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  1. They want Barron to finish his school year at the same school uninterrupted. Sounds like a good idea, to me.
  2. They are confident that Russia is behind DJT's victory. They believe it so much that they may actually be willing to remove him from the office by force. I don't know if these people can be saved from themselves at this point, sadly.
  3. If it doesn't come from Donald Trump directly, then one should question the authenticity of any claim. DJT tweeted multiple times on this issue. And if a news source fails to mention a source BY NAME then you are reading FAKE NEWS.
  4. What makes you think voice communications via Xbox can't be tracked or downloaded? If you use any device to communicate with another device, unless the two are literally wired together directly with no outside link (which would kind of defeat the purpose of this topic) then the communications will be subject to monitoring and seizure. At least, you should assume as much.
  5. First look tells me it's not real, because of course it's not. However...I dunno. Maybe the guy really got canned and is pissed... stranger things have happened. Also worth noting Aaron Black's account- https://twitter.com/BlackCatUnloads
  6. Whoops, sorry. I was kind of assuming a few things, so definitely don't take that as fact that the whole rack fell off. It would be odd for more than one piece of equipment to become detached, which is why I thought probably the bomb rack came off and then he dropped an inert missile to compensate. Any way you look at it, it's odd. As far as the missiles- you're right. They would be inert along with the rest of the load but probably have an active seeker head. Sometimes they do fly a complete dummy though, which is in fact used just as a ballast.
  7. A training bomb is a...training bomb. Almost certainly it was a BDU-33 (Click for pic) and as for the training missile, probably AIM-9. As for the mechanical failure causing all of this to drop...yeah, it happens. It's a little strange that both the rack for the BDU's would drop AND a missile, as they would be on different pylons, but I suppose one couldn't rule that strange occurrence out altogether. Perhaps one or the other failed, dropped, and to counterbalance the weight the pilot dropped the other. Who knows. When I was in, we had four years in a row with something going wrong... one time a pilot had to make the quick decision to drop LIVE munitions over our second MSA, luckily no one was injured, but he knew that particular area would be the least likely place for anyone to be at the time. Another time a pilot ejected a fuel tank over the lake because the aircraft said there was a fire. Shit happens.
  8. I don't do holidays, but I'll accept the paid leave. I will try to keep my eyes peeled on new shit coming down the pipes and report any findings.
  9. You realize they both had lapel mics, right? Just saying.
  10. I see. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, friend, but Comet Ison broke apart coming around the sun in 2013. At least...that's what they say.
  11. Yeah yeah, we know what place it is, no need to panic about this forum changing the word. ...but what are you talking about an asteroid hitting the Atlantic? Are you referring to that "tremor" that showed up on USGS east of Florida a few weeks ago?
  12. Bring it, f***ers. I'm ready and have absolutely no fear of death.
  13. Is this real or what? I was just reading the thread about the "Baltimore Gazette" earlier, and now this.... fishy fishy fishy. WTF is going on?
  14. Filed online, said I had insurance. Options were given, one being "other". Chose other. Was not asked for proof. If asked for proof next year, a letter stating God is my health insurance will be sent. F*CK 'EM.
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