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  1. I described a brief position on page 1 and tried to go from there with details and evidence. If noone wants to consider those, then it's difficult to discuss my position further.
  2. I did try to do a logical and academic debate already. still am. You couldn't.
  3. Attitude is secondary if anything. You made an accusation, chose a worse way to stand by it, will do nothing to substantiate it. It reflects you, more important to you than me given it's your site the question is who wants to interact with you. I'm mostly hermit-like so it doesn't matter to me either way.
  4. I'll take it there is no evidence whatsoever and that I'll be sure to hear just more of the same indefinitely. Good going guys, way to undo your credibility for the one thread that made you useful.
  5. Sutton books are actually more prominently featured on right leaning online bookstores rather than left. Keep hurting your position some more. On a side note I very likely have a stronger background in 20th century action movies than you do but probably because I spend a lot less time doing this like this than you. And yet you call me a shill. Some more irony for you to think about.
  6. You're the one bearing false witness, throwing out false accusations, etc. Anonymity was concern enough for me to have nearly no interactive online activity for about 8 with a small exception circa 2009-10. I only came back online due to some loose ends from that period and before as well as other reasons in my life that would make it useful to leave something available to others. I used gmg for this purpose and could go quite into detail into the malfeasance on there, and that is why I originally supported the tavistock ops thread on here. I didn't expect people here to be as bad as those on gmg/glp though. My mistake? And no I have not deflected just because I don't answer bullshit questions on vegetables you probably don't eat and animes you don't watch ok? Now if you wanted to call me a troll instead of a shill, that could have been done much earlier without the shill label. The fact that the latter was thrown first and former not at all shows how kneejerk your reactions were and how much your intention was to discredit towards your own gain. Even if I went into detail on Sutton you'd find reason to continue with your witch hunt. Why don't you read the chapter on Skull and Bones and the foundation of modern psychology and try and tell me again how irrelevant that is, especially given people's interest in tavistock. Or maybe the passage regarding China whereby Sutton foretold the situation 30+ years ahead and after he died. I'm still giving you a chance here on the benefit of the doubt that you're merely ignorant rather than malicious, but go ahead and shoot yourself in the foot some more.
  7. I think I do have less time than you do. I would also think shills would approach any of those topics just as much as non-shills, you throwing them out there as bait doesn't make a difference either way. Rather than ask for my views as evidence for anything, you or I could be more direct and regard anything about me personally. Again, it wouldn't be hard at all to demonstrate you wrong as long as it costs my anonymity and privacy. Do all unfamiliar posters get the same treatment? Anylike, likewise if you feel you have any information about me personally at all that corroborates your accusations, feel free to bring it forward. Otherwise, this clearly looks like a witch hunt. For all your fluster on me not talking to you the way you want, what about you ignoring questions regarding Sutton? Again, for shame, he sacrificed a career and possibly his life to give things you wouldn't have had otherwise. What are your sacrifices in comparison? Think about that irony.
  8. And, silence speaks volumes? Really? I have a life, that involves a lot of time devoted to thinks not online, is that the case for anyone else here? Can you go by without a day being here without someone making suspicious references to your whereabouts? If I were a shill as you accused me of, would I not be spending more time? I don't think there is a clear sense of logic on your part to accuse me of anything, just paranoia and bad feelings. You're only justifying my original feelings more this way.
  9. That doesn't make any sense, prove I am not? By throwing away all sense of anonymity to provide you details of who I am? Is that really fair to ask of any poster just because an admin can't take a straight debate? I already said what I do for a living right now, which is work at a nature center, how are you going to tell me no?
  10. So in other words, you have no evidence and threw out accusations because you can't stand your views challenged?
  11. Good morning. Did you read the links at all some? Any thoughts yet? Can you elaborate on your accusations? What do you think I'm a shill of?
  12. Shep thinks I am a woman. It is midnight. Pumpkins and such. Sweet dreams.
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