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  1. Class of '69 moon reunion This one really makes me wonder.
  2. 3 mil was a number based on Dead and non-registered voters was a number I heard. I think they should be careful of opening that can of worms because it seems as if most dead voters went democratic.
  3. Just as an FYI, it took me two days to get my gab.ai confirmation email, and that was early this week.
  4. I don't want to sound like I'm buying everything Trump is selling but I think this is brilliant. The belief in the mainstream media is at an all time low. I think Any negative story coming out of this group is going to sound like nothing but a bunch of butthurt cry babies. The media is dangerously close to the boy who cried wolf. I also think it's a dangerous game because from what I've seen the MSM is just digging their heels in and going to just keep doing what they're doing. Makes me wonder who they're getting their marching orders from. I think the DNC is pretty irrelevent, but maybe I'm wrong.
  5. No problem, Being an old fart I remember the Pardon and how much of an uproar it was for just the reasons you state. If he would have been impeached then a pardon wouldn't have done him any good. As you can see the wording in Article II section 2 is pretty generic. The benevolent side of me says Ford was doing what he thought was right for the country. The CT side of me said it was to stop people from diving deeper into the rabbit hole which would have found more.
  6. If Obama were to grand a Pardon for any crimes which have been or may have been committed betweena specific dates, then there would be nothing Trump could do. Here's the Pardon from Ford:
  7. He most certainly can blanket pardon her. Go back and look at Nixon's pardon. It was for any future charges which may be brought against him during his time in the white house.
  8. I'd do the same thing. Let Obama feel like there's no need to issue a blanket pardon. Then once he's out send out the hounds.
  9. connecting dots here, but anyone think this may be connected to apple's announcement that they are thinking of bringing production back to US? The company I work for has offices in China and I know there's a company that's selling an near ripoff to the Iphone, and it's subsidized heavily by the gov. Apple spent big bucks trying to break into that market only to be hammered by the govt every step of the way.
  10. If you were emasculated like the rest of the liberal men you wouldn't have these conflicting feelings. It's all those terrible male hormones that are making you feel that way.
  11. this is so true, and since one of his spawn is married to Chelsea Clinton, cutting of the head of the snake is just going to make two grow back.
  12. Just re-read my last post and it's a lie. Instead of saying the only thing that pisses me off, it should say "The additional thing that pisses me off"
  13. The only thing that pisses me off is that there's no prosecution for this SOB. Inciting riots across state lines is a federal offense. Once again there is a protected class in this country that's based on the amount of money and power you wield.
  14. Priebus, jumped on the trump train fairly early much to the chagrin of Many in the rino party. I'm holding out on whether he's truly on board. Bannon is a Chairman at Breitbart News. Basically the only place besides Drudge where I could bring myself to look at headlines. Based on the way CNN is bashing Bannon, and from what I've heard of him listening to him on the Patriot channel on XM, He's capable of the 3d chess game that's going to be going on over the next 4 years. My one worry is that he's way too quick to dismiss Conspiracies. Not sure if that was to keep his news site from being dismissed or not.
  15. Evidently someone missed out on a few civics classes. We live in a representative republic. Majority rules mentality is what got us in this mess.
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