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  1. Spend time with family making every moment count, and then tell them I'll see them soon enough, and then when the time comes to go... get ready to live beyond this bullshit prison matrix back home where we belong, where every aspect of life will be beyond words. Can't wait😁
  2. I remember Donald Marshall saying before that there is actually a team of people who work the Hawking project. All the while they keep him incapacitated on heavy meds, and then when there is anything they feel they can use as a propaganda tool, they type messages behind keyboards to spew out a bunch of horse shit to the masses using Hawking as the decoy. So if you take it a bit further, the psyop team is using him as a back stage prop up puppet while he's all drugged out of his mind to share their disinfo campaign. That's pretty F*cking low. There was mention too where the "team" forgot one night to give him his daily regiment of drugs, and in the evening he was running up and down the halls screaming for help to escape the building he was being kept in.
  3. They are so damned stupid (the media whores) if they haven't followed their viewership ratings by now, no one would be watching the bullshit they're televising of their rhetoric any how... lose lose situation... No body is interested in what they have to say. So..... f**k em
  4. Secure Team has been known to fake CGI shit a lot, and it happens so much that if they ever did get an authentic vid it would be ruined before it aired just because of their reputation.
  5. Anthony needs to stop playing with his weiner, that's what got him into this mess, or at least some of it. Being married to a Saudi spy probably didn't help matters much either. Anyway you look at it, these people are scabs of the worst kind, none of this happened by accident.
  6. Give them some silly puddy to play with
  7. One thing I noticed right away with the OTO connection, is that immediately there was a write off from the Podesta emails, by people saying that spirit cooking and Crowley never existed hand-in-hand. Go figure. Then when looking at the sacred texts website http://sacred-texts.com/oto there's a ton of stuff there, which would be like finding a needle in a haystack, unless you had the time to reach for it... Now... As far as power goes... Weak... those entities are scared shitless of us finding out about them and their ilk... The sad part is for them, is that their "gods" are really dead and they've been duped by the upper echelon, so there's no one to help them now. They are all in vain blindly seeking for something to get them out of this shitstorm they've created for themselves. They are too late
  8. If you go to the Weird shit from Marina Abramovic http://editionjs.com/img/abramovic/ She says that in the "spirit cooking" recipe. Which I have come to find out is an old occult ritual that Alister Crowley from the A.A. coven and O.T.O. do from the book of Thelema. So there's a bunch more tie ins to the evil covens that one would ultimately find out just looking a little further.
  9. Now might be the time to bring this up again, because what we are witnessing is the covens being exposed.
  10. We are dealing with the damned, the fallen, so f*ck them. They made their choice, now they will pay with their souls, if they even had one to begin with. The bell will toll for them all
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