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  1. Maybe the thread would have been more exciting if any flat Earther brought anything worthwhile to the table. You certainly didn't. The rest of your comment is clearly indicative of the fact that you get your jollies off from being an agitator, yet you still don't bring valid arguments to the table. Ha. I guess we know what you're about then, by your own admission. I will not take you seriously from this point forward. You just like to get a rise out of people while defending an indefensible theory. Sad, really. Back to GLP with you.
  2. No worry. I got him. What's good is good.
  3. From what I remember he was involved with secret society type stuff. I don't doubt what you say at all in that regard.
  4. Just because he ran unopposed doesn't mean he wasn't set up by TPTB to sit in the seat, but I catch your drift. I'm sure JFK was a rigged election also, but once in power he decided he would not play ball with "them." We all know how that ended. They fronted the money for his campaign, then he turned on them. I guess that's how you get your brains all over the trunk of your car. I think the deal with Lincoln was about the same, but then again if I remember right he was associated with some strange things. I'll have to look into that one again. I can't remember.
  5. Well, you're allowed to loiter and shill all you want. Nothing I can do there. Yes, I did watch the videos I posted. I wouldn't have posted them otherwise. Are you STILL after all of those comments, not up to the task of refuting the points made in the videos? Or is it that you wish to continue the furtherance of changing the subject, pretending like you think you're in a comedy skit? It would seem to me that you're trying very, very hard to keep the focus away from the points presented. I can't blame ya. That's about all you can do at this point. If you could refute the points you would have done it by now. Right?
  6. Sorry to hear you find the truth boring. Too bad they didn't have pyrotechnics in the vids.
  7. You mean like you just did? Huh. Perhaps for some. Some people, I mean. Not videos. Really? Your idea of work is watching a video? I didn't tell you to do any work. Just to watch some short videos. If you believe FE is real you should have already done the leg work and should be able to refute the videos. The post is meant to engage those who wish to engage. If you are unwilling to do so, I can show you the door. This information is already available to you, at the very beginning, in video format. I will not engage you in a pissing match, grav. Either refute the points presented in the original posting or find the door. Simple. I will not allow you to get away with your all so common deflection tactics here.
  8. @grav If you're not going to address the points in the videos I posted earlier in my post, I will not watch your video either, bandwidth restrictions aside. The point of my post was to see if someone was up to the task of refuting those videos. I wasn't looking for someone to deflect and change the subject. If you're not up to the task, just say so. The FE crowd always ignores the Spherical Earth points and changes the subject in a hurry. THAT'S common knowledge, all over the web where the topic is brought up. It's the classic "Well what about this then?" I won't bite. Address the points in the videos or start your own post where you post the videos you believe in, and I will address them there.
  9. Tell Mr. Clinton he's not allowed to do this. He hasn't been president for years.
  10. This is what it means to me... the beast is known as evil, henceforth having his "mark" results in a person being classified as evil under the Law of God. The interesting thing here about this "mark" is that it is in the forehead or the right hand (notice it says "OR". Not "and"). The term "right hand" appears in the Bible 166 times, so obviously it is significant. Please read this link if you would like to know why. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christiancrier/2015/06/13/what-does-the-right-hand-symbolize-or-mean-in-the-bible/ The right hand is specifically mentioned so many times because it signifies strength in a belief in God, and I believe it is also a metaphor for doing the right thing. This can clearly be seen by reading the context clues of the passages in the Bible that mention the right hand. Where is the frontal lobe in the brain? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontal_lobe Behind the forehead part of the skull. From Dictionary: "Frontal Lobe: (The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans, such as emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behavior." I believe the terms used in the Bible in that particular part of Revelation that you mentioned, forehead and right hand, mean the purity or lack there of in the thoughts and intentions in your brain, and the right hand signifies your deeds on this earth. For example do you do good or bad? Do you wish or think good or bad things when it comes to others? (Notice the definition of frontal lobe mentions that it controls JUDGEMENT. Something the Bible warns us against. Judgement was reserved for God. The definition for frontal lobe also mentions sexual behavior, which is a very common theme in the Scriptures. I do not believe this to be a coincidence.) Now, back to why I chose to emphasize the word "or" in the second sentence. It's because being evil in your DEEDS or INTENT toward others will both classify you as evil. It doesn't require both. Just one or the other. The more I study the Bible the more I realized that the language is very clear in it's intended meaning. This now brings us to the point of buying and selling, because one might wonder... how is what you think and do going to prevent you from buying or selling? The answer is obvious. The New World Order is meant to usher in an order with no international boarders, one religion, a global currency, etc. With purchasing, the world is moving toward a "paperless" society. Perhaps you will not be able to have a card unless you bow down to the One World Order? If you refuse to relinquish your religious beliefs and accept the One World Religion... will you be denied a card or chip that allows you to buy or sell? If you denounce your beliefs to buy or sell, you will be taking the "mark" in the forehead... these are just my thoughts on the matter.
  11. Absolutely. They've been desensitizing us to these topics for a long time, but I believe it's accelerating at this particular juncture in time for one reason or another.
  12. Interesting. I've always thought Jim Stone was a shilly type personality. I've never really trusted him much, if at all. Probably just another person trying to cash in on the conspiracy enterprise by making shit up. I doubt Assange is dead. I do think the embassy may kick him out soon though. If they do, he will be arrested for extradition the second he walks out that door. They've had officers waiting outside of the Ecuador embassy for years in case he comes out. If he does it just becomes a matter of whether or not he is extradited to Sweden for the rape thing, or to the U.S. for all of the other charges.
  13. Thanks yeppers. Right back at ya. You're on Lop, right?
  14. Agreed. Jim Stone is a shill. I don't think he started out as one, but you could see the tone of his website change at a certain point and he started spreading nothing but shit around at that point. What ever happened to Reactor Breach?
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