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  1. If I'm going to die tomorrow, I'm going to start and finish this six pack of Killians Irish Red Beer, all by myself. Then I'm going to trot down the hill with my fishing pole and try to catch a world record bass. After that I'm going to build a bonfire, smoke a J and probably be in bed by 9. Thankfully, all of the people that mean anything to me already know that they do. Even at deaths door I think I would find serenity for I believe in the "everafter".
  2. Good grief!!! You'd think someone would have shown him how to "tuck" properly!
  3. Sending prayers your way!
  4. I wonder if this is what Wiki and Julian were planning to release before the s$!t went down before the election. We may never know.
  5. Wednesday it was 80, now 41. Sux!! 💨❄️😩 Thankfully, spring is right around the corner. 🌹🌷🌼🌺
  6. That Sling Bow is awesome!!! Gonna get me one for sure!
  7. Robin Hood, really, you know what the best weapon is! Bow and arrows get my vote. Being an "older" southern girl I dont have a problem with admitting that I am an awesome shot with my Daisy BB Gun and my sling shot. Many a squirrel has lost his life at my hand. Lol
  8. Not a fan of these things, at all! Makes your guts feel all shaky! Me no likey!!!
  9. Crap!! Just felt another earthquake here in northwest Arkansas! Sitting on the couch and rattled from under the house up to my feet. Thankfully the light fixtures didn't shake this time. This is the third time in four months that I have felt an earthquake here, in the sixteen years that I have lived here. 😖
  10. In the midst of all this madness going on in the world don't forget yourself. The true you. We all get wrapped up in the conspiracies, the negativity, the raw energy that life is forcing us all, that are enlightened, to look at. Take a moment to look for the beauty around you. Go outside and look at the sky. Look at the leaves. Look around you. There is beauty and change everywhere! Dont forget your " sweet spots" in life! Stay sweet but be a ***** when life calls for it! 😘
  11. Well damn! We've been so quiet in this region for a few weeks. Since they closed 30+ wells in the north central and northeastern part of the state a couple of months ago, we have been averaging 1 or 2 small quakes per day rather than 4+. Hope the beast isn't waking again.
  12. I'll check into those. Fractured one place and jacked up the fingernail. 46ish years old and feel like an idiot for slamming my finger in the car door! My pinky toe on the right foot has been broken 4 times. It's nickname is "stud finder". Seems like grandma told me of a soup that was extremely high in nutrients that were beneficial to bones and rebuilding. Bone broth maybe! 😜Lol
  13. Even if they don't do it, it will surely draw some attention and get some folks thinking!
  14. Any natural healing techniques for broken bones that anyone knows of? Fractured my finger today. Possibly in 2 places. Any thoughts anyone?
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