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  1. We need more options...😂😂😂
  2. I want to see something substantial that shows he's not part of the plan....he didn't get to where he is now without playing the same game as the other elities. I just don't buy that he's not part of the plan. Sure he says and does all the right things, but something is telling me it's not genuine. I have to vote in 3-4 weeks and I need to know the good, bad, and ugly. Oh...I am NOT voting for Hillary.
  3. I live between Bloomington and Champaign....it wasn't meant to be a joke about this situation, but how BLM i out protesting, yet they are killing themselves in Chicago...and how those murders don't seem to count/matter!!! Oy
  4. Ran out of likes...but I LOVE this
  5. Um It was a joke...
  6. There was info that MS-13 has heavily infultrated the South Side Chicago area as well. This is where my husband works and his crews (power lineman). They have taken over that area of Chicago...Chicago Heights, Sauk Village, etc. One woman told my husband he better get out of the area...she was protecting him because he was white (as are most of his crews). Scary times for sure. Lineman can't wear any protection due to the metal in them.
  7. That's basically Chicago...so it doesn't count 😂😂😂
  8. My 13 year old son i being diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis or another auto immune disease....I'll see if I am get him to take it.
  9. I live 25 miles from U of I...it's got everyone a bit tense
  10. So this can actually be ingested?... hmmm....
  11. That's Miracle Mile territory...interesting. You usually only see this in certain areas of Chicago, but this is downtown where everyone visits and shops.
  12. @Cinnamon we have a fairly large sizeof homeschool families in our area. Every day, there are more and more wanting to homeschool. We've had a shooting at one of HS and multiple other issues. Alot of people are bussed down from Chicago to our area to live...a deal that was made by mayors in Chicago and Bloomington/Normal.
  13. I live in the middle of IL and one of the school districts is having major bussing issues. They had them last year as well as this year. Kids are getting to school over an hour late, getting home hours after school, busses not picking kids up, kids getting left on busses. Some of it are the bus drivers, but it's really the school districts fault. They had problems last year and contracted their bussing out to bussing company. That company hasn't done any better and possibly worse. There has been a huge outcry. Now this district is not in Chicago, not one of the largest school districts...and bussing has been going on for forever. They claim there is a shortage of bus drivers, but it's more systemic than that...it's poorly managed. So the School board just put out this announcement....They are considering using the National Guard, PD, and FD's (since they have CDL licenses) to help the bussing issue. WTF? That is super scary to me. Thank godness I homeschool!!! That's just more encroachment, Agenga 21/2030, desensitization of the military/martial law...the list goes on.... This is what was posted on the local radio station's FB page just moments ago...(I couldn't post a picture) "UNIT 5 BREAKING NEWS: Supt. Mark Daniel may look to police, fire, and National Guard members with CDL licenses to drive busses. Daniel says the busing situation in Unit 5 is a crisis. He is asking to meet with the Governor."
  14. A friend in Nashville posted it was starting to happen there.
  15. I think it means a transgender that hasn't completed the full process biologically.
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