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  1. I thought you wrote that because you wanted a response. So saying it's cool was simply that. It wasn't sarcastic, nice-nasty, or any of the like. I was acknowledging your comment. Why the hostility?
  2. I don't need bias confirmation for any theory or opinion. You responded by saying, "We do question..." and I asked if you felt that is the overall stance of supporters. I'm not sure how the need for bias confirmation was a possible conclusion. I actually don't mind a differing opinion, I think that's healthy communication, however, when it turns to insults and all that I just fall back because that's not who I am. I actually think we have a poor choice all around for the election so I haven't endorsed anyone and have written stuff on both of them.
  3. Okay, that's cool
  4. LOL!!!! This is what I do.... " lie, commit violence and break the law in order to DECEIVE both supporters and opponents alike"...??? LOL, since you don't know me your opinion of who you think I am doesn't really matter. And... of course, I am already having fun living life. As I have stated many times before, I am open to hearing other points of views and the like, but I won't waste time trying to convince you of anything and therefore you have no clue how much fun I am about to have ..... Unfortunately, it won't include you.
  5. Video Video 2 Video 3 No need to respond with "Clinton has dumb supporters too" because we already know that. They both do.
  6. @Jostler Actually, I don't remember seeing it this morning. It's funny that you assume you and anyone that thinks like you are the majority. The pieces I write are always a hit - LOL - whether you agree with them or not. You don't want an answer anyway. Questions and answers - in my world - are for those whose mind isn't closed to another way of thinking. You don't want dialogue because you already have all the answers, right? At least in your world 😃
  7. @Tarmalen When I mentioned your stance... I was referencing when you said "we" question everything.... I know you are saying that you do, but do you feel as if most do as well?
  8. @Ukshep That sounds like it could be true... Going for the shock factor. It's working
  9. @Tarmalen But do you feel that your stance is the majority? That most question....
  10. @Tigerlilly Your response is true for some but others attempt to justify every action. It's cool to say that was wrong or I disagree without changing the candidate you're voting for. It seems that Trump supporters more than Clinton supporters feel that would be disloyal. But, I definitely understand your point.
  11. Is Donald Trump running a presidential campaign or leading a cult? The Republican nominee is telling voters he alone can solve all their problems and millions of proud supporters have unquestioned trust in his leadership. The “all in” mentality that questions nothing is one of the telltale signs of a cult. This is not a presidential campaign based on policies; instead, it is more like a well thought out “them against us” conspiracy. Unlike any previous campaign, Trump followers refuse to question anything he says and senselessly defends any of his actions. It is rare for anyone to believe everything a politician says because it is their job to influence by any means necessary, however, this breed .... ClicK HERE to continue reading
  12. @thothThank you for your service!
  13. @Jostler - Unfortunately, or fortunately, it does not matter what you think of my "grabbed the high ground" response. That was relative to a direct conversation that I had with Cinnamon and had nothing to do with the high or low road. So, your piggyback ride is unnecessary because she stated her position and expectation clearly without the need of an interpreter. Perhaps, you read my response(s) and felt the need to jump into attack mode, but again, it's all good. I don't have beef with either of you and won't "pretend" that I do.
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