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  1. I do not believe in a flat earth, it just don't feel right. But what I do feel is that the "earth" is growing. The earth was a solid "ball" and slowly as the core started to produce "new" rock..."elements" it started to expand cracking the surface. And thus the "plates" were formed. One way to se how it works is to take a balloon, blow it up bit and then cover it with paint. When the paint is dry inflate it more. You will see the cracks appear and notice how the .... "continents" move away from each other. The same as the earth does today. Also keep in mind that the earths gravity has been increasing and that only can happen when the total mass increase (grow). It is also a known fact that the "dinosaurs" would not be able to move in todays gravity, therefore the earth had to be smaller with less gravity. I support Gaia. All the ancient people always revered to earth .... "her" as a living breathing entity. You speak of a creator.....well that depends of your view or understanding of who or what the "creator" is or was. I for one do not believe in a creator as set out in religion. For me religion is a farce and a sham.
  2. it would also be interesting to see how many of these "trees" and forest are located on lay-lines. Here in South Africa we have Cape Town mountain. Or like we call it Table Mountain. It sit on a lay-line that runs directly to the great pyramid of Giza. If these "trees" were silicon and in a way sentient it would make sense that the biggest would be on top of these lines. Being on the line would make them able to "communicate" with each other all over the world.
  3. You should keep in mind that the "trees of old" were silicon based and not carbon based as we seem trees today.
  4. It’s OFFICIAL, Republican and Democratic senators have passed a bipartisan bill which will give NASA a staggering $19.5 billion. Their ultimate goal: a manned mission to the surface of Mars. http://www.ancient-code.com/official-mankind-going-mars/
  5. That went up slightly, but over all you still get you bucks worth. Like me I have been buying from the same guy for almost 20years and I get a special discount and he delivers at my home. No extra charge.
  6. The first packet of smokes I bought cost me R1.10. That same now cost me R33. (That is South African RAND)
  7. Does the "juice" still contain tar and nicotine? I have friends that vape and they say there is no tar in it but still nicotine.
  8. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/now-anti-gay-pastor-sets-sights-on-botswana-20160913 http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/sa-human-rights-commission-happy-with-barring-of-anti-gay-pastor-20160913 http://www.news24.com/Video/SouthAfrica/News/update-botswana-bound-pastor-laments-decision-of-wicked-sa-20160914 No homophobes, hate speech, bigots and down right idiots allowed in my country. Thank you. We have enough of our own.
  9. I would agree that tobacco does not cause cancer. It is the type of paper they use and the filter that is the problem. Some years ago tobacco companies were made to remove the charcoal elements in their filters.
  10. That might be, but from time to time they do have some thing of note. If I take my family alone, I am the only smoker and from time to time I smoke the "herb". It has been years since I was at a doctor. The rest of the family is at the doc every other moth with some one or other illness. So that makes me think.
  11. I am not a medical doctor, but I found this piece an interesting read. http://yournewswire.com/scientists-claims-smoking-actually-prevents-lung-cancer/
  12. I might agree, but then not all hit the ground. Some "explode" as the enter the atmosphere showering down smaller pieces.
  13. The Stargate of Sol, an ancient technology that connects all of the great civilizations in the cosmos and makes interstellar space travel between planets and galaxies possible.
  14. Here is South Africa the new norm is popping out children like battery chickens to get social grants from the ANC led government. And they just don't realize, the more children you have the more money you will need to feed, cloth and school them. You will never rise out of poverty if you have more children than what you can afford. They just don't get it.
  15. Generations of inbreeding will do that.
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