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  1. Yes . The made up disasters that are more convincing especially if you believe the other lie they convinced you of. I could see it right off too. 2015
  2. Flatearther counter: A hollow spinning ball earth seems silly to me. The whole outer space imagined idea has been a misinfo psyop on us to keep us weak,confused, ignorant sheep and dependent on our "trusted" leaders. If we believe in that , we can be convinced of all kinds of imagined calamities that could happen to us and we are helpless. Then we'll believe our trusted leaders know all and will keep us safe. Spinning ball earth in infinite space: Lie. If you add to the lie that it's hollow too , it doesn't affect sane thinkers, but only adds more confusing gobbydegook into the minds of the controlled.
  3. So the tiny flying spinning spec is also hollow? Even more insignificant. Hogwash. The globe has been debunked. Nice thought experiment though. I figure there could be a lot of "hollow" areas under the fixed immovable earth we live on. Some we know of , some some know of , and some we don't know of but might one day?
  4. Move out, disrupt southern whites. F up off gridders. Stealth genocide. Agenda 21. Confiscate land and resources. Also check who died?
  5. He called himself the "son of man"
  6. Yes, and blame goes to the storm. http://yournewswire.com/australia-to-forcibly-vaccinate-citizens-via-chemtrails/
  7. Global warming or "climate change" is one of their mind control tools. Create the big problem and blame it on the people. Make them feel guilty and easily manipulated. In the meantime the controllers change, enhance , etc the weather themselves with aerosols , steam generators and frequency emitters.
  8. I can see the southern sky when I look that way. I can only see so far because of the distance. What images are you referring to? NASA's? They're fake.
  9. You're looking at it from different angles. The stars spin like a wheel in the sky with Polaris in the middle.
  10. I've been to a lot of places too and have always looked up. Duped for many years thinking we are an infinitesimal spec in the infinite flying universe, the sky in the day and night did look the same everywhere I went, why wouldn't it with the superb job of brainwashing they performed on me. I used to have to tell myself " no it's not the sun moving, its us moving". I couldn't believe it deep down, but did with the trust I had of the lies taught me. Well , woke up. Free from that game. I don't think you've seen a hemisphere. Think the way you want. Be happy. 🙂
  11. Haha. A little angry? I look up and see the sky with clouds, sun, and sometimes the moon in the blue sky. At night I see the twinkling stars in the firmament as described by many observers and thinkers and the moon emitting its own light. Shooting stars is a good subject to consider with our own minds. What do you think? They come from outer space? I don't think that. I think outer space is a scifiction myth and turned into a mind controlling tool. It's time to wake up from the bad dream. Ballhead moron yourself. Mommy bring me my planet binky and turn on Disney and bring my buzz lightyear and dinobot so I can feel safe and secure in the "real" world and not think for myself.
  12. That's right those flatards are so stupid. How can they not believe Newton and Copernicus and all our loving, trustworthy leaders? I saw the earth from space in many many movies and cartoons. It has to be real! Stupid flatties are messing up our space ideas.
  13. TOR said "again for the simple minded, all you need to do is look up from the Southern hemisphere and again from the Northern hemisphere ( they hate that word and probably are thinking hempisphere cuz their brains have to be fried to refuse to see what is there... if they knew which way is up that is. Oh I can play dirty too if you want - bring out the worst in me)" Hemispheres are on a globe ball. That has been debunked. The earth is not moving. Only in cartoons. It really is a load of crap to keep in your head. Also the sun isn't a star. It is close and moves across the mighty fixed earth. The sun is a star psyop feeds into the " we are so small and insignificant plan".
  14. I'm sure there was some deceiving going on way back, but I don't remember being there do you? I know that our mind manipulation these days started when we were babies with make believe globes and satan clause. The propaganda machine has been going on for a long time for sure. When the tricksters got us all looking at a screen and believing it , they were on a roll. With the hd tech today and info that can be discovered with research( filtered by a logical individual mind) a closer to true reality can be revealed, and bs stands out like a spinning shiny ball. Silly trickster go away
  15. Flat earth can't be debunked with logic. Spin, curvature, nasa cgi can and has been debunked. A great deception has been revealed. The shills and muggles will attack
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