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  1. I agree with you. I am who I am, I see, think, experience this life and world through my actions and deeds. I will not label myself, or be labeled. As soon as you join any group you automatically label yourself and are then constrained in that way of life, thinking and dogma. I think people join groups because they have not learned the wholeness of ONE.
  2. Keep in mind that almost every one has a bible and house holds will have a couple, so finding pieces of the book all over the place is of no real significance.
  3. Just all word play. You are either a Atheist or Theist. Just more mumbo jumbo in grouping ppl in different camps and for some reason they always want to stick a label with it connected to Satan/Lucifer and god or gods. This is where the so called "intellectuals" shows that they are not so intellectual after all.
  4. What??? How can an Atheist be a Satanist, since they do not believe god or the devil exist? Secondly Theists believes in a higher creator (god), but not necessarily in the god as portrayed in the bible.
  5. Snow falls in November in Tokyo for first time in 54 years http://www.news24.com/World/News/pics-snow-falls-in-november-in-tokyo-for-first-time-in-54-years-20161124
  6. Me neither. When I was a teen our house was next to an electric substation. Once in a while the substation would get zapped with lightning. They had a special build lightning rod. The sound made your ears ring, your hairs stoop up and the air smelled like slightly burnt material. However we never had any sort of illness from it.
  7. Let me just check........nope....had to make 100% sure. For a second there I thought I was back on GLP.
  8. You are way to fixated on this, so much so that you do not see what is really going on around you.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  10. I don't take Disclose.tv serious but this thread had me in stitches. http://www.disclose.tv/news/are_you_suffering_from_trump_acceptance_resistance_disorder_tard/136500
  11. In theory the answer should be yes. If we can do it then why not others.
  12. Yes, but only into a parallel universe. You can not travel to the future in this universe for the simple reason that the future has not happened yet. You might travel to the past but you can not influence it in any way. But if you can travel to a parallel universe who's past is a possible future for us you can go there. The same goes for a parallel universe who's present is our past, you can affect change there but not in our own time line.
  13. You are not a human on a spiritual journey, you are a sentient spiritual being on a human journey.
  14. Given the fact of how little we really know and most are just theories, who knows what's out there. I do not remember who said the following.. " If the universe is endless then it stand that all possibilities are endless".
  15. As I understand it, according to the scientist, should all the water contained in rock and other material under the crust be released, this world will be completely covered. If you remember the movie Waterworld, that is what it would end up looking as. As to why the sea is so salty, the salt is the result of all the minerals being spewed out at the under water geysers on the ocean floor. All chemical reactions. Here in South Africa they are trying to pass bills to allow fracking in the Karoo. Never mind that the Karoo is arid and almost one of our driest places and water will have to be trucked in for the fraking. So far we have been able to stop it. At this stage only test drilling is allowed, but actual fracking is not allowed.
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