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  1. Isn't it perfect? We've already been given the answers. We just have to read them.
  2. They're demons. Due to their evil ways they were not allowed "in" after death. All they know is misery and deception. They want to take you over so they can project that onto you and work through you, as they operate on a different plane of existence. They want to use YOU as their medium for causing despair in this world. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal07.htm
  3. Please don't try to do this for your own sake. You never know if what you are contacting on the other end is lying to you, and by attempting to contact them you are inviting them into your life. They don't have to leave if they don't want to. The risk far exceeds the reward. I've watched the magnifier on an ouija board move by itself, the temp. drop by about 20 degrees, and candles get blown out by wind in a basement with no open windows. You might get very unlucky and invite a very powerful demon into your life like a friend of mine has. He is afraid to go to sleep because he wakes up with sleep paralysis and the feeling that something is either sitting on his chest or choking him. He stays up even when he is very tired for fear that it might not let go of him next time. I didn't even know what to tell him when he told me all of this. I'd say maybe an exorcism, but I do not trust the churches. Especially the catholic church. I don't think you can get help from a man in a costume. I would just leave well enough alone. The New Age movement has convinced people that there are benevolent alien entities that want to protect us, but certain folks that are spreading this hogwash have proved time and time again to be liars, such as Nancy Lieder. She even has the word Lie in her name. The Scriptures warn us to stay away from soothsayers and mediums for very good reason. Stay safe, Brother.
  4. "their" not there. Sorry. I promise I'm not stupid.
  5. Soros... what a piece of shit that guy is. It could be a political thing for all we know. They should at least re-route it around there land. One thing we know for sure though is that they will stop at NOTHING to build that pipeline.
  6. LED bulbs are completely safe, and are the best. If you break a compact florescent bulb you are likely to ingest mercury. It's in the white dust that coats the inside of the glass. The regular old tungsten element lightbulbs burn out really easily.
  7. After they stop the pipeline they can help me out with the mortgage.
  8. Unfortunately my advice on women can only pertain to the ones I've been with. That being said, I have noticed a common theme that could be construed as generality. I would hate to give some sort of advice and offend members of the site, but since you asked I will provide my observations. DISCLAIMER: This is from my own perspective. At first meeting, or 2 or 3, (depending on the person you're meeting) don't say anything overly opinionated, I.E. politics and religion especially, unless asked or provoked. These are hot button issues with most people. Most younger people are out for fun these days. I know I don't speak for everyone with this, but most people are turned off by this sort of thing upon first meeting (unless they are in agreement, of course). It's better to focus the conversation on yourselves as individuals (I get it. There's a grey area there.) When you identify yourself as "Republican" or "Conspiracy Theorist" it's important to note that people will start to "type-cast" you, and file your personality type into neat little boxes that they will use in their mind to categorize you in that sense. Most will dismiss a person outright based on their beliefs. That's why I think it's important from the 'get go' to avoid that sort of conversation and focus more on things like learning where they are from... what is their family life like... how did they grow up... you know... personal things. I think learning about the personal details of a person's life from the get go will make it easier to familiarize with someone, even though they may have different beliefs. I guess you could call it a pre-requisite. Once people become familiarized with each other and realize that they actually enjoy each other's company, they are MUCH more willing to overlook differences in belief structure and reconcile with making compromises on certain things. I think of it as starting from the ground up, and looking at what is most important. Any house will sink without a solid foundation. I hope this is helpful. One other thing I've realized is to never allow someone to use you as their punching bag. If someone like to take their anger out on you, that is not something that can really be fixed. It's just how that person is. If someone wants to walk all over you... show them the door. God Bless
  9. I can't find Shock Tarts anywhere anymore. I will only really eat sour candy these days. I can't be the only one that still buys WarHeads.
  10. This is the only one I've ever known by them until I saw this thread. Me and a buddy would drive around blasting this at full volume with his subs blaring when we were in high school while we ran over mailboxes in a state of drunkenness in the middle of the night. Never did get caught for that.
  11. Thanks for the laugh. I'm gonna have to see that one.
  12. That's legit.
  13. I hope things start looking up for you, TOPGUN. I'd offer advice, but I don't think it would be very good advice. It's difficult to finder a younger woman that actually wants to settle down these days.
  14. He gives us just enough rope to hang ourselves. Fair.
  15. Do you believe in God or not, and what is your reasoning behind your beliefs? All opinions and thoughts are welcome.
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