on a list. These secret societies are satanic thus much if not all the actions they take will be complete outside the law, and immoral. The will take advantage of the members they have involved in gov. also primarily to allow them access to harass you. Most harassing can be noticed by targets to go up as you're close to a few places secret society gathering places, government controlled institutions, or companies controlled by these secret societies. The purpose of intel is to gather information on people via the illegal access threw fake or provoked terrorism to spy on the entire population. This access to personal data via electronic devices helps allot in them isolating what they believe to be potential threats. Threats include people aware of them and what they're doing outside their group which they view has dangerous having an awareness of these things. The secret societies liking secrecy don't like people knowing about the actions they take thus they strive to isolate, intimidate, smear, imprison, or kill people outside them aware of the actions they're taking. Team Galil P.S.
  12. Personally you should prefer Galil to Uzi. Galil is a better weapon system. You should be team Galil if your into Israeli Weapons. It's the smarter choice if you think about it.. Team Galil
  13. Personally you should prefer Galil to Uzi. Galil is a better weapon system. You should be team Galil if your into Israeli Weapons. It's the smarter choice if you think about it.. Team Galil
  14. Just a distraction to make you think they're fighting so you don't believe the truth which is the election is a fake theater.. This election is rigged and both candidates are in on it. Both good actors, and it is an epic lie. These two have been worshiping goat heads and doing all kinds of nutty evil stuff together for years. Makes sense they would be playing out this crime together. Team Galil
  15. Given all these events are fake events. This in truth is movement towards the agenda to destroy America. They understand doing this will bring civil war in a nation that already has little trust in gov. or the media. This plays into that perfectly stirring the pot more and more towards these ends. Also this is designed to stir the pot in those who are religious to make them feel they're under attack which is a new added aspect to this in line the same fake racial stories designed to divide people based on that as well. It's all really a lie folks these lists they're talking about are just propaganda. If they employ them they do so only to further move the nation into civil war in league with the plans of those who they work for. It will see the nation divided enough to then bring about it's total destruction which is what they want via a nuclear strike. Don't be fooled by the sensational press it's brainwashing and lies. Team Galil P.S. The plan is all right here in this document that is illegal in most countries because it shows the reality of what is happening. Listen to this video and don't fall for the lies of these evil people. They're taking advantage of you and will throw you away when you're not convenient.
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