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  1. Yes, boeing would have used that money as wages for the employees. However boeing doesnt just build one airframe and they build parts as well. Yes it would have been a nice payday for them. But Trump is right on this one. Way over priced. My grandpa was a Boeing engineer and would be a little more than upset with me on this. That and im a Lockheed guy myself.
  2. What i find funny is that we (this forum and other people) know that voter fraud is rampant and happens all the time. Most suspect that, with this election at least, the Dems would do everything possible to get Hiltery elected. So why demand a recount when you could expose your criminal activity? Are these idiots so self absorbed that they are above the law and reproach? Sure the blame will be placed at the county level in each polling place, but these issues cant all be just random occurrences that just happen to be all for hitlery.
  3. Thats a different subject, but its worse for vets because of the ptsd stereotype. A call to the cops can ruin anybodys life. Not just a vets.
  4. Can you make it where the poster see's their post, but it is invisible to everyone else? This way the offending poster keeps posting, thinking they are being disrupted, but in reality no one can see them acting a fool.
  5. We as a society have become used to the group consequences mentality. Seat belt laws, helmet laws, spray paint purchasing, gun laws and rules are just some of them that have been placed on us for the greater good of the people. We have become used to this and just take it as, "ok i can see why this is needd" and dont really argue it or fight it. Gun laws seem to be the one exception to this though. Starting to stray from my point here though. Yes people make mistakes and can "reform" from a life of crime. Also it is really easy to be accused of commiting a crime that you didnt commit. Ive had first hand experience with this. But im talking about the repeat offenders. The ones that cant keep out of trouble or jail. I run into these types all the time. They dont work, they find someone that they can live with and sponge off of them till they get in trouble again. Been to a lot of homes, where theres kids, that you see this all the time. Its easy to spot these kinds of situations and its sad that these kids have to go through this, just because the single parent has to have companionship or be in a relationship. Removing this kind of influence from the home, i think, would go a long way in changing this cycle of poverty and crime.
  6. No, just another way to hide behind a paperbag mask.
  7. This really needs to happen, except there needs to be an amendment to it that says anyone with a criminal history or anyone living in your house with a criminal history looses all and any assistance for the whole house hold.
  8. I agree that some guest posters are great. But when it looks like a guest poster is answering themselves....i get confused. The whole nobody issue made me want to pull out my hair, and i have a shaved head.
  9. @Ukshep Great......block anonymous posters again,,, please?
  10. Ahh. So no more tired posting for me. Lol
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