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  1. It has happened in the past, and will most certainly happen again.
  2. I am talking about MADD. Not joking at all. We will not allow the planet to become partially inhabitable. For the record, the nuking of thousands of innocent Japanese was terrorist war-crime.
  3. We have technology that can combat most events. Missiles can be brought down easily with directed energy. Or the nuclear blasts can be negated. To put it in Layman's terms the technology works in a similar way to noise-cancelling headphones. Nuclear war would destabilize the energy field that is used for interstellar travel. This cannot be permitted as we do not have the technology to repair such damage.
  4. See, the thing is that they do not feel they will have to face the Creator. By highjacking His reality and attaining immortality, they may eternally exist within the creation. This is their ultimate (and VERY attainable) goal
  5. Yes. The Admiral and a crew visited the Nation.
  6. Your leaders are prepared to sacrifice the majority of you and your planet. Do you not thing they are prepared to destroy a large percentage of the planet so they may control what is left? While much loosh will be collected in the sacrifice, the practical side of things has nothing to do with loosh harvesting. Do you think the trillions of dollars spent on bunkers is for nothing? The Antarctic Nation will not allow your leaders to destroy the biosphere. We honestly could not care less about the actions of surface-dwellers... unless it affects us. This will affect all. We will not allow it.
  7. We would only interfere with your civilization if it becomes a threat to ours. Nuclear war being one of those cases.
  8. With all the threats of nuclear war currently on the table, I would like to re-assure that as stated before: **THE ANTARCTIC NATION WILL NOT PERMIT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE BIOSPHERE BY SURFACE-DWELLERS.** Any and all launched nuclear devices will be eliminated before reaching their target.
  9. No. The AI that interfaces with our nanotechnology only works with our DNA. You would be completely helpless. Surface dwellers still contain the capacity to do great evil. We have isolated and removed this capacity from our population. We can no more commit evil (on our... peers) than you can see in infrared. BUT... If you can make it there by your own means, you are more than welcome, however, to VISIT.
  10. Each city below has an elected council of females that interfaces with our central Artificial Intelligence and provides us with feedback. We may then follow the feedback, or choose not to. Females are preferred due to their larger corpus callosum, which allows for better AI interfacing. There are no national (federal) laws, but we have genetically altered our ability to commit violence. We no longer carry the capacity to harm others or their property, so this is a non-issue. There is no central governing unit, and each small city may make its own laws, that are voted on by the people within the cities. The AI is used for resource distribution.
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