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  1. too much anger ... it takes getting angry to engage in war if your nature is contrary to killing. I do not regret what I say and mean it. If someone is so into themselves as to exclude the viability of God when there are others trying to aid their walk then what is left but emotion ( frustration) and anger. Would it be better to not be angry and accept viewpoints knowing the falsity? There was never a good outcome for many. All one could hope for is as many as possible see the light and that light is a fading glimmer if nobody says nothing about it. No, not too much... just too late. The wrath of His indignation poured out without mixture means God is angry and won't water down punishment because of fear of hurting feelings. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/indignation I'm sorry it came down to judgment to bring justice but it is what it is and my soul isn't for sale or default purchase. Interesting you chose those two words (emotion/anger) all things considered... It isn't my desire to punish or get revenge, but justice demands it. Who am I to stay the hand of God because of personal feeling? The answer is insignificant as God doesn't need understanding nor approval to be God. ... and talk is cheap
  2. unless contained within a quote box how is anyone to know where the comment originated from? As far as my being a good Christian, anything I say / do is before God who is all of our witness. Is being a good Christian mean that we should be complacent or a doormat? Was the entire point to bait a response? The more I say the more this becomes about me because apparently I stand alone in Faith. What that means is I trust God and follow His lead. It is His lead I wash my hands of concern for others. Nothing can stop what comes, not even a world full of denial. The question was asked "where was God" and the answer is God is everywhere. He is witnessing the 1.something billion abortions globally. He knows there wasn't a bullet made that wasn't intended to kill. He also knows that everything happens ( or doesn't) for a reason. The reason this Hurricane is being denied is because of the lack of fatalities on the US mainland. The lack of damage. The lack of youtube videos showing a destructive force. ... and leave God out of the equation at any chance because to recognize His hand is to admit that we are not in control. Well, I Prayed for all when this had already hit Haiti. There is no point really when I know God does provide. So where was God when hundreds are left dead in its wake... has there been a death toll released from the impact on Florida? Haiti gets a lot of disasters - just maybe all those sacrificial animals ( Santería ) have something to do with what comes? Voodoo and Santeria: traditional healing techniques in Haiti and Cuba. http://www.popline.org/node/359974 half-truths and Spiritual deficit. Don't you think God demands all account for their actions?
  3. yeah well I apologize too. I am more fed up with man than I am with God. I am also tired of taking shit from people in denial because they can't believe. I am unable to not believe. Whether that amounts to a hill of beans to any of you doesn't mean a thing. While I might feel for your loss and dread the losses that seem coming at freight train speed due to people not wanting to believe in anything beyond themselves, bottom line is the time was inevitable that truth divide us all. It is curious that anyone can make that statement about being over-hyped while the event is still unfolding with the worst expected in the end of its cycle not in its beginning. Maybe it would be better if I just kept to myself. God knows reading what some say isn't conducive to Spiritual harmony and having waxed cold ( see above) only makes me angry now instead of raising more concern for a loved one.
  4. I can't speak for why God decides nor when, nor how, nor for whom. What I can witness to is within my own life. I had stated it many times in the past ( and won't bother going redundant) and whether you or anyone else believes is a moot point. The first realization you need to make is that God is concerned with the Spirit as the flesh is but a fleeting moment of existence. Of course you are too full of yourself ( calling yourself an expert no less) to want to see.
  5. easy to declare it is all fake. Easier to dismiss answered Prayers and deny Guardian angels that way. Maybe God should have given you a taste. You make all these statements about what should have been (could have been) and by implication want to deny any act of God. Next time ( coming soon) I for one won't seek intervention via Prayer and not because it would prove anything ... who would I be Praying for? God certainly doesn't need my Prayers and others are so want to deny the efficacy of it all would never believe anyway because they want to deny. Denial is a two way street...
  6. Was the storm over-hyped? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/at-least-478-died-in-haiti-from-hurricane-matthew-officials/ar-BBx6EEg?li=BBnb7Kz
  7. yeah I been keeping an eye on the live cams since they were posted (ty) and you can see the sky deteriorate. They said sustained winds of 140 and I know 70 mph straight-line wind bends steel I-beams like pretzels. This is going to be a disaster sounds so oxymoronic when we all know what to expect. 3 AM till 6 PM is a long window of severity
  8. and getting as high as possible to avoid the rising water which exposes you to the wind/debris ... if what happens below the flood line doesn't undermine your foundation you might want to weigh all your options
  9. Nicole is the question mark... storm of the century scenario if the two converge... leave while you still can
  10. prudence would dictate evacuate ... no power for a while and considering resupply is North/South if the water / damage closes roads who knows how long they will be on their own? Hope you were a prepper, and ready for a duration...
  11. done Prayers needed for a lot more than coastal residents ... not a word been said about tornadoes that spawn in hurricanes
  12. October surprise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTRvalL7mqs
  13. kinda preemptive in your judgment my problem is he alludes the bombshells like he knows of them yet dumps piece-meal and evades providing. It is a publication but afaik the source was built into the system to bring it down. Is wiki trying to steer... 10 years worth of boy have I got something for you. ... is it 10 years in creation? my .02 and a grain of salt
  14. according to netstat - my cop connection is is that variable? when I pinged I got the 85 as well. Why would netstat show a lower number?
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