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  1. Just putting the actual video out there so folks can see it is indeed Michael Moore saying this. (Might not want to watch this while eating.) lmao https://youtu.be/YKeYbEOSqYc
  2. Um. Just... no. *adds that to the list of UFO hoax channels on YouTube*
  3. That is a CGI dragon. Would have been a better CGI dragon if they bothered to model the left wing. As it stands, that "dragon" only has a right wing, not so good for flying, imo. lol (watch it through a couple times, you will never see even a hint of a left wing, even though you should see some of it when it is flapping)
  4. We are also going to start putting pinups back on our military aircraft (creating jobs for painters, ya know?) but being the modern age, female pilots are allowed to choose chippendales dudes if they so desire. (though, most female military pilots I ever met were Butch lesbians and they would rather go with sexy women draped upon on their fuselages over a dude any day. lmao)
  5. Hey! How come Shep gets to go chill with the monks and I get stuck with actual work? lmao I am going to assume my position is for the DoJ (Department of Justice) and not DoD (Department of Defense). (Policing matters in my country not the whole damn world) Cinn, I hope you don't mind being a dictator for a while, because Congress is going to be very empty once I take office. I also have to ask you to write an EO striking all laws from the federal books.(The States can manage for themselves for a while, or they can collapse, I don't really care either way. lol) When we get new people in Congress they can write new laws that make sense and don't overreach their limited authority. I also have to request that we revert to public hangings as our national form of execution. (no better deterrent than rotting corpses swinging in the wind, imo, AND it saves the government some money since rope is reusable! :) ) If by some chance my position was for the DoD, and not the DoJ well then... *chuckles to self* Things will be interesting, and we are bringing back the SR-71 design with a few modern upgrades... Oh, and Cinn, I hope you don't mind being the only military commander for a little while, because the Pentagon will be quite empty once I take that office. lol Finally, I will need about a billion dollars to repaint all our nuclear subs a happy bright yellow with a smiley face on the bow, a butt crack painted on the stern, and the crew is required to sing Yellow Submarine on deck before departing port. (Sadly, this doesn't even begin to compare to the insanity executed by Pentagon idiots every single day.)
  6. Nope. Nothing I have see in the world around me points to any divine intelligence running the whole show.
  7. Just doing my job, Grav. :) Also, Shep's hair is mostly Photoshopped (or CGI when he was on cam). As to thread limits, Shep or Cinn will have to address that one. (That is above my access level)
  8. I did some clean up just now. Let your remaining hairs be free for a while longer Shep. lol Keep it civil people.
  9. I want one too! With a little berry sauce...
  10. Because no one with enough money to buy such equipment is even interested in the flat earth hypothesis.
  11. Shep, she is a millionaire democrat. Laws do not apply to her and you know it.
  12. From this link: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/10/22/trump-arrives-in-gettysburg-for-first-100-days-speech.html# "In what Trump billed as a “Contract with the American Voter,” the first-time candidate vowed to within the first 100 days of office take six majors step -- including putting term limits on members of Congress. “It is a contract between myself and the American voter and begins with restoring honesty, accountability and change to Washington,” Trump said. As part of the so-called contract, Trump also wants to impose the term limits through a Constitutional amendment and have a 5 year-ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service. And he wants to impose a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government;" Well now, look who just snagged a fair chunk of independents and undecided voters? lol
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