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  1. I dont mind threads showing a wide variety of opinions and choices. I just rarely reply to treads/posts by anonymous that appear to be trying to stir a non existent pot. I take time with people who are genuinely interested in sharing and discussing as part of the community of members here.
  2. 93 days until obama moves his sheman and Josh Earnest away from the White House!!
  3. http://joeforamerica.com/2016/08/anti-hillary-author-victor-thorn-predicted-suicide-talk-radio-last-words The OP was incorrect. After doinf some searching, I found that he actually died in Aug 2016. At the link the article.says that he "predicted" his death and said he would never commit suicide.
  4. http://endingthefed.com/famous-journalist-who-exposed-hillary-clintons-crimes-found-dead-at-54-from.html A journalist from the American free press Victor Thorn has been found dead. Police reports indicate that he died from a self inflicted gun shot wound and has ruled his death as a suicide. He has been a critic of the Clinton family and has a huge vast amount of knowledge on the couple. He is the author of over 20 books and is best known for his Clinton trilogy work on “three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.”
  5. Foxnews just reported that the Equadoran Govt released a statement saying they cut his internet connection. They will still honor providing refuge but that the Equadoran government does not interfere with elections in foreign countries. I searched for a link to that but only found a reuters article: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN12H2E9 It doesnt say the part about interfering in elections. So basically, clinton/obama are behind it all.
  6. What?! Cheering supporters at a rally doesnt mean that they agree with everything he says and does. If they are like me, the opposition has offended their sensibilities SO much there is little he could do to lose their votes. #nevereverevereverHillary
  7. We have a pool and shock stocked just for this. Thanks for sharing! I prepped for awhile and lost interest but we are back to stocking up.
  8. Agree...brilliant and true for me at least! I cant think of much he could do that would pull my vote. Im never Hillary....never corrupt GOP. The ones that sre smart enough to back Trump will get my vote...get with the people or get off the ticket!
  9. If you take bathing, flushing the toilet and washing clothes out of it, 11 gallons a day would prob be enough for my family of four. Fresh water for cooking and drinking would be first. The other things we could do as needed with rainwater or the pond.
  10. http://waterseer.org/ If you look at when will it ship..it says within six months. Then further down it says any contribution of $134 or more is a pre-order. If this is true, they should be available to buy outright in early 2017.
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