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  1. No. The AI that interfaces with our nanotechnology only works with our DNA. You would be completely helpless. Surface dwellers still contain the capacity to do great evil. We have isolated and removed this capacity from our population. We can no more commit evil (on our... peers) than you can see in infrared. BUT... If you can make it there by your own means, you are more than welcome, however, to VISIT.
  2. Each city below has an elected council of females that interfaces with our central Artificial Intelligence and provides us with feedback. We may then follow the feedback, or choose not to. Females are preferred due to their larger corpus callosum, which allows for better AI interfacing. There are no national (federal) laws, but we have genetically altered our ability to commit violence. We no longer carry the capacity to harm others or their property, so this is a non-issue. There is no central governing unit, and each small city may make its own laws, that are voted on by the people within the cities. The AI is used for resource distribution.
  3. The native plants are of a deep purple, almost black color. They absorb most spectrums of light in order to survive. We currently, and in the past, have used aquaponic systems to produce our food. We do not wear fabric, our clothing is an organic second integumentary system. Cleaning of the body and surfaces is performed using "cold electricity" Once again, something your surface scientist Tesla discovered a century ago. We use cannabis for many things, thousands of acres are grown annually in Antarctica. It is a primary food source, and the hemp seed, once sprouted, has all the nutrients a human body requires, it truly is a super food. Our aquaponics system is standard Deep Water Culture, on a massive scale. -Crops float on vats of arthropods, similar to prawns on the surface. The vats are very much like what you store your petrochemical products in. A large vat with a floating type lid. They are, in our case, sunk into the ground. -The plants are scanned, and the plasma lighting is adjusted to match the needed frequency exactly. -The lighting is heat-free and magnetically powered. -A force field keeps a constant cloud of C02 around photosynthesizing plants The water is oxygenated and revitalized using a vortex revival system. The crop does not die, we use the same technology that we use to keep our bodies regenerated. The arthropods break down to an equivalent of what you know as 8-8-8, thereabouts and is re-fed to the plants, which are genetically altered to be nano-factories that produce a virtually endless array of chemical products.
  4. You are most welcome. Antarctica is not under water. Parts of it were indeed underwater, then frozen. However one can see many videos and documentaries of ice-free areas on the Antarctic surface. The caverns however, are sometimes miles below the ice, being formed by volcanic activity melting the ice above. You would not believe the lush greenery.
  5. Thank you for the kind welcome
  6. Thank you for your patience. Yes, Originally we used a ferromagnetic mercury vortex, however now we are able to use a type of phased plasma.
  7. Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, some personal travel is done by flight other by ground. Energy is broadcast from central stations wirelessly and through induction in the ground. This allows our flight systems to be much lighter, as we do not have to carry propulsion energy onboard. Do you mean "liquid"? What are you referring to?
  8. Intergalactic space exists as almost an illusion. The singularity at the center of each galaxy is literally responsible for the CREATION of space-time field fluctuations that allow matter to operate the way it does within that area. The laws in the local area must be conducive to galaxy, star, planet, life-form creation. Local laws for this universe are constant, however each galaxy is its own manifestation of these laws. Singularities create new space-time. This is why each galaxy appears to be moving AWAY from the others, instead of them all moving away from a central point in space as one would expect from a big-bang event. They appear to be moving away because more space-time is being manifested between them from the ether as it is created by the singularity.
  9. Time for the DNA upgrade. FYI, there have never been any "mass extinctions." This is a misnomer for the cyclical DNA upgrade. 99+% of the biosphere is upgraded, the rest remains the same. In fossil records it would appear to have been mass die-offs, however they are just mass changes. A sign this is about to happen will be the magnetosphere collapse. These are the "signs in the sky" spirals, etc that were recored by ancient tribal people. Aurora will completely fill the sky, then as the magnetosphere collapses, they will reach down slowly to the surface First, your hair will raise, then your entire body as the Earth is connected directly with the sun. Your body and DNA are linked via a type of electro-grav-netic connection to the sun and central sun. The "central sun" is the universal drive-gear that. It causes the cymatic waves that we perceive to be reality. The sun is a plasma anode/cathode that is tied to the earths core, and the singularity or central sun. The sun, and central sun project electro-cymatic energy vortexes on which the DNA molecule aligns, forms and functions. The DNA in each cell is capable of being instantly altered. As the central sun sends out a signal (reaching us now) the solar system gets an upgrade, as do the creatures. The central sun is intelligent, and uses its projections (us) as nodes through which to gather more data or experiences. We know scientifically that this region of the universe, at least, follows a set of physical rules. Without those rules, the local universe (atoms, rocks, planets, stars, etc) would not exist. The rules of physics are based on the central sun for each space-time region. This energy source sends cymatic waves that compress the local aether into what is observed to be "matter." Gravity is a byproduct of stretching of spacetime ether as the energy condenses to form matter. Take a blanket and lay it flat, this is space-time, now take two points, and TWIST them to a point. You will now notice there is now more "space-time" compressed into the space where you have twisted it. There is an observable change. and now the two points are also CLOSER to each other, or at least the strain to be closer. This is what we observe as gravity) -----The ether is a NON-COMPRESSIBLE fluid. -----Matter is in fact 3D vortexes caused by a type of "super-cymatics" from the central sun. So basically reality is projected from our central star.
