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  1. The spinning ball talisman was placed in our minds as an infant by tricksters. It has been reinforced by our trusted leaders for huge manipulation Control the minds. Believe believe. believe the ball. It is true and real. I saw it on tv. It is not flat. I get angry if somebody says it is.
  2. Stuck on a spinning ball. Santa is real. It's gotta be. I saw it on tv. The earths a sphere but it has flat spots all over it that's why it looks flat. Lies are good. Keeps me controlled. This bait thread is good so we can persecute the thinkers. I saw a globe on my teachers desk. I saw a spinning globe earth on my preachers desk. It has to be real. I'm just an insignificant spec. Tell me what to think oh mighty leaders. I'm In the trance. Santa lives at the North Pole and flies over the ball earth. I saw it in a movie.
  3. Trapped by the spinning globe lie. It's a made up fantasy. Requires a lot of faith. The 1st video is flawed because it is well known the horizon rises to eye level when viewed from high up. A ball horizon would go down eventually, even if you think the ball has billions of little flat spots on it. The second video is bs prop. Wake up or go back to the cartoons.
  4. If it was going over a hill wouldn't the back end start rising as it tips forward? As the boat starts to get outta sight there's a lot of air wave disturbance of the view. There's no curve. Check it out. The Earth isn't a planet. Space is a lie. Nasas pictures and videos are cgi. They captured our minds for a long time.
  5. When an object moves away from us the perspective is the sky comes down, the water rises and the object disappears. Same as if you were looking at a train headed away from you (if you had enough flat, clear land to see it. ) the boat doesn't go over a curve (that's the bs we were taught). It disappears from our sight on a flat plane. It could be brought back into view with a telescope. The sun is on a circuit above us and close. There's only one pole in the center of our earth. NASA is a hoax. The spinning ball is a lie. It feels good to wake up from it
  6. Well, the spinning globe earth has been obliterated. NASA a complete fraud. We can clear our minds of all that occupying jibberish. Looks like the shills and muggles won't stop. I get the isolation and denigration ( like we get here) from home that are stuck in the TV and don't care or have the desire to research for truth as I do. I can't go back to that small controlled mind. This has been and is an awesome thread.
  7. Haha. Now you're thinking. The eclipser disc is surely not transparent when it's doing its job. It is dark and able to block the sunlight and or moonlight. I thought maybe it's transparent or certainly invisible to our eyes if it's up there always. Same size as the sun and moon discs in our realm. Fascinating !
  8. There's another disc up there. The eclipser. It must be transparent to our eyes and same size as the moon and sun. It could do other things that would be interesting or helpful to know.? The truth is hidden from us so us thinkers have to figure ideas with our minds to make personal sense. Their truth is given to us. I don't accept. Thanks for the other thinkers here!
  9. Yes I agree to have faith in what you can't see, the faith of a child is strongest. The leaders would like us to keep that childlike faith in them and believe a lot of fantastical things.
  10. I can agree with that. But it could be a partial freedom. It's difficult to discern the truth when we know the Word has been added to and subtracted by men. We're given a lot of twisted translations. We know a lot of books and knowledge has been hidden from us. We get partial from the churches on purpose. And the spinning globe is in our face from Sunday school and kindergarten through now. My mind was set free when I snapped out of that.
  11. remove words and or alter the state approved bible and put in footnotes to tell us what it means. Keep the sheep ignorant of their individual power. (I think we have huge power we have forgotten how to tap into). Preach a message of guilt and dependence. Keep us weak and controlled. Mind control not for our benefit.
  12. I'm saying the experiment is flawed because "gravity" is made up. Created in somebody else's mind and slammed down our throats as real. How bout an experiment without using pretend things like gravity to explain the spinning globe.
  13. If gravity doesn't exist and is made up bs then the experiments regarding gravity ( made up bs) are moot. They have to be disregarded. The experiments that end with an answer of " gravity" are bs. I don't believe "gravity" can be explained. It's a forced belief. " you better believe it is there and ...or you are a ...... How dare you question what we tell you". Buoyancy and density I can understand. Gravity no. BallE people say buoyancy is gravity and density is gravity and gravity can do so much more like force fields and tractor beams and it's there. Jumped the shark
  14. Probably should switch to organic or grow your own cause they might mix in some C causing stuff
  15. Makes sense. tobacco doesn't cause cancer.
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