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  1. The sun is where it is supposed to be in my sky right now. Atmospheric water vapor can affect "first light" times. Cirrus clouds beyond the horizon can also act like a weak reflector causing first light to occur earlier than expected. Better to use actual sunrise times for solar observations.
  2. lol **Grammar Nazi Trigger Warning** "Speaking of writing skills, we know whom might help you with writing a paper! Our writing team is the best of the best. This is a crew of professionals who have passion for writing, editing and proofreading, which means them to do it not because they have to as long as it is their job but because they love to do it."
  3. This is a tad off topic, but... : So who is good with computer code and can create a web page that tracks Solar activity as it relates to earthquakes? (needs the following minimum data points) -Solar wind speed & density. -Solar flare data. (Size, speed, direction, and impact time) -Earthquake data (Location, size, and time/date) -Constantly tracks solar noon on a globe model. -Snapshot archives all data every 15 minutes (or allows people to create such snapshots using the data recorded) (other useful data points?) I mean, it makes sense that if the Earth is a thin crust floating over a molten center, and force applied to it (or applied to our magnetic field) it would react similar to tapping on a water balloon creating a wave within. The exact position of solar noon when this "tapping" happens would help us figure out any pattern in relation to our tectonic plates and fault lines. **Edited to add:** This would also help us to isolate locations of non fault/plate earthquakes, ones caused by underground tunneling, collapsing aquifers, & fracking.
  4. This thread needs more "Oom, Pappa"... and boobs. :)
  5. Anyone else have a wishful thought that this is a precursor to a volcanic eruption in that area, on or around January 21st?
  6. Sunshine, some dirt, and a little water, and you too can test positive for "drugs" all without costing the taxpayers a single damn dime. The $55 fee mentioned in that article also points to the cheap (and often wrong) urine test, which can not even distinguish between Tylenol with codeine and heroin. Meanwhile federal agencies are booking 5-Star convention centers loaded with hookers, booze, and cocaine all on the taxpayer's dime for their annual "conferences". This is one of those topics where the government pretends it is watching out for the taxpayers, where in reality they are simply trying to cut a big chunk of people out of the payroll so they can line their own pockets some more. Sure, welfare fraud should be dealt with eventually, but the worst abusers in the entitlement crowd are the politicians, and their agents.
  7. Obama is thinking this will help get him a leadership position in the UN. (It doesn't matter if Trump strikes it down, Obama gets to blame Trump for that.)
  8. Watch what they do, not what they say. Soros' plans have not changed. This is just a simple re-election maneuver by Merkel, and there will be a few more trivial gestures by her to garner support for her continued rule.
  9. I hope you feel better soon, Shep!
  10. We'll know for certain in 15 days if the "mystery source" Pakman has is right or not.
  11. I don't know the guy's source, but this topic is certainly within the realm of possibility, if not probability.
  12. Or a heavy duty suitcase with mountain bicycle wheels attached to it! lol (Wait a minute, that could actually work!! lol )
  13. That would depend on a lot of factors. Like crabb said; If you were to bring 1 gallon of water and 1.5lbs of food for each day, you are looking at almost 700lbs of just food and water. Cooking supplies, clothing, weapons, and any luxury items (like a tent, bedroll, sleeping bag, flashlights, et cetera...) are extra weight to be considered. However, if you know what area you plan to head out into, buy a laminated topographical map of that region. You will likely find water sources and the easiest route to get to them with a little study of the map. Where there is rugged terrain and limited water, you will also find the animals have already made trails on the easiest path to the water. Water and food in handy confined areas. (just be sure to camp at least a 1 mile away from the water, your scent on the wind will spook the animals and maybe draw the attention of other predators)
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