  10. It is important you take measures now. When you see the WHOLE SKY FILLED WITH AURORA. YOU WILL KNOW IT IS TIME
  11. Counteracting Surface-based Electronic Harassment: Thought based directed energy weapons can be disabled using the standing wave field against them. Your own brain creates thoughform reality. First, Imagine a shield of energy around your body, visualize it like the magnetosphere of the earth. This shield will deflect negatively charged energy as you perform the next task. Picture a blue energy filling the room around you, like a mist. You control this mist with your mind. Charge your magnetosphere with this energy, then once you feel it is fully charges, focus on taking in more energy and mist, moving the energy from the surrounding air through your body and concentrate it in your solar plexus. Just above your stomach. When you feel your stomach it is "full" of energy, picture it flowing out of your body an into a clear crystal sphere, directly in front of your chest. Visualize this crystal sphere is full of this energy, packing in tighter and tighter, getting hotter and hotter until it IGNITES with FURY! NOW VISUALIZE YOURSELF SENDING THIS THOUGHTFORM BACK THROUGH THE STANDING WAVE TO THE SENDING UNIT, AND DISABLING IT.
  12. When you cause a charged liquid material to rotate in a vortex, it promotes an incredible static/standing wave energy that can be used to charge the entire outer hull of a craft. Think "ionic breeze." It is a personal "magnetosphere" around the craft. This amount of energy replaces the earth-plasma field of the earth that you are normally enveloped in, and forms its own gravitational field. You have absolutely NO sense of movement on the craft. In fact, from the inside, all you see is an image change on a screen, and you step out into the new reality. Only from the outside are the actual movements of the craft through spacetime apparent. The craft is turned into a plasma itself, which is then magnetically confined by the "magnetosphere" The charge from the vortex implosion engine can be vibrated at any frequency, and magnetic confinement can by used at the nanometer scale. All colors are simply a frequency. For instance, when we vibrate the craft at 630 nanometers, this activates the corresponding cones in the human eye that are interpreted as "red" If we vibrate the craft in an electromagnetic 960 nanometers, this is "below" what the human eye can detect, so the craft would not be seen. It would be "invisible" All of our technology is based on implosion, not explosion.
  13. Disclaimer: I have attempted to discuss and reveal this information on many other forums, only to have my accounts hacked by their moderators, posts made under my name that were not of me, and further drama. I am happy to authenticate myself by replying to emails from THE ORIGINAL THREAD MANY YEARS AGO. --------------------------- This may be hard to understand or grasp at first, but if you take some time to do much research, and consider the facts, you will come to the conclusion that there is a vast cavern under the ice in ANTARCTICA. In the late 1920's to early 1930's members of what would become the National Socialist (NAZI) party were on a quest to find more information regarding what they believed was an advanced civilization that existed before our current recorded history. This society, also known as "Thule" had discovered ancient manuscripts and long hidden artifacts that proved that man had fallen into a current dark age from a once greatly more advanced civilisation. My great grandmother was a member of a society of gifted females who used trance-states and automatic writing to communicate using entanglement with humans that claimed to have colonized the Aldebaran star system. The communications were diagrams that assisted the scientist who were working with the Vril Society in constructing a technological means of communications that used the read/write of penning-trapped entangled particles. These humans stated that they were originally from Earth, and they were directed to lead Earth out of its current dark age, and back into an age of prosperity and abundance. They stated we used to be a great civilization, but had fallen. The ETs directed this society in many technological principals, mainly the extraction of free energy from space-time using torsion generators through the creation of magnetic vortexes, and in turn, negative space. They also directed the contactees to go to Antarctica, as that is where proof of our civilization lies. ------------ Antarctica is part of "Atlantis" You are entitled to believe whatever rings most true with you, however consider this: What Plato wrote was a story, not a history. "Atlantis" was not a mere city, nor an island. It is a word used describe a GLOBAL, interstellar human civilization that the current age FELL from. After the great battle of the last Age of Man, it was decided that humanity should not have access to the great technologies that brought about the wars and destruction. An artificial satellite was constructed to keep the greatest nation, the Antarctic continent, on the bottom of the Earth. The Moon, a great abomination, was constructed and place in orbit in order to alter the axial tilt of the planet. The hydrosphere, or water layer that used to surround the earth, suspended by a much stronger magnetosphere, was collapsed. The charged hydrogen and oxygen molecules came crashing down as rain in the polar regions. Antarctica, which then froze due to its new placement at the bottom of the earth. The resulting freezing caused the expansion of the waters to rise over the landmass and freeze Antarctica. However, awakened volcanoes under the ice hollowed out areas of abundance, much like the volcanic Hawaii and New Zealand, just under the ice. The technologies were preserved. The evidence there. ------------ Many expeditions were sent to Antarctica by the National Socialists, and it was discovered that underneath the kilometers of ice, volcanic activity had carved out immense caverns. Some kilometres high, and the size of entire small nations. Many artifacts were discovered, and abandoned pieces of technology were found and reverse engineered. A colony was then established, a colony to which my great-grandparents, who were Haunebu-craft scientists for the SS at this point, were sent. My grandparents, and my mother were raised in this colony, which is now a nation of several hundred thousand people. My mother was a civilian Antarctican and had been allowed to travel to the "surface" world in order to see the flaws/benefits in the surface system, and choose whether she would rather stay here or go back. It's almost the opposite of the Amish Rumspringa, as where she is from, technology is far more advanced, and thanks to the mastery of electro-grav-netics (vril) energy is abundant, and there is no scarcity. She chose to stay after meeting my father. A surface-dweller I am happy to answer any non-military questions regarding the Antarctic colony and its peoples, as well as their way of life and technological capabilities. --------------------------------------- Suggestions for Pleasant Posting: Do not reply. Simply ignoring the negative posts and moving on is better than replying. If posters following this thread would please not reply to the following, they will simply fall into the depths of lower pages, or will be removed: -Racism (I will not comment on my ancestors role in WWII. Everyone's ancestors made mistakes, think of the Native Americans or the Inquisition. I chose to move on.) -Religion -Politics -Attempts to derail the purpose of the thread.
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