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  1. I've had this in the back of my mind since the recent immigration/influx. I've wanted to msg the mods but held off since it's their forum. The only solution I can see is to go members only and part of the sign up includes the little box saying, "Yeah, I read the rules, etc. etc. which are perma-pinned at the top of page 1.
  2. Strike one...there are no rumors on COP. Strike two...there are no innocent people on COP. Hey batter, batter!
  3. I'll be the first to admit there's two events that'd just make my day, and they both have to do with someone being arrested. Her and Obama. But 'fess up. You grinned just a little when you saw her "stumble" getting into that van.
  4. Maybe too much of that Mexican Yeah as an elex tech, I LMAO'd when I read that. Heh heh...search for a pic of an EA-6B and tell me why the cockpit has a gold tint.
  5. Oh Noes!!! A Russian propaganda site??? Yeah I got 'em bookmarked too. On another note, one of his posts today had to be strictly for entertainment. F**king Jim Stone (I'm finally convinced he's gone mental) really posted this: "I did not mention this during the election because I did not want people distracted. But we were obviously getting beamed during the election coverage, so strongly it was enough to raise body temperature and feel as heat in a cool room. So I put up the aluminum foil shield AND IT STARTED SPARKING because there was so much microwave energy in the air. They must be able to know when someone takes protective measures, because within a short time the beam strength was reduced to below where any plasma or sparks could be seen. The sparks were not as bright as what would happen in a microwave, but looked more like blue plasma with sparkles in it."
  6. And with that huge coronal hole coming around, there's bound to be some more.
  7. Yeah $4Bn sounds a little steep. But there's going to be a cost when you factor in elex countermeasures, anti-jamming, etc. Not to mention the comms systems. This ain't Delta!
  8. "Terrorist propaganda"...like, "Make America Great Again."
  9. And the only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is...?
  10. According to the vid I just posted, this is the 2nd one?
  11. OK, been a day or hundreds since I even heard his name. WTF's Pete up to in Nevada?? EDIT: Nvrmnd...guess he managed to get his butt tossed in jail in Vegas. Goes back to Bundy Ranch.
  12. Naaah...Just a former GLP'r that thought he could get a rise out of a few here. And since that didn't pan out, now he's looking for a safe space and a puppy.
  13. That's where I've been for quite some time. And not to speak ill of any forum or social media, those "breaking news" posts had to come from somewhere.
  14. Let's not forget...in the video he mentioned he's going to be a father (again?). So I figure this whole issue might have a personal side to it. Like somebody here that claimed I had an agenda to say pizzagate was fake news. That nimrod knows nothing about me. If he did, he would've known that as a new grandfather, I would rip the balls or tits off anyone I knew taking part in this form of child abuse.
